Rangers 2014 draft picks and summary

The Rangers started the 2014 NHL draft with just four picks (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), but eventually made six selections (2nd, 3rd, 4th, three 5ths) in the draft. We will be taking an in-depth look at the selections, but here is a brief summary of the past two days (live blogs here and here):

  • Traded Derek Dorsett to Vancouver for a 3rd round pick (#85 overall).
  • Selected goaltender Brandon Halverson with their 2nd round pick (#59 overall).
  • Selected center Keegan Iverson with a third round pick (#85 overall).
  • Traded a third round pick (#89 overall) to Washington for a pair of fourth rounders (#104 and #118).
  • Selected defenseman Ryan Mantha with a fourth round pick (#104 overall).
  • Selected goaltender Igor Shesterkin with a fourth round pick (#118 overall).
  • Traded a fourth round pick (#119 overall) to Tampa Bay for a pair of fifth round picks (#140 and #142).
  • Selected RW Richard Nejezchleb with a fifth round pick (#122).
  • Selected defenseman Daniel Walcott with a fifth round pick (#140)
  • Selected defenseman Tyler Nanne with a fifth round pick (#142)

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  • 2 longshot goalie prospects, a possible 4h line grinder center and 2 mini-me defencemen, the Rangers didn’t exactly clean up at the draft.

    • Goalie was a position of need for the system.

      Ryan Mantha is 6’5 225 lbs…If you think he’s a mini-me, you’re Andre the Giant.

  • Iverson is 6″1′, 225 or so, and is gritty. If he pans out, then we got something here. As for Mantha, yes he is big, but plays soft, more like Staal’s type of a game. Time will tell, but I’m not too excited about any of these guys!!

  • With a shallow draft you have to get who you can. The better the player in the ahl, the better our blue chip prospects can progress. And with lack of any quality that late in the draft, you need to go with you Intel on a quantity of players.

    If we can get a pp QB. And retain as many contracts as we can, we can make another run at a cup.

    We shouldn’t stress out about Boyle or stralman because they are replaceable.

    Sign the rest of the guys, replace both with rooks, put some money down on that pp QB and run with it.

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