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Lavoie: Pouliot generating interest, wants long-term deal

Per Renaud Lavoie, winger Benoit Pouliot is looking for a long-term deal and will likely get it. Ten teams have already contacted the winger. One of those teams is obviously the Rangers, as they are looking to keep Pouliot in New York. Pouliot was one of the best bargains in the NHL last year, finding chemistry with Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello to the tune of 13-19-32 in the season’s final 53 games.

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  • Out of Pouliot, Boyle and Stralman (money obviously factors in). Id make Boyle/Stralman priority. Think its easier to fill 3rd line winger then top 4 dman and everything Boyle does.

    • I would respectfully disagree as you cannot make these decisions without looking at the CAP hit and average cost by position. To me, Boyle may get 2nd line money. Stralman may get top pair money, while Pouliot may actually only get 2nd-3rd line money, where he actually slots on the team.

      The Pouliot negotiations may also bring in his history of being a once-and-done player, which hopefully will drive the price down.

  • Pouliot was a pleasant surprise for much of the season but he had an abysmal start and his undisciplined penalties in the playoffs were a problem.

    I’d like to retain him for a 1-2 year extension to build upon his, for the most part, strong play. But I don’t think he played himself into a longterm deal just yet.

    Plus there are cap issues associated with a more lengthy term contract. For 1-2 years, he might live with a marginal salary increase. If he’s looking for 3-5 years, he knows this is the only contract of length in his career where he can cash in. If he’s looking for $3+ million annually on such a deal, NYR can’t afford him.

  • As much as I would love to keep the 3rd line together, and hate to see Ben walk, I wouldn’t stop him either!

    Let;s face it, he was a dud early on, AV sat him out, then he woke up and played decent hockey. Now he wants a long term deal, and probably a big raise. If that’s what he wants, thank him, and let it go. He can be replaced within the system, maybe JT Miller, or Fast?? 3rd line guys can be found, and replaced easier than Boyle, who is highly underrated.

    I can understand that this is an opportunity of a lifetime for Ben, Boyle, and Anton, and they will make the best of it. If I were them, I’d also go for the big bucks. Bottom line, this may open up cap space for the team, with younger kids getting a shot at the SHOW!!!!! This is the reason Sather is paid big money to put together a good team.

  • There goes our depth.

    Trade Rick Nash, and msl,

    Get some draft picks and let youth serve us.

    Boyle on the 3rd line and Anton in the back is perfect. Plus the cap is supposed to go up. So you might even be able to keep them all except boyle

  • False reporting. Ten teams contacting him before free agency starts? They have rules against that sort of thing.

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