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NY Rangers overcome slow start, beat Carolina Hurricanes

The New York Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1 to sweep the season series for this season (oops, they have one game left, sorry). The Rangers didn’t come out strong in the first half of the game, getting utterly dominated by the Canes in the early going. Luckily the Rangers were able to capitalize on an Andrej Sekera turnover to take the early lead. Then Dominic Moore scored an unbelievable goal (video below) to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead. They played poorly early, but you take the 2-0 lead.

Henrik Lundqvist played great again, and proved to us that he is not human. There was a freak play where Ryan McDonagh’s stick came up and knocked Hank’s helmet up right as the puck got there, clipping him in the throat. Luckily for the Rangers, Hank doesn’t breathe through his trachea, he breathes through that luxurious hair of his, and after some quick attention and sending most Ranger fans into cardiac arrest, he stayed in the game.

Chris Kreider was a man on a mission last night, and was in beast mode throughout the game. It was only fitting that he got the goal that gave the Rangers a two-goal lead in the third period. AV shook up his lines, and it looked to finally pay off. Albeit against a bad Carolina team on the second of back-to-backs. Gotta start somewhere though.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Canes 0


J.T. Miller was in on the forecheck, and the pressure from him down low, Rick Nash/Derick Brassard at the blue line, and the defensemen at the red line severely limited Sekera’s options. Sekera tried to force a pass, and Nash picked it off, crossed over to his natural wing, and fired it past Cam Ward for the goal. This was a perfectly executed 1-2-2 forecheck by the Rangers.

Rangers 2, Canes 0


Canes 1, Rangers 2


Dan Boyle didn’t stick Brad Malone, who had his stick free to deflect Ryan Murphy’s pass past Hank for the goal.

Rangers 3, Canes 1


Great shift by Kreider, Kevin Hayes, and Mats Zuccarello. Zucc and Hayes battled to regain possession after Kreider’s initial shot, and Hayes eventually got it in the low slot. Kreider got free of his man, and Hayes put the puck right on Kreider’s tape for the goal. Another example of ensuring that you tie up your man’s stick.

Rangers 4, Canes 1


Five Canes were down low, leaving Boyle wide open at the point. Carl Hagelin got him the puck, and the shot from the point went off Tim Gleason and by Ward.

Fenwick Chart:


This game should have been ugly fast, but Hank kept them in it. It wasn’t until the end of the second that the Rangers started really turning it on, using their forecheck to create turnovers and generate shots. Up until the 35 minute mark, it was ugly though.

Individual Corsi:


It’s tough to really gauge how certain lines did, as Alain Vigneault changed the lines a bunch throughout the game. Marc Staal and Kevin Klein had a rough game from a possession standpoint, but there were a few shifts that Staal stood out in a positive way.

Scoring Chances:


Same as above with the Fenwick analysis.

Shot Location:


Some limited shot attempts from the slot, which is good. Even if the first half of the game was ugly, the Rangers did a good job limiting the Canes to the outside.

Shift Chart:


AV changed his forward lines a lot throughout the game, so there are no real matchups that I can readily point out. But as expected, Dan Girardi/Ryan McDonagh got the Carolina Staals. Klein/Staal got the Skinner line. These are normal matchups for AV.

The Rangers righted the ship and finished January with an 8-4 record. The Rangers now sit third in the division with 60 points. Winning their games in hand puts them in second and within one point of the Isles as well. It looks like all things clicked with the Rangers in the second half of the game too, so hopefully it carries over.

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  • A good team win, now let’s see if we can’t get a nice winning streak of let’s say 6 to 8 games. Now that would be nice!!!!!

  • Was at the game last night. Hideous start punctuated by the 2 goals. Scary moments in 2nd with Hank not getting up after taking the stick to the throat. Other observations: This game underscored this week’s post on Zuc. Looked uncertain, no confidence, a passenger on nearly every shift. Will be disappointed if JT Miller does not keep a spot on this team. He forechecked, hit and played a smart game at both ends. Hayes also strong. Staal not quite as angry as he was vs Montreal but played with the right edge, looked more like his old self.

      • Were you at the same game I watched on tv?
        Staal was fantastic, Miller had a terrible turnover in his own end leading to Klein taking a Penalty. And Zuccarello looked just fine to me with hustle, heart, and pinpoint passing.

        • Got it. Thanks for the clarification. And I’ve always found the game does look different live than it does on TV. Different things stand out away from the camera. I agree that Staal was fantastic and didn’t think my comment indicated otherwise. Re. Miller turnover, yes I saw that but chalked it up to youth. Better to make that mistake vs Carolina at the end of January than in April or May against anyone. Girardi also had a bad turnover in his own end that led to a dangerous chance but I didn’t think it ruined his overall effort. I’ve always been a big fan of Zuc but my point was he does not appear the same of late. He did pick up the assist on the Kreider goal on a great shift with Hayes and Kreider. And he had a couple of shots that just wouldn’t go. It may only take one going in for him to turn his confidence around.

  • Finally AV did some line juggling and I think it’s about time that Kreider & Hayes are together. Like to see JT on that line too & put Zuck back with Brassard. Glad we didn’t trade Staal because now that his contract is done he can concentrate on hockey.

  • sweep…? uh… there is one more game with the ‘canes on 3/21…. atleast I hope so, I have tickets for it… 🙂

    Great game… I liked the line juggling… Looks like AV discovered a couple new combos that have some fresh chemistry and energy, and some not so much…

    Lundqvuist started sharp and stayed sharp till the final buzzer.. despite his near decapitation…

    but lets face it folks, these are the just Hurricanes… and tomorrow is another softy with FLA… these are MUST games for the Rangers… If they cant pull it together enough beat the rebuilds consistently, they will never be able to handle the Isles or Habs come Playoffs…

    These two games, and the one against the Bs on Weds, should give AV and slats some space to experiment and figure out what moves they need to make before the deadline…

  • Forget about the game; they’re supposed to beat a team like Carolina. I was more interested in watching Andre Sekera. I thought he looked pretty good. Can move the puck, seems to be hard to knock off the puck, and looked pretty good along the boards. What would it take to get him? Would Miller and Moore do the trick—or is that too much? I really don’t know—-just wondering about his value. He looks like he would be a good addition.

    • Miller alone is too much, and i think we should all be a little more patient with J.Moore, so much potential there, wish he could realize it.

        • It all goes back to making AV’s sh*t list. He doesn’t care for John, the way he doesn’t like Miller. It’s just too bad that these young kids could turn into something special, but he likes retreads!!!!!!!

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