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Henrik Lundqvist unavailable, MacKenzie Skapski recalled

In some “uh oh” news, Henrik Lundqvist is unavailable tonight, and is being checked out for something “throat related.” MacKenzie Skapski has been recalled to serve as the backup tonight against the Boston Bruins. Cam Talbot will get the start.

If you want to panic, feel free to in the comments.

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  • Maybe the soreness from the shot is just too much to maneuver. He was on twitter after it happened, so he wasn’t in immediate discomfort. It might have just stiffened up on him. Hopefully they didn’t find any small break ……..would be a game-changer!!

  • Guess it swelled up after the last game. I was kind of hoping Hank would do the right thing and sit out the Florida game. Here’s hoping it’s nothing more than a week or two off at worst.

  • The fact that he played the following game against Florida and looked pretty decent is a good sign.

    I don’t think it could be anything too serious if he finished the Carolina game and then played against Florida. My hope is that it’s just an after-effect, soreness, stiffness, etc. and they’re giving him a maintenance day.

    Time for Talbot to step up and steal us one tonight.


  • With room on our 50 contract limit , maybe look into getting Marksmen for Hartford and emergency if when we need him . Was supposed to be the next Goalie in Florida next year. Just a thought we are at 48 contracts with Malone gone

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