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Can the Rangers realistically land Kevin Hayes?

At midnight last night, forward Kevin Hayes –Chicago’s first round pick (#24) in 2010– officially became a free agent. Hayes cited Chicago’s depth at forward as the reason why he chose free agency. He wants to play right away, and Chicago appears to be set at forward this year. The Rangers have been linked to Hayes, as they love targeting NCAA graduates without homes. Hayes would be a solid addition to a bottom-of-the-league prospect pool, injecting the Rangers with another high-end skill player who put up 27 goals and 65 points last season with BC.

The problem is that the Rangers are at 49 contracts (including John Moore, not including Ryan Graves). The max number of contracts is 50, and signing Hayes would severely limit the Rangers in trade flexibility during the year. Of course there are ways around this (trading a contract), but it’s easier said than done.

The one major concern I have with Hayes is that he shot 20% this year, his final year with BC, while on a line with Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau put up 36-44-80 (!) in just 40 games last year, and seemed to be the catalyst on that line. Hayes’ previous career high before this year was 7-21-28. There’s also this whole “pooping in the stairwell” thing, but he was a drunk college kid, kids do stupid things. It happens.

Hayes could land in New York, and since he’s on an ELC, he is affordable and can fit under the cap. Landing him would be awesome, but I don’t think he comes to New York.

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  • The Rangers definitely need Kevin Hayes to shore up their prospect pool. Hayes has size and skill and many are saying he could even make the jump to the big leagues this year. He is worth a shot but can the Rangers convince him to sign with them?

    IMO, AV doesn’t have the patience to bring young players along. Signing Hayes would be good for New York, but not so good for the Hayes camp. I think he signs elsewhere.

  • 1)Big,
    2)number of injuries, surgeries,
    3)needs work on his skating,
    4)”finesse” big guy,
    5)averaged like 7 goals a season his 1st 3 years in college.

    Why would Sather even consider such a player?

    Another “Mr Softie”

    Just imagine a pair of wingers like Nash & Hayes.
    They could skate in the corners with a dozen eggs
    each and come out of the corners with nary a shell broken.

    Start the Ice Capades

    • Rick Nash played the body in the playoffs. You’re gonna call him a softy after 2 concussions in 2 years. I’ve had concussions and 1 more and his entire career could be over. Be carful who you call soft. You obviously know nothing about head injuries. I had 3 including 1 major one. Ended my playing days. I’m sure you saw a whole ton of BC hockey games to call Hayes a soft player too. Unreal how you didn’t see how physical Nash played in the last 3 rounds of the playoffs despite his short tolerance to head trauma.

  • Heh Glen Sather…..It appears to me that our organization is pretty short of young forwards that have scoring potential….We need to add young guys like Kevin Hayes, so not sure what it will take to get him signed, but I say we need to get it done…!!!

  • I am still not convinced that Duclair will count against the 50 limit. Is your only source Capgeek? Hear me out. Having an ELC slide and exempting a player from the 50 limit are not precisely the same thing obviously. It is possible that the labor contract means that the two rules apply to the same players but i am not convinced.

    It says fairly early in the agreement that when a player of Duclair’s age is sent back to juniors, he is exempted form the limit. Far later, ELCs and the slide rule are discussed – and yes, Capgeek is right, Duclair doesn’t slide and so he becomes an RFA in 2017. The definition of age in that section is weird and so Duclair is officially older than he is, but why that should affect his age in the earlier clause is not clear to me at all.

    I could be wrong. I’m not a lawyer and the labor agreement is long and hard to read. Then again, the same could be said of Capgeek.

    By the way, do you know why Kristo’s agent tweeted that he accepted his qualifying offer (long ago) and Capgeek lists him as unsigned.

  • What have we to loose if we sign this kid?? There is plenty of upside, and should MSL not be re-signed next year, the kid could fit into his slot!! He gives us options, and you never have enough options!!!!!!!!

  • Where is the upside with this kid?

    A soft, injury prone kid player who has problems backchecking and finishing.

    Do you really think a 6-3 finesse forward with that many holes in his game is what we are looking for?

  • I think if Sather wants him bad enough he’ll get him. It may take a max ELC to get it done since other teams are interested. I think he should be in NY. He’s big and can score. He’s not gonna shoot 20% in the NHL but his size and offensive upside could land him a spot on the right side on the 4th line this year. Bumping Miller or Fast off the radar. Since Fast is a righty I think he belongs on the team or as a 13th forward. I think Lombardi should be waived and claimed or play in Hartford. Make room for the kids and if he’s claimed another spot on the reserve list.

  • Big NYR fan and have watched Kevin Hayes for the last three years at BC. Get this guy signed! He is a prototype power forward in the NHL. This could be Sather’s mulligan for drafting Hugh Jessiman.

  • There are a few other teams where he would more definitively make the NHL roster right off the bat, and a few of those that he has better connections to. From what I’ve read, my guess is he goes to Boston, but I wouldn’t mind if we were able to grab him.

  • 1/1/9/2011 I hit a pothole while riding my scooter in Ft Myers & flipped, landing on my head.

    Aside from a fractured skull, grade 3 concussion, with loss of consciousness, hemorages on both side of the brain, brain blood leakage that required a craniotomy, broken collarbone, lumber 4 fracture, fracture of hip, I was OK.

    I was back to normal in 9 months, bike riding, swimming, hitting the weights, some short term merory issues aside. I didn’t need oxycodone for the pain, ibupropen worked fine.

    While Staal, Sauer, & Boogard never spent overnight in a hospital with their concussion, or ever lost consciousness, I was in a coma for almost a week at Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft Myers.

    YES I DO KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT CONCUSSIONS, 3rd degree concussions, not “rang my bell” concussions like Sauer, Staal,Boogard, & Crowe
    who skated off the ice and went home after

    • It’s a concussion contest! Really, this is what we’re arguing about? This is 2014, we know so much more now about concussions and the fact that ALL are serious. Look at Marc Savard. He “got his bell rung” and his career is over. The league is littered with these stories.

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