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Brooks: Marc Staal contract rumors

Per Larry Brooks, the initial negotiations for a Marc Staal contract have begun. Per Brooks, Staal is looking for around $6 million on a 6-7 year deal, while the Rangers are looking to give Staal a Dan Girardi-esque deal:

Staal, who will turn 28 in January, is believed to be seeking a six- or seven-year deal in the neighborhood of $6 million per — perhaps somewhat more. The Rangers are believed to be offering the same deal to which they signed Girardi, six years at $5.5 million per — perhaps somewhat less.

The wording of this is somewhat suspect, since Brooks says Staal’s demands could be somewhat more, and the Rangers offer could be somewhat less. The general consensus has  been that Staal will get the same deal Girardi received, so that’s not really a surprise. If Staal’s demands are indeed in the range that Brooks states, than this deal shouldn’t take too long to get done.

It’s worth noting that a few different outlets have said nothing is imminent with Staal.

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  • This will go down to the wire. One side needs to blink, and I do not see Slats giving Stall more than Girardi. We also need to judge $5.5M against the ability of Moore and the young defenseman. If Moore stumbles, then Stall in a stronger negotiating position. If Moore plays very well, the money may be better spent on a real center.

    • Sal, I got bad news for you buddy, there are no FA centers better than Stepan or Brassard next summer.

      The best of the mediocre bunch, by far, is 32 year old Jason Spezza. I would be pretty upset if the Rangers gave him a Brad Richards type of contract. After Spezza you are looking at 3C types like Shawn Horcoff, Matt Cullen and Mike Fisher. Of course, you could always bring Richards back …

      • Girardi’s also a righty, an important aspect when assessing his value.

        That said, he’s clearly at the top of the potential trade list – which may not be a bad idea considering his contract.

        If he has a bounce back year, would you consider moving him and if so, what would be your take on his potential trade value?


        • Problem with moving Girardi is that there is no one who can replace him. Boyle will be gone after his contract is up. Klein isn’t all that good. McIlrath is a question mark, but progressing nicely (should be a nice option for next year). That’s it for the RHD that I’ve seen play (Zamorsky is a righty, but I don’t know much about him).

  • I just want this deal done so we can stop hearing the “Staal wants to reunite with his brothers in Carolina” line

  • The same as Girardi is fair to both sides. Any more will be over payment, and they should trade Marc.

    I don’t care what he can get on the open market, we can’t have three d-men making over $5 mil per year, that leaves nothing to work with for the forwards!!!!

  • Would rather move one of Staal or Girardi at the deadline of the end of the season. Dont think we need to keep both, but i have never been a Staal fan even less so at that asking price. Its a good deal for a guy who isnt a hit away from being Pronger.

    • The way I see it, Skjei is the most NHL ready of the prospects, and he’s at Minnesota this year. Figure he replaces Moore if the kid doesn’t put it all together. So, they still need Staal/Girardi.

      Why trade someone just to create another hole?

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