Is Rick Nash’s All Star season being underrated?

When you take a look around the internet Rick Nash’s name isn’t being mentioned in discussions for the major, end of season hardware. Why not? Nash, despite playing almost Selke-level defense and obviously second in the league in goals is doing it all for the Rangers at both ends of the rink yet the Hockey News didn’t even consider him in their discussion for their mid season awards post – not a sniff. We’ve come to expect it from the Hockey News but in their defence they’re not the only outlet that hasn’t touted Nash’s credentials.

Nash is on course for approximately 90 points; he may also challenge Jaromir Jagr’s 54 goal record setting season for the Rangers. Nash is in the top ten for game winning goals and is third in the league in shorthanded goals. There really isn’t anything that Nash hasn’t done for the Rangers, yet here we are and he’s not in the mix for some media love. What gives?

It’s mid season and perhaps it’s a pointless argument. Nobody won anything in January whether it be team or individual success. Nash is in the middle of his finest season as a Ranger and arguably his finest season to date. Nash took a lot of criticism in the last postseason (some rightly so) even though he played hard, within a team frame work (are you reading, Phil Kessel?) and certainly contributed to the Rangers march to the Cup Final even if it wasn’t the contribution many expected.

Nash is likely suffering from the mud that has stuck from last spring. It doesn’t matter. The Rangers know what they have in Nash and they know he’s an elite weapon who is at the top of his game. The Rangers power forward has found a new maturity in his game, a world class level of consistency and is all of a sudden absolutely worth the outlay and the cap hit he comes with. Rangers’ fans won’t care if Nash isn’t being discussed so long as the team has another deep playoff run and really, that’s all that matters. Thanks but no thanks Hockey News.

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  • The hockey world, outside of the New York Ranger’s viewing area, and their writers are all enamored with the like’s of Cindy Crosby, Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin, Jon Towes, etc., and have no real appreciation for Nash in my opinion.

    Let’s look at some of these guys. Crosby has Malkin, Latang, Kunitz, and several other marquee players with him. Is he the most valuable player on the Pens? I say not even on his own team. Personally Malkin is more valuable to me, but Cindy gets all the press, even though many articles have been written lately about how he isn’t scoring, and may be on the downfall of his game.

    The Hawks have Kane, Towes, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, just to name a few. Of these players, one can make a case for Kane, or Towes, more so than Crosby. They have won the cup as a team, so they seem to carry some weight.

    Ovechkin is mentioned, but is he really a true MVP? As good as Ovie is, he takes shifts, or games off depending on how he is scoring. The Caps are playing well, but Ovie isn’t a true MVP either.

    In years past I would never have given Nash a serious thought for the MVP. This season, as written above, good article by the way, Nash is solid on both ends of the ice, PK’s, PP, and has carried this team on his shoulders for the first month, or two of this season. The only fault that Nash has is he plays for the Rangers, and it’s owner Dolan. Everyone who follows the game knows about Buttman’s ( deliberate misspell here), feelings towards Jim Dolan, and the law suit brought by him against the NHL. Buttman has a memory of an elephant, and works against us in many ways, IMO!!!!

    If Rick Nash continues to play the way he is, well he is the MVP, even if the writers award it to Cindy girl. In our heart’s, he is the man!!!!!!!

  • The answer to your question is, yes, Rick Nash is underappreciated by the media. When you look at the awards lists currently flying around, it’s laughable. These guys are lazy lemmings who are more influenced by a player’s past reputation and pubic profile than what is happening before their eyes right now (if they’re even watching).

    • I do think its disappointing that Nash didn’t even get some recognition in that article by thn. After all, he had a 11 game point streak, on pace for 54 goals and was second in the league in goals and near the top in so many categories. All this on a team that started the year with a myriad of injuries. It’s blind to what was happening…

    • Exactly, that’s why I listed some of the names above to prove your point. Really, when the Pens broadcast team questions why Crosby isn’t scoring, that’s a problem!! Yet, the dip sticks who write for the papers only know some big names, and vote accordingly!!!!!

  • The quality of a lot of hockey reportage is pretty low.

    But hockey must be difficult to cover … you really have to watch a lot to understand how a player is doing overall. It’s not like the other sports where performance can easily be reduced to stats.

  • Rick Nash is playing like the Rick Nash that everyone been expecting. He is not underrated, just living up to his billing.

    • You could say that about most of the guys at the top of the scoring lists but they are getting a lot more press coverage than Nash.

  • As long as Nash continues to play as he has, lack of media attention won’t bother me. For now, he’s our little secret. Should we make another long playoff run, the media will eventually catch on.

  • I think it also has to do with his personality. He isn’t an outspoken diva. Remember what Tortz said about him during his first season as a Ranger? I don’t know the exact quote but something along the lines of he’s the easiest star that he has ever had to coach. Basically he doesn’t whine and complain about ice time or not getting the puck enough or “gasp” having to do things like playing defense. He isn’t a prima donna and just shows up everyday and goes to work. He isn’t the flashy Ovechkin or crybaby “why didn’t you call that penalty” Crosby. He doesn’t have that big personality that the media latches on to.

  • Seriously does anyone really care what the imbeciles in the media think? Everybody knows if it doesn’t have to do with Montreal or Toronto, the hockey media will ignore it. That’s not really news; it’s been that way forever. Whoever said it above is correct; sportswriters in general (and actually, media members in general) are lemmings who are too damn lazy to really look at what is going on. They fill up their columns and head for the bar.

    That being said, Nash needs to prove in the playoffs that he belongs in the discussion of elite players. To whit- someone tell me who’s won the President’s trophy the last few years. Right- unless you really care, you can’t. What matters is the Cup, and Nash really didn’t light up the scoreboard last April and May. That’s the reality; we’ll see what happens this spring. Until then, enjoy this hot streak; it’s fun to watch.

    Regards- orange

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