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Brooks: Rangers allotting $4 million for Stralman

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are looking to lock up Anton Stralman for around $4 million for three or four years. This is up from the three-year, $9 million deal that Stralman supposedly rejected in March. We’ve spent some time determining Stralman’s market value and discussing his market value versus perceived value, but the general consensus is that Stralman will get a lot of money this offseason. He’s one of the better UFA defensemen in the market, and as a right-handed shot, he’s a commodity.

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  • If they do this and they sign all the other FAs with the possible exception of Boyle, that doesn’t really leave enough to target Stastny.

    Do you think this suggests that Stepan is the guy that they plan to rely on as a #1 C? And if so, would Lindberg or Miller be replacing Richards? I love giving the kids a chance, but I also feel Richards needs to replaced with someone proven. If Miller or Lindberg don’t pan out, Richards departure will be a huge hole on this roster.

    • Brooks mentioned in the article that they seem content with Stepan/Brassard as 1/2 down the middle. If Moore is the 4C, they have a hole at 3C. If they don’t fill from within, I’m hoping Grabovski would be available for the right price.

      • So, assuming Boyle walks, we’re anticipating:

        Hagelin -(Miller/Lindberg/Grabovski)-MSL

        Or, possibly let Carcillo walk:

        Hagelin -(Miller/Grabovski)-MSL

        I’m finding it hard to see this as an improvement upon 2013-14.

          • This obviously assumes a lot (re-signing all FAs other than Boyle), however, that’s not an altogether unrealistic expectation.

            Therefore, the burning question remains: how do you replace Richards from within? In my opinion, you can’t.

            But, in signing all FAs, including Stralman, there isn’t an option to replace him from outside the organization. This is the critical off-season dilemma.

        • You are not really comparing the right teams.
          Hagelin -Boyle-Callahan

          This is more or less what the 2013-14 Rangers started out with. It is not as good as the team you foresee for October. So it’s a step forward. October teams are usually not good enough to win the Cup. The Kings don’t win without Gaborik and Pearson.

          Plan for one or more of Miller, Fast, Lindberg, Allen, McIlraith to step up by next April as Kreider did this year and count on adding a player as MSL was added this year. Look for continued improvement by Kreider and others. Look for better integration of MSL into the team.

          The goal for this summer is not to add that final piece that puts the puzzle together. This is a scary summer. The Rangers have (compared to other teams) a lot of free agent vulnerability, a few players that merit big raises, and scarce resources of the draft choice, unsigned player variety. [After the draft, the Rangers will control nine players not under contract – an incredibly small number.] Sather’s trick is to construct a promising team.

          • Exactly. Your team in October typically isn’t your team in April. You improve your team throughout the season with call ups and trades.

      • I believe that the kid has it in him!!

        Let’s not forget that his last season in the SEL, he lead the SEL in scoring, and was the MVP of the play off as well, while being very sound defensivly. That to me at least sounds like the kid should be ready!!

      • It’s not like he has to score 30.All he has to do is skate and play defensive.I think he can manage that.

  • Stralman is a keeper

    I would love to get rid of both Nash and msl.

    Nash still has potential and could fetch a good return as would msl.

    We are spoiled in that Sather has been able to rebuild while not rebuilding.

    That takes time.

    We are also spoiled in having such a talented blue line that stralman doesn’t look great to us. There are about 20 other teams in the NHL who would disagree right now .

    Puck possession indirectly drives goals. Goals win games.

    Sign stralman.

    • While I’m not a huge Nash fan never was in favor of the trade. The question is get rid of Nash / MSL / Richards that’s a huge amount of points and where are you replacing them with?

  • Irresponsible rumormongering is right! Anything that starts with “Per Larry Brooks” you can take with a grain of salt…

  • Stralman has scored what 2 goals in 2 seasons and has a shot that wouldn’t break a pane of glass. There is no physically in his game and is often caught puck watching as he allows the opposition to cruise in the Rangers zone unchecked.

    The Rangers are better off signing Diaz (who is better on the PP) for the quarter of the price of Stralman and using the cap space else where.

    • Bloomer- I don’t have access to the stats but I do believe you are somewhat off on Stralman’s scoring- as far as checking and the physicality he brings to the game please re-watch the playoffs-

      • Wayne… in 81 regular season games and 25 playoffs games Stralman has 1 goal. He averages slightly over one hit per game… not exactly a rock em sock em defenceman. He is very replaceable and anyone willing to paid him 4 million per is either senile or never played the game of hockey. There are many dmen out there who can be had much cheaper then Stralman who are just as effective or even better then he is.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Stralman at 4 mil is WAYYYY too much money for what you get. Pure lunacy on Sather’s part if he commits 4 mil over 3-4 years to Stralman.

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