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Game 24: Stop treating Cally like royalty, show you can beat Tampa Bay

Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

It seems like the New York Rangers have only played two teams over the past two weeks: the Flyers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tonight those Lightning are in town, and are 2-0 against the good guys. The second effort was much better than the tire fire that was the first game, and this will be the first time the Rangers have Ryan McDonagh back in the lineup (of course, Victor Hedman is back for the Lightning as well).

It would be nice if the Rangers started putting bodies on their old comrades, especially Ryan Callahan. I’m a Cally fan and all, but enough is enough. He’s been treated like royalty. Put a shoulder to his chest and knock him on his butt a few times please.

Jon Cooper has the Lightning playing a pretty similar system as the Rangers. They run an overload 1-2-2 forecheck, but will mix in a 2-1-2 as well. In the defensive zone, they mix zone and overload coverage depending on puck location. On special teams, they run a 1-3-1 power play and rotate between a diamond and box penalty kill depending on opposition setup.

Rangers lineup:

Rick Nash-Derick Brassard-Mats Zuccarello
Chris Kreider-Derek Stepan-Martin St. Louis
Carl Hagelin-Kevin Hayes-Lee Stempniak
J.T. Miller-Dominic Moore-Jesper Fast

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi
Marc Staal-John Moore
Matt Hunwick-Kevin Klein

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Tanner Glass (mumps), Dan Boyle (flu). Anthony Duclair (healthy)

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Game time is 7:00pm on MSG.

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  • Please beat this team. I hope the Lightning bring it the same way they did the first 2 games and the Rangers return the favor by whipping them 5-0 or something like that. It’s time the Rangers big guys like Kreider, Hayes, Nash, and even McDonagh start pushing these little speedsters out the way. Callahan had better have his imprint in the boards tonight. The time is now to show this team can play with anyone. They have a lot of talent but not much size and grit. I’d also think all the playoff experience this team has would make a difference in a game like this. Grind em down and win this. NYR style!

    • I’m expecting a lot from McDonagh tonight. He’s the Captain, and it’d be fitting to see him physically challenging Callahan at every opportunity. Remember, he did not play in either of these last 2 losses to Tampa.

  • Damn. This team has the Rangers’ number. The combination of breakdowns and Lundqvist missing a couple of stoppable pucks, ugly.

  • Hay Chris F, how can you defend this wonderful display of goaltending by Hank. Wow, 15 saves, boy can he be great. The first three I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but goals 4 and 5?? I know, start spreading the fertilizer, how he stood on his head. I can’t understand how a guy can be so good and then go south so quickly.

    Now as for Bishop, 8 and 0 lifetime against the Rangers, he has our number.

    Let’s see who starts against Detroit, just can’t wait!!!!!

    • You’re going to compare tonight’s cluster f@#* to Hank’s 2 goal outting against Philly? If you can’t distinguish between the two, or if you’re going to dishonestly pretend that my defense of Hank against Philly somehow chains me to his every poor performance, then you’re wasting my time.

      If you actually have a legitimate point to make, make it. Otherwise I’m assuming you’re just slinging your typical mud and misrepresenting me on a thread I haven’t even commented on (which has been your MO since last season).

      • All I know is by the end of the year Hanks numbers always look the same. There’s no use defending him after he has a bad game, especially on December 1.

      • The only point for the sarcastic post is whenever anyone, your’s truly makes any remark about Hank’s less than stellar performance, we get jumped upon. I can’t, nor would expect a shut out every game, but when his performance is poor, and we post to that effect, don’t come down on us with jump boots.

        That is the only reason for my post. In the past you’ve come at me, so be it, I’m a big boy and I can take it, but Hank doesn’t walk on water, and don’t try to make him out to. Have a good day my friend!!!

      • Not to kick a dead horse but I just read where Hank rates 31st, in a 30 team league, where a goalie played over 10 games. His goal against average is 2.70, and .905 save %. In 19 starts he has yielded 4 plus goals six times already. These are the numbers we are dealing with, and the fact is Hank is not having one of his typical years!!

  • Its obvious, for now at least, that Lundqvist can’t be expected to make the spectacular save that we’ve gotten used to seeing, that has bailed this team out time and time again. Because of that, every flaw, every mistake, every lazy play is gonna result in a great scoring chance and likely a goal. As a team, they have to realize this and concentrate on a pure defensive game; try and pitch a shutout every night. Granted, a very hard thing to do; but right now, a necessity. They have no other choice. Hank is not going to be benched, no matter how well Talbot plays. Hes the man for the forseeable future. No need to overeact to a few losses against the NHL’S current “flavor of the month.” But still, it can’t be ignored. I think the days of depending on Hank to steal the majority of wins is over. And Rightly so. Now lets see the team come to his defense and have his back for a while!! Like winning teams do!

    • Agree with all you say…..

      Again the reason was to point out miscues, and then get pounced upon is bull crap!!!!! Yeah maybe I got under the skin of Chris, but the truth is the truth.

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