Dreger: Rangers closing in on Lee Stempniak

Per Darren Dreger, the Rangers are closing in on a deal with free agent winger Lee Stempniak on a one-year deal.┬áThe Rangers struck gold with Benoit Pouliot last season, and are looking to do so again with this signing. Stempniak and Pouliot had similar offensive output and #fancystats are comparable, so this seems like a decent fit for the Rangers. Oh, and he’s a right-handed shot, which is super.

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  • What is the money going to look like in this deal?

    I feel like between the three arbitrations looming, the possible signing of the Blackhawks Hayes kid, and John Moore’s contract makes this kinda hard to do unless the money is right.

    PS I have a hard time believing we couldn’t have gotten someone comparable to Tanner Glass for a little less money.

    • Interesting that despite all the negativity about Glass, Kevin Weekes stated that it was a great signing. Go figure. Getting Stempniak on the cheap like that is a good deal.

    • I am happily eating my words.

      After coming off a 2.5 mill cap hit with his previous contract, I thought he’d cost much more than 900k. Great signing. I like it, I like it a lot.

  • I agree this was a very good signing and I have to believe this is the winger to be slotted with Brassard and Zuccarello. He is also a righty.

  • If I’m not mistaken this deal is done and a sweet low cost no risk contract at that. He’s finally adding some right handed shots to the Rangers. Stempniak is a good 3rd line RW. This kid Mueller might crack the lineup as the 4th line RW. MSL is a lock as a top 6 RW but the team needs a righty to play with Nash. So he can play LW. Unless Kreider is going to switch to the Right side and contribute. The Rangers need one more righty.
    This contract and the problem of depth and balance that remains makes me wonder about Derick Brassard. Their best bet may be arbitration with him but how do they fit everyone under the Cap? Sather has to try to get Zuccarello signed before arbitration to a long term deal and hope to keep the cap hit down. Zuc played off wing and produced 59 points last year. If he had a RW on his line and he could play his side the LW. There’s no telling how well he could play.
    I think a cap clearing trade is coming before camp comes. Marc Staal maybe.
    They are also allowed to go 10%
    ($6.9 mil) over the upper limit until the season begins.

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