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Rangers loan Anthony Duclair to World Juniors

Per Steve Zipay, the New York Rangers have loaned winger Anthony Duclair to Team Canada for the upcoming World Junior Championships. This was expected, as Duclair had been a healthy scratch for a few games in a row now, and it looked like he had lost his spot in the top-nine. Duclair will be with Team Canada for the next month or so. After that, the Rangers will need to make a decision to keep him on the NHL roster or return him to the QMJHL.

In 18 games this year, Duke has put up 1-6-7, while driving puck possession (51.27% CF) in sheltered minutes (60% OZ starts).

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  • This is a good move for the kid, and the Rangers. He will play, get the experience, and lead the team. The Rangers should be able to get his contract off the books, I believe??????

    • Yup Walt, this room creates cap space. Also, you’re right it’s a good move for The Duke.

      Not a surprise either, I think this was the plan the whole time once Stepan broke his leg during training camp.

      I wouldn’t be shocked if he comes back to the Rangers in early January once the tourney is completed.

      Can’t wait to see which kid leads the tournament in scoring, Duclair or Buchnevich.

  • hey have you guys heard this? I just saw on ABC news. Klein had the top piece of his ear cut off last night, got it stitched up, and came back out and scored the game winner. Saw a plastic surgeon this morning, all is ok. Talk about tough! I just do not know how much more we can ask of a team member. Love this team!

  • Good move. If he tears it up a wjc he wont be sent down. If he does so so then he goes back.

    Glass or duclair….glass or duclair. Easy choice right?

    They need to fix the cba so kids like him can play in the a or NHL during the time up before we ding them BA to juniors. Makes no sense to not allow him to play in the ahl.

    • That will never happen. The three major Junior leagues in Canada will fight hard to prevent that. Juniors is a big deal in Canada, it’s essentially their version of big time college sports.

      Also, a lot of current and former NHL players own Junior clubs so they would hate to see their top talent leave juniors at 18 and 19 to go play in the AHL/ECHL and devalue their investments.

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