John Moore suspended five games

Rangers defenseman John Moore has been suspended five games for his hit on Erik Haula on Monday night. Moore delivered a direct hit to the head of Haula, and is a repeat offender. Moore will be eligible to return on 11/11 against Pittsburgh.

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  • What I do not get is how squared up do you have to get? It was summarized that he was not late and hit his chest first…which is what I thought as well. Only reason this became an issue was it looked a lot worse than it was and Haula got hurt.

    • What are you talking about? The NHL found that, “While the initial contact is made with Haula’s shoulder, the main point of contact on this hit is Haula’s head. This is an illegal check to the head….Haula’s head absorbs the brunt of Moore’s shoulder.”

      What difference does it make that he hit Haula’s shoulder first (not his chest) and that it wasn’t late?

      The suspension isn’t because it “looked a lot worse than it was.” Moore was suspended because he hit Haula in the head with his shoulder, because the hit to the head resulted in an injury, and because he’s a repeat offender.

      Moore’s fortunate that the suspension is only for five games. If he can’t stop this kind of crap he should be playing for the Flyers.

      If a Ranger took that hit we’d be screaming bloody murder. And we’d be right.

      • Yes, Moore made a really dumb play.

        The hit was unnecessary. Haula had his head down and Moore went through it. Moore compounded the problem by making the idiotic decision to add a “chicken wing” to the end of the hit to make it look as bad as possible.

        Not one of John Moore’s smarter moments on the ice.

      • I am talking about the explanation by the Safety Board…it is gibberish, clearly states he was not late on the hit…initial hit is to the chest but he was not square. The explanation is Capital BS

  • Bs call on the suspension. If the initial point if contact is the shoulder, how can the main point of contact be the head.

    Moore was made an example in this case.

    Primary contact was the shoulder, byproduct was the follow through hit his head.

    He didn’t float his elbow from the NHL video. He laid a clean hit out. There was no intention to go for the head.

    But I guess goon pronger knows what Moore really intended…

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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