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Lineup notes: Miller appears to be healthy scratch

Per Steve Zipay, the Rangers are shuffling their lineup after last night’s loss to the Isles, and J.T. Miller will be a healthy scratch along with Matt Hunwick. Lee Stempniak and John Moore will be back in the lineup. Tanner Glass will still be playing because he “played physically last 3 games, element that team needs.” The lines:

Rick Nash Nash-Derick Brassard-Mats Zuccarello
Chris Kreider-Derek Stepan-Martin St. Louis
Carl Hagelin-Dominic Moore-Lee Stempniak
Tanner Glass-Kevin Hayes-Jesper Fast

I don’t really understand Hayes on the fourth line, but I’m not the coach.

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  1. I don’t like Hayes as 4C or Moore as 3C. He never played well enough offensively for the role. The Rangers Need a 3rd line center that can play wing. Santorelli anyone? Price is right $1.5 mil cap hit. 46.6 CF% 1.5% rel. with 40% OZS. AV would have him playing 60% OZS

      1. Can’t the Rangers Waive Glass? $950K would come off the books if he isn’t claimed. If there were so many teams bidding for his services driving the price up on the Rangers. Maybe he gets picked up. The Rangers would need a replacement but even tho he played decent against the Islanders. He doesn’t fit the Rangers systems.

        1. The replacement basically costs 950K, so there isn’t really a savings. The only upside really is a better actual team.

    1. Cause he facewashed matt martin and the rangers scored! I dont know why they give him a stick, he should just go around with his hands waving over his head and he can give everyone face massages

  2. I am beginning to lose it with these line up decisions. JT Miller has a ton of upside which is far more likely to be developed if they let him play, make mistakes and coach him through it. He is 21 yrs old. And then in contrast why Tanner Glass is still in the line up makes me crazy. No matter how physical he may be (and I haven’t even been that impressed) it does not compensate for his lack of puck possession and inability to help generate offense. Too bad there are no more compliance buy outs. Glass needs to go. If they trade Miller it will for sure be regretted.

    1. I think the bigger issue is why the coach seems happy to live through Hayes/Fast’s learning curve but not Miller’s.

      1. Hayes and Fast make the safe play with the puck. Miller makes head scratching errors at the other teams blue line. Hayes makes mistakes but usually one the team can recover from and he’s learning every game. I like Miller and he’s taken a big leap forward from last season but he doesn’t learn as quickly from his mistakes.

    2. I doubt they trade Miller unless a team makes an offer the Rangers cannot refuse. Unlikely to happen this day and age.

  3. Hey Dave:
    Though most of your fellow author/BSB colleagues aren’t high on Tanner Glass, I thought last night’s performance might’ve been his best as a Blueshirt.

    Not only did he bring some necessary jam to our game, he went after Matt Martin. The latter definitely needs to be addressed, by virtue of his nearly breaking Derek Stepan’s wrist with a slash, pre All-star game.

    Likewise, I also am confused by Hayes’s relegation to the fourth line; and JT Miller going to the press box. (He and Fast both acquitted themselves well.)

  4. Deja Vu all over again! Was he worse than anybody else last night? If he is moved at the deadline, with say a John Moore, what could they get back that would address their needs at center and the backline? AV just doesn’t seem impressed with whatever Miller can bring to the table. Yes hes young, and AV has stated that he is still learning and will not be in the lineup every night. But still—–he has the shortest leash of anyone on the roster. It has to be hard for the kid to play with that hanging over his head.

  5. MIller made a few bad plays last night but so did lots of guys. Glass must have dirty pictures of AV or Sather.

    And benching Hunwick? How about benching Dan Boyle? Hunwick wasn’t great but Boyle was worse – a lot worse. What he brings to the PP may not be worth what he subtracts at even strength.

  6. Dave

    You don’t understand Hayes on the fourth line, while I don’t understand Miller out all together instead of Stempniak???????????

    1. Stempniak might be one of the odd men out at some point but he’s a great forechecker and a much needed right handed shot. For right now I would keep him around. At least as the 13th forward. He won’t have any value at the deadline.

  7. AV is sending a message to the team. They played terribly. Let the coach coach the team and quit your whining. Jeez.

  8. Trade Miller so he can beat us like the island girls beat us(team). I despise this coach though his system is good. If he can’t see talent then he’s a jerk.

