We’re playing for the Cup, and we’ve got predictions

The King vs. the Kings
The King vs. the Kings

Here we are, on the eve of the Stanley Cup Final. I’ll save the storylines for everyone else and say this one thing: if you asked me if we would be here only 3 weeks ago, I’d ask you what you were smoking. On to the Final predictions…

Dave’s Pick: Rangers in 7. The Rangers will win if and only if they can exploit the edges they have in goaltending, defense, and depth. The Rangers roll 18 skaters regularly, with their 4th line getting 10-12 minutes. The Kings’ 4th line gets half that, so they rely on their top-nine forwards. The Rangers have a more rounded defense as well, rolling three pairs boasting three top-pairing defensemen in McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi. It’s going to be a dogfight, and it definitely won’t be the massacre that the media is saying. When the teams are this closely aligned (although the Kings dominate puck possession better than the Rangers), you have to give the edge to the better goalie. Hank will be the difference maker.

Suit’s Pick: Rangers in 7. The Kings have a better team. More fire power. Tougher forecheck. Better coaching. More experience. But we have Hank and this year is his year.

Chris’ Pick: Rangers in 6. the only apparent advantage the Rangers have is in net and that’s a slim advantage depending on your opinion of Jon Quick. Yet despite the depth, size, offensive prowess the Kings enjoy, you get the feeling destiny favours the Rangers. I get the impression Marty St Louis and Henrik Lundqvist won’t be denied.

Kevin’s Pick: Kings in 7. I want to pick the Rangers, I really do. And getting this far only to pick against them seems blasphemous. But if I’m using my head, not my heart, I think the Kings are a superior team. Game 7 on home ice will be the difference.

Justin’s Pick: Rangers in 7- Considering these two teams have combined played one less game than the maximum, of course it’s going the distance.  Analysts and pundits have written the Rangers off in every series so far, and since there are so many “mystique and aura” elements surrounding this year’s team on the 20th anniversary of 1994, I’m all in.  They will get this done.

Becky’s Pick: Rangers in 6. It’s Hank’s time. It’s Dom’s time. It’s Richie and MSL together for what could be the last time. I don’t care if it uses no logic; they’re taking it home to the city. See y’all at the parade.

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  • Rangers in 6 if and only if we can take one of the first 2 games in LA. My heart says rangers and its going to be the toughest series we have had yet. The king will lead the way over the Kings with at least one shutout (mark that down). Let every media outlet count us out already before the series starts, we will stay hungry and humble!!! LETS GO RANGERS

  • Pitt was supposed to be unstoppable with Malkin & Cindy. Montreal was too fast for us and now it is the Kings who are very deep at center.

    We are deeper on defense, which the west coast forgets is part of the game. NYR in 6. We win close, but loose in blowouts.

  • I am going to go bold and say Rangers in 5
    They will win game 1 lose game 2 sweep at home, kings reeling and lose in OT in game 5 for the Cup win.

  • I said it after the Boston-Montreal series and I think it applies to this series somewhat.

    Montreal beating Boston left them physically and even more so, mentally drained. That was their Stanley Cup. It left them reeling to start the Conference Championship, unable to match the Rangers in intensity and execution in games 1 and 2.

    Dustin Brown just called that grueling 7 game marathon with Chicago the “most emotional series” of his career. Even for a team as good as LA, those are hard to reset from immediately.

    With the Rangers considerably more rested after finishing their sereies in 6, along with the (relative) quick turnaround LA is going to have, I like the Rangers to get off to a fast start in the series and set the tone early.

    If the Rangers can capitalize on what I consider a mental advantage (to start), and take an early series lead, I like their chances to finish it.

    Rangers in 6 (because I want this thing to end at MSG).

  • The problem with the pundits is they don’t do their homework. They take whatever was written and make stuff up.

    The only people taking the rangers seriously are the Kings.

    I don’t think the Kings will hang with our depth. Maybe to game 3 but that fatigue sets in fast.

    Case in point ok subban. He was tired by the end. And could barely stickhandle.

    Rangers in 7. Bring it home baby.

  • I’ll try Rangers in 5 with Kings carelessly falling behind 3-1 and Hank stealing Game 5.

    I don’t get why the Kings are favored. They are a determined team when their backs are to the wall, but not as talented as Pitt or Chicago and I don’t see their personnel as any better than what the Rangers have. And I think the Rangers will be more determined in the non-must games.

    Goaltending is a wild card. Both goalies are capable of blowing the other out of the water and I’m not sure which I want if both are truly on. Quick has been more likely to have off games this playoff year though.

    • I think you’re grossly underestimating the Kings. They are as solid a team as there is in the NHL right now.

      They just took out the defending champions, have possibly the best defenseman and top 9 forward groups, and possess the puck better than anyone.

      They are by far the best team the Rangers have played in the playoffs to this point.

  • Being a die-hard Ranger fan for over 40 years, it hurts being realistic in saying, the Kings will most likely take it in 6 or 7 games. This is the physical type team like Boston and Anaheim that gives us fits. I was really hoping we would face Chicago instead. We keep saying we have an edge in goal, but I think Jonathan Quick is an elite world class goalie that can also be a game changer. The Kings are not only big and physical, but they have a lot of skill as well and are well balanced. They knocked off 3 great teams in the playoffs and have a knock of coming back and never quitting. I regret to say, it would be a real upset if the Rangers did win this series, but anything is possible. The Rangers do have somewhat of an edge in speed as did Chicago. Hank definitely has to spin on his head for this one in order for us to have a chance to win. Also a live power play is desperately needed. Who knows, maybe it is the Rangers year! Here comes nail biting time for sure!

  • Heart says Rangers, Head says Kings. I would love it if the Rangers win it all but the Kings are way too deep. having Mike Richards at 4th line center is insane.

  • I’m going Rangers. You never know how shits gonna go til it goes. I doubt analysts, they are not clairvoyants!!!

  • Everyone out West have the LA Kings in 4. They are a very good team and will be hard to beat. What a lot of hockey fans don’t realize is that the Rangers have a lot of playoff experience and depth their roster. The Kings will not have a easy time of it scoring on the Rangers highly underrated defence and with Lundqvist between the pipes.

    On offence the Rangers have both speed and enough goal scorers to give Johnathan Quick fits. The Rangers will steal 2 wins on the road and grasp the Coup la Stanley in 6. Drop the puck!

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