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Rangers recall Chris Mueller; return Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller

The New York Rangers have recalled forward Chris Mueller from the Hartford Wolf Pack, returning forwards Jesper Fast and J.T. Miller in the process. Miller and Fast have been healthy scratches for the past two games, so getting them playing time in the AHL is a good idea. Mueller had a strong camp, and Alain Vigneault probably figures he can get more out of him than he can Fast/Miller at this point of the season.

Personally, I think Fast was just fine in his two games, but clearly the coach wants him to work on some things. As for Miller, well I still think he’s best suited for the wing. Maybe he gets time there with the Pack.

Since Mueller is a center, this could mean the end of the Martin St. Louis at center experiment, especially since Kevin Hayes has looked quite comfortable there.

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    • You think Miller looked like he was ready to play 200 ft in the NHL? I don’t, he still looks lacksidasicle in the defensive zone. The 17 goals allowed in 3 games wasn’t all his fault but he certainly didn’t help. Hayes has looked much better there. I liked Mueller and his right handed shot. Although the Rangers only called him up as an extra forward. No reason for he and Fast to sit. Mueller has been around and it doesn’t matter if he watches games from the press box. The lineup should stay as is until Stepan returns. They should only get better as they play together.

      • I think Dave is right about Mueller slotting in at C and moving MSL back to the wing. It was a nice experiment but the Rangers are getting nothing out of MSL as a C. His offensive game is being neutralized this way.

        I liked Hayes on that first line between MSL and Nash.

        I see next game starting like this:


        Duclair doesn’t deserve to be benched but I can’t see him dressing just to play on the 4th line. No point in returning him to Juniors yet, I think he still has a part to play on this team while Stepan is out.

        • Yeah, I hope that’s the end of MSL as a center experiment. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but he was moved back to wing, and we won.

          Not that he was doing a bad job, but he’s much better at wing.

        • I would think Nash and MSL would switch with Marty on RW and Nash on LW. Marty seems to flourish on the RW, but I also have no objective data to back that up.

      • I never said Miller was ready to play in the NHL. I never understood what so many people saw in him since he was drafted, and his limited stay with the team. That being the case, how many times can a guy be sent down before he just totally gets demoralized. We heard how well he prepared this summer, how well he looked in training camp; and after the first week he gets sent down? Talk about your short leash? I said it before, if this coaching staff doesn’t want him, start looking around the League for a team that does. This team has needs. Use him as a trading asset, and cut bait now.

        • Chris Kreider anyone?????

          Miller going down to the Pack will help develop his game that is lacking on the “D”.

          Let’s not forget this is a kid of what 20 years of age? He will be here for a few years to come, but I see him as a winger, not a center!!

        • Thank you Joe,
          I have said in the past(everybody jumped on me), that this kid Miller has been over-rated. All he has proven so far is that he cannot play in the NHL. He is 21, played around 70 NHL games and has shown very little. He sticks defensively and doesn’t finish his scoring chances (also little physical presence).
          Someday he may develop into a twenty goal scorer (big deal). Trade him away in a package now while he portrays some potential. He is a good skater but in this league that isn’t enough.

  • JT is more effective as a winger then as a pivot and Jesper is not suited to be a 4th line player. They are young and will light it up on the farm.

    AV gave his impact players big minutes last night which is a good move to help get his team back on track. I wonder if he continues to give his top players tons of playing time, will we have to listen to critics complain about burning them out and not resting them for the post season.

    • That would be a surprise as AV has a history of playing 4 lines. I think it’s more like you said, playing big minutes last night to get everyone back on track.

      Also, they only had three centers last night once MSL was moved back to the wing in the third, so that may have contributed to the unbalanced ice time.

      • Maybe AV decided he wants to roll with Malone/Glass for a few games so there’s no point in having Fast/Miller not play for a week?

  • I may be wrong, but this is the beginning of the end for JT. I still believe he will be in a package for a defenseman or another center.

    Not saying he should be, but I sense there is something about JT’s style that does not mesh with AV.

    I agree with the lines Chris A has assembled.

  • So Miller was beat out for a center position (which he was practically handed in training camp) by Kevin Hayes. Miller is not replacing any of the top 9 wingers. He is a “Dave tire fire” in his own zone so it makes no sense to play him on the fourth line. So it was either he sits in the press box or get top line minutes in the AHL to round out his game. This decision was honestly a no brainer and we will see him again during the season.

    I can’t wait for the complaints that AV doesn’t develop rookies…..

    • My test for Av and young players this year is different. Eight starting forwards came back from last year. Sather brought in Stempniak, Malone, Glass, Lombardi, Mueller. Lombardi couldn’t cut it at all, so AV has four veterans to work with. If he dresses all four veterans, he is giving the young players the least possible opportunity to play. Dress three veterans, nearly minimal opportunity. We can get lost in precisely which kids play.

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