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Rangers hold on against Caps, make it seven in a row

Ok I’m going to level with you guys. By now you’ve noticed the new design, and I really hope you guys like it. As I write this, it is 2am. I had already written the goal breakdown and had it finished around 11pm. At that point, I started to move the new design from our staging environment to our production environment. It’s something that should have taken 5-10 minutes.

However, the move wound up deleting 60% of the database, and after 2 hours with customer service, we had to restore as of 12/22. That means that we lost the goal breakdown, and we also lost Suit’s brilliant powerplay post yesterday. Trust me, I’m not pleased.

Anyway, the Rangers won last night on the strength of what will eventually be a Rick Nash hat trick (Martin St. Louis never touched that last goal) and some key saves from Henrik Lundqvist during Washington’s barrage in the third period. Yea, Hank let in a softie, but he made the big saves when he needed to.

Use this to discuss the game, the seven game win streak, or the new design. Sorry again.

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  • First of all, sorry for your data difficulties. Been there, done that and it’s painful! Second, I like the new design; it’s cleaner. On to the game…Loved the domination through the first two periods last night. Perhaps the hockey gods read the Suit’s post yesterday as we came away with two PPG. Really liked to see the continuing solid effort from the new 3rd line of Miller-Hayes-Hags. Was also impressed with NYR resilience during the Caps third period surge before Caps self-destructed and put themselves down 5 on 3. If Caps get a handle on taking stupid penalties they will be a handful during the second half. Couldn’t be happier with the seven game win streak. NYR did exactly what they needed to do. Now it’s time to carry the team defense forward into a tougher segment of the schedule. Merry Christmas to you and everyone at BSB!

    • A good win and one they needed. Gotta get those home wins in the division. Wow 19 shots in the third period. Didn’t see the game (up here in Western New York MSG shows the Sabres- great!) but I followed the updates on Yahoo and I thought it was a misprint. Did they really get 10 shots in the first five minutes? As far as the bad penalties go, most Capitals fans have been saying the same thing for a decade.

      Dave I enjoy your posts and columns. Keep up the good work. Regards- orange

      • Yes, the Caps came hard to start the third. Somehow, Rangers weathered the storm and then on one innocent looking play Nash got the puck with some space and took a wrister from the top of the circle. 3-0 Rangers!

        I thought that would be the proverbial nail in Washington’s coffin, but they weren’t quite prepared to write an epitaph yet, and responded in less than a minute with their first goal, followed by a ferocious forcecheck that hemmed the Rangers in their zone for lengthy periods of time. Eventually that led to the Hunwick penalty, and then the Ovechkin PP goal. Suddenly it was 3-2, and the lead seemed precarious.

        But, a couple of bad penalties, a 5-on-3 PP goal for Nash, and that’s all she wrote!

  • This is a great way to go into the Christmas break. Everyone on this site, enjoy the holiday, travel safe, and don’t over due it!!!!!

  • Good news. I was able to find the three missing posts via Google cache. However I don’t have the goal breakdown. If that’s the only thing missing, I’ll take it.

    Hope you guys like the new design.

  • Morning,

    Really like the picture of the old Garden brings back great memories of going to games on the SGO card for 50 cents.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year and lets go Rangers

  • Love everything about this blog. Thank you and kudos to each of you “Authors” who provide so much insight and add a dimension all your own. All you regular repliers: Thank you!!! for your cogent comments and analysis, and for your (mostly) non-contentious debates.
    I love the new design, but hope you get the list of feeds back on. I enjoy going to them to see what others have to say.
    Happy and safe Holidays to all, including, I might add, all those, who, like me, seldom if ever reply but enjoy the commentary regularly.

  • Love the new look, Dave…happy holidays to the blog staff, thanks for all you do!

    • The new design looks great. I start all my mornings in Hawaii with a cup of coffee and my morning read at BSB, and then hope that my nights end well on Ranger game nights as they have over the last 7 games. Happy Holidays to all = )

  • Beautiful site…should not take long to learn how to navigate it.

    Great win against a team you need to beat. especially with games on hand to separate from.

    Ovechkin is a beast but a nice response from the Rangers on him. Thanks Zuke.

    A Merry Christmas to you all

    Let’s go Rangers

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