    1. I don’t hate the coach. This is just the one item that really stands out as poor player management, in my opinion.

  9. AV is a good coach, but even good (and great coaches) have their downsides.
    His down fall is he cannot admit he made a huge mistake by convincing Sather to sign Glass to a 3-year contract @ $1,45Mil/yr. Short of Glass scoring the winning goal in the 7th game of a SC final game…Sather has to by him out at the end of this season. Putting him on waivers now might be asking for the moon.

    The rationale is Glass brings a measure of physicality to the team…as if JT doesn’t play physical.

    Also, Hayes had most of his success in college hockey as a scoring winger his last 2 years of playing college hockey…so why are they playing him at center…b/c he played the position early on…the fact he was moved to wing and flourished there means nothing to coaches who are afraid to admit their mistakes.

    For God’s sake play Miller…jerking the kid around like this does nothing for him.
    BTW, do you think Miller would be scratched if he were playing for The Islanders.

      1. Sather almost always signs some goon to an unreasonably generous contract. I agree that one shouldn’t blame AV.

  10. I would like to see either Santorelli or Hanzel for our 3rd line and play Hayes on the wing . Hags needs to play 4th line wing with Moore Miller /Stepniak Glass what can we say that hasn’t been said allready. Nash isn’t playing bad just not getting the bounce’s he was at the beginning of the year. What has happened to Zucc did not look good last night at all , thet all need to shoot more on the PP And we have one more year of Boyle to run the PP

  11. I am more curious why the NYR are making these changes at all. They do not match up well against the fishsticks, but their record has been in the black & then some lately. Make adjustments against the fishsticks or maybe we will have made a trade by then, not against the rest of the league where we are actually winning.

  12. I get the feeling, that the coach isn’t happy with the mix, winning or not. I think something significant might be coming at the deadline—I don’t know what or what it will cost, but I think Sather is all in this year. And I’m afraid that he might do something rash.

  13. I don’t know if this is right, but I’ll toss this out.

    Suppose you want to trade Glass. Then you want his trade value to be positive. If you waive him and send him to Hartford, you are sending the league a message that you don’t think he can play. Then how can you trade him. Might be a motivation.

    Don’t advocate this and don’t think it works, but some might think this way.

  14. Maybe AV should try mixing up all the lines. Toe Blake & Keenan used to do it all the time. And bring up Lindberg!

  15. The ultimate in stupidity. Anyone thinking that TG was a Sather signing better think again.

  16. Its a shakeup. Let these lines play for a few games then flip it back and everyone will rekindle.

  17. Av is screwed in his head really glass and lee over miller
    Nyr never let their kids develop their kids right never if they trade miller he is going to bite in the rearend but sather doesn’t care cause he won’t be around to see it

  18. Wow. You guys all related to Miller?

    Miller played lazy. Watch the game again….he was standing around on most shifts.

    Glass — and I dont care for him — played strong (and no one else on the rangers did that). When a dude slaps you once and you dont respond..he slaps you twice the next time. Look at the scrums in front of the net — in the Isles zone, the players were getting mugged; in the ranger’s zone, it was get ready for faceoff.

    This team cannot compete against the bigger teams because they are intimidated –period. Cant you soccer lovers get that through your skull. Are you telling me we are less talented than the Isles top to bottom? No, its that they want it more ….and are willing to take the hit, lose a tooth, get creamed into the boards — just to make a play.

    This is a one-dimensional team….Hags, Fast, Miller, J Moore, Staal, Step, D. Moore, Stepniak, Krieds, Zuc, Brassard — these are all the same players (plus or minus some skill)…..and some have to go in order to bring in grit and toughness. And one you do, then players like Nash, Brass, Kreids and whoever is left can elevate their game even more —BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS THEIR BACK!

    As for Hayes –he’s done. He has no wheels left. Good to have had him, great learning exp., but now its crunch time and he needs to go to the minors or play marginal minutes on line 4. Net year he will be better and in 2 years he will be a beast. But now, he doesnt have the strength or legs to keep going.

    1st Line ……..Step, Nash, Kreids

    2nd………Brassard, Iginla, St Louis

    3rd,,,,,,Vermette, Chris Neal, Evander Kane

    4th….D. Moore, Hayes, Glass

    Now…let’s go to war !!!

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