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Rangers come from behind in Carolina, make it five in a row

I wasn’t able to watch last night’s game, but the Rangers came from behind twice in the third period before beating Carolina in the shootout. The win gave the Rangers five in a row. I did watch the highlights, and the first Carolina goal came off a bad pass from Kevin Hayes. The first Ranger goal was a beautiful powerplay rush with a great pass from Mats Zuccarello to J.T. Miller for the breakaway. Carolina’s second was a shot that Henrik Lundqvist should have stopped, ditto the Rangers second goal from Kevin Klein.

The Rangers dominated the game, and Cam Ward is the only reason why it wasn’t a complete blowout. Two points is two points, and you don’t really mind going to a shootout against Carolina, it’s not like giving them a freebie point will mean much in the standings.

Anyway, use this thread to discuss the game, the winning streak, and anything else you want to discuss on this Sunday morning.

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  • This was a very good team and character win, when you consider the horrible goal Lundqvuist allowed right after the Ranger goal. The team stuck to it and for a change the team bailed out Lundqvuist. I was impressed with their resilience and gutting out circumstances that occured during the game.

    The disallowed goal was total BS. The shot was made prior to Ward knocking his mask off. I feel that if a goalie deliberately knocks his mask off the play should continue until such time that a scoring chance is not present. If a goalie feels there is a certain goal about to happen then we will start seeing masks coming off far more frequently. Total BS.

    • Hey man, the BS has been going on for years. Just like the NHL coming out and saying Dwight King’s goal should not have been allowed in the playoffs. Nice. In the NFL, 47% or replay reviews have shown the officials made a mistake. The NHL game is way too fast for the officials. But because the league is run by dinosaurian people we have limited replay and no ability for coaches to challenge calls on the ice. Two referees were supposed to make the officiating better & that is not the case at all. As for the Rangers the juggernaut is beginning to roll. No trades needed.

  • During the broadcast, after the disallowed goal, they did a quick bench-side interview with Talbot who said it’s pretty commonplace for goalies to remove the mask due to a broken strap or other issue that makes it so they can’t see and that it’s understood by officials who see this to stop play. Yes, that play should be reviewable, but, really, against Carolina, let’s not put ourselves in the position where one disallowed goal makes or breaks us. I still think we could use another steady defender who drives possession and maybe a face-off clinic as we continue to be awful in that key area.

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