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Admin stuff: What do you want to see added?

It’s a bit of a slow weekend, and I figure now is the best time to assess what everyone thinks of the new design and things you want to see added or updated. We launched the new design in December, and I’ve made a few tweaks as time has passed (URL color, number of comments, things like that). There are some things in the works as well, particularly a new mobile website design, and one or two minor tweaks to the overall design (minor, but require me to learn more PHP).

Anyway, I wanted to use this post to gauge what you guys want to see added to the site, be it content related or design related. Nothing is taboo, and while some things are more feasible than others, we will do our best to make the site more accommodating and easy to use for everyone.

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  • Anyway to find out who was in the box when we are scored on , any who is on the ice the most when we are scored on during our penalty kill .Seen where we have tracted on Fast not being on for any SHG this year ,but what pair is on for the goals against as per their time on the PK . Just wondering

    • That’s available in the shift charts on each goal breakdown. There are solid vertical lines that show goals, and you can see which guys were on the ice.

  • 1) Get rid of a poll when it’s no longer timely. Current poll still asks for biggest trade deadline need.

    2) In re additions, how about a stats page, including NYR fancy stats?

    • I second Bayman about a NYR fancy stats page. I’m on my mobile most of the time and war-on-ice is virtually impossible to navigate on a smart phone. It would be very convenient.

    • 1) Sorry about that. Forgot the poll was still up. That’s been fixed.

      2) What are you looking for with a fancy stats page?

  • No suggestions, yet never a bad time to say thanks to the BSB team for such a fantastic, informative and data-driven website.

  • Maybe a mailbag post every week? How about you take 5 reader submitted questions and have each writer give their response? This way it increase interaction with the readers and we get to hear several different points of view.

    • The option to email me is always available. I’ll see if I can add an option to the sidebar to directly email me, and make it easier to submit questions.

  • First, great site!

    One idea I saw a few weeks Wes Ranger record versus various systems. I would also like to add record vs in playoff and out of playoff teams by conference.

    • This is stuff that I would need to manually track, which unfortunately I don’t have much time for. Record vs. playoff teams should be available via Elias sports bureau, no?

  • Love the site Dave, very informative and lots of different perspectives. I always enjoy reading yours and all the others contributors rebuttals in the comment forum.

  • First off, BEST NYR BLOG!

    Secondly, I know I”m late to the “fancy stat” conversations but is there a website where I can catch up on everything. I’ve always been an old school stat kind of person (even though I’m 25) but the new charts seem kind of confusing. I just hoping somebody could just give me a breakdown of all the new charts.


  • As a frequent mobile user as well, an improved mobile experience would be ideal. Specific example – when viewing via IOS (safari), if a story’s comments has numerous replies, the indentation will increase to the point of making the text lines only a few letters wide. Basically impossible to read.

    Otherwise – Dave and everyone here at BSB does an excellent job. I appreciate the work you all put forth, the insight, and the timely analysis for all the games!

    • I’m hoping the new mobile design I’m working on will address the comments aspect of the mobile site.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  • mobile site working great but I mostly use it now because the full takes me thirty seconds for the carousel to load before I can click anything.

    Has anyone found a browser setting that affects this to fix it?

  • 1) Get rid of the ads that play sound! I often read at work and when an ad starts blasting it’s super annoying. I’m not sure you have control of the ads, so maybe this isn’t something that can be fixed. But these ads sometimes play despite not being hovered over or clicked. Some don’t even have an option to pause the video or mute! It often just leads me to closing out of the window.

    2) As a few have mentioned, mobile site improvement would be cool

    3) I’m not a fan of the new design, but I understand it’s probably not going away. I’m not a fan of the rotating ‘last 4’ posts part though. I know you’ve mentioned you’re friendly with the RAB guys, so my suggestion comes with that site in mind. Keep it simple and clean, no fancy moving parts, just posts.

    4) ‘out of left field’ suggestion: a BSB game? I know it might be hard/expensive, but it would be cool to get a bunch of readers together.

    5) Oh, and why the black color theme?

    I’m a huge fan, avid reader and this is my go-to for Rangers blogs. So I don’t want you guys to think I hate the site/blog in general. Thanks for sacrificing your time for the good of the blog!

    • 1) That’s not something I can fix, sorry. I know they are annoying. Can you mute the computer itself?

      2) Working on it.

      3) The slider has been an object of contention lately. It’s certainly something I can revisit if it continues to be an issue. I know it takes a little while to load sometimes. Some of that is on my end (I clear cache on the server regularly), but some is local. Clear cache, it should help. But some is also ISP dependent.

      4) I don’t know if that’s really feasible unfortunately.

      5) I felt it looked sleeker. I was going for a more professional design with this.

  • I would love to see a stat of who the last Ranger to touch the puck is before a turnover. Hello Marty.

  • since you asked, not a fan at all of the scroll of the top four newest posts. it takes several seconds to load on my end each time i come back to the homepage, and while several seconds is not a big deal i usually come here during lunch and i’m looking to get all my standard afternoon reading done in a short period of time. much prefer everything loading in a chronological list. otherwise keep up the good work, i enjoy reading the thoughts and insights, even when (or more likely especially when) i disagree.

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