John Moore to have hearing with NHL

As expected, John Moore will have a hearing with the NHL for his hit to Dale Weise in the third period. Moore’s hit was almost identical to the Brandon Prust hit on Derek Stepan, but it did not result in an injury to Weise. If Prust got two games, I expect Moore to get the same or less. If he gets more, then there needs to be an investigation into the decision-making process. Here’s the hit:

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  • To be honest, I see a lot of important differences between Moore’s hit and Prust’s hit.

    Prust’s hit on Stepan was generations later than Moore’s hit on Weise. When Moore comes in and commits to the hit, Weise has the puck. He dishes it, admire the pass, and then gets leveled less than half a second later. When Prust committed to hitting Stepan, he had already dealt the puck and was cutting to the inside of the ice. Prust changed directions and leveled him at least a second after he dealt the puck.

    The League’s factoring on that hit was its lateness, thus interference, the blindside aspect, and the Stepan injury.

    For Moore’s hit, I see no lateness, thus no interference, and there was no apparent injury. There’s really only the blindside, but if the League rules that it wasn’t late, then part of the onus is on Weise to be prepared and aware as he just dealt puck a fraction of second earlier.

    I know the call on the ice was a head hit. It wasn’t. Moore comes across, elbow down, shoulder to chest. He may have got a little up on the follow through, but that’s all.

    In my opinion, this should not be suspendable. But, because it wasn’t egregiously late like Prust’s, the League will call it a head shot to justify a suspension. The optics are too similar to Prust’s hit for them to not suspend, even if by the rule book, this is a completely different hit that shouldn’t be punished any further than the 5 minute major and ejection.

    Funny, Prust’s hit was so much worse, so much later, with much more contact to Stepan’s jaw. No call on the ice, no 5 minute major, no ejection.

    It’s all politics at this point.

    • Totally agree all around with what u pointed out as the differences.

      And I’ll add one more…JM has no prior history, whereas Brandon did. Plus like u said, a major penalty WAS called on the JM hit, unlike to Prust.

      One game max in my opinion, if anything at all.

    • I agree. I just wanted to point out that the CBC timed the two hits, and the Prust hit on Stepan was 0.93 seconds after Stepan passed the puck. The Moore hit was 0.5 seconds after Weise dished the puck. Prust’s late hit was twice as late.

      • Thank you! I pretty much knew as much, but hadn’t timed it. That is important, as the League allows for between .4-.5 seconds to make a hit. No interference.

        Which, again, leads me back to the rationale that they’ll call this a head hit to justify suspending Moore. Wouldn’t want the legions of Canadiens fans who do not understand the nuances of calls to be up in arms.

    • Agree…the hits appear to be identical, but are very different. The Prust hit, as you mentioned was egregiously late. This one was not.

      However, there is contact to the head. I’m a little upset with Moore for putting himself in this spot by delivering the hit. If you want to lay this type of hit, you’d better make sure you get low enough to avoid all head contact, otherwise you are putting yourself at the mercy of the DOPS.

      I anticipate Moore to get the same as Prust. 1 game would be fair, as the lateness was not nearly as egregious…. it wasn’t late at all. Unfortunately, the DOP(E)S will take into account that this was called as a 5 minute for elbowing and Moore was thrown out. Prust’s was just classified as an interference.

      Not that any on ice call (or lack thereof) should influence what the DOPS has to say, given the fact that they have replays and time on their side to get it right, but we see time and time again they weigh irrelevant factors, like injury, way too much in their evaluations.

      At the end of the day, I fully anticipate to see Moore sidelined for 2 games. I’m throwing a fit if he get’s 3.

      • I’m only upset with Moore for picking Weise and not a more important member of the Habs. If you are going to do something extremely stupid to get yourself tossed and suspended, might as well get your money’s worth.

        Also, it was not an elbow. He just threw a chicken wing, same as Prust. They both followed through with the arm coming up but neither hit was an elbow.

        Anyway, slot in Diaz and let’s finish this series up on Thursday!

        • Agree…they got it wrong with “Elbowing”. No question. And that should be noted in the DOPS breakdown.

        • Lets be careful not to act like the scummy Hab’s fans.
          Injuries happen, but I’m against calling out for players to be hurt or picking which players we should knock out of the game.

          • I’m just saying if he felt compelled to take someone out, why not take out someone meaningful.

            I did forget about Moore pasting Weise in the opening shifts last night. And someone mentioned down below that Weise took a run at J. Moore in game 1. It seems these two have a fun little feud running throughout this series. It would be nice if the NHL does the right thing and let Moore walk but I doubt that happens.

  • Dave,

    Would it be possible to embed GIFs into the posts moving forward? I’m probably in the minority here, but my employer blocks Youtube and most streaming videos. I guess GIFs can fly in under the radar, so I’m able to view them. It would help my viewing experience while at work, which is predominately where I access BSB from, if you’d be able to accommodate a cubicle monkey like myself. As always, thanks and great job!

  • Dave: Regardless of the level of egregiousness John Moore’s hit on Weise carried, man you have to admire the kid’s snarl last night.

    Wasn’t it JM that absolutely walloped someone on his very first shift, setting a tone? (Sorry, but my neighborhood bar here in Palm Springs had the audio off.)

    Clearly, Moore was on a mission, exacting his pound of flesh for hits resulting in injuries to teammate’s Stepan and JT Miller. (By the by, all three are American-born.) I love the message, subtext of it all.

    In my purview, John Moore’s star is in full ascent. Rock on, kid.

    Let’s go Rangers.

    • The chip on his shoulder was apparent. That hit where he took someone into the curved glass by the Ranger’s bench in the 1st period was also, coincidentally, on Weise. Moore certainly had his number last night.

    • I’ve seen a lot of comments from Rangers fans saying they hope Moore gets 2 games so that AV has to play Diaz. Apparently, John Moore sucks. I must have missed that memo.

      I’ve really liked this kid’s game, losing him is no minor matter. Diaz can be a weapon out there, and he looks really good on the PP, but Moore is just as mobile and more physical. Plus Diaz can’t pinch to save his life. Misses the puck and gives up an odd man rush. Every. Single. Time.

  • Semi-Relevant Thought: The fact that the NHL is so inconsistent and unpredictable with on ice and off ice rulings really hurts its credibility.

    I feel this is a huge issue for the league in terms of it becoming a more mainstream product.

  • Weise had a late hit on Moore that went uncalled, again a referee problem. Moore took the hit and now he will sit for what I hope is a 1 game suspension. I hate to keep saying this but the refereeing is very biased. Worst call of the game was on Pouliot against Subban. There Rangers battled in this game which is a good loss in my opinion. It is when the Rangers are lifeless that I get mad.
    These Canadians realized the only way to win is cheating. Who recalls the Philly series with the embellishment calls given to the Rangers? They were atrocious calls and yet these Canadians are clearly cheating.
    Referees should never dictate a game and they are.

    • While I am very much in the same boat as you, I’ve got 2 thoughts:

      -Pouliot needs to be smarter. He put himself in a position that allowed Subban to dive. And it was a complete dive. But if Pavel Datsyuk or Patrice Bergeron are skating by there, they don’t put there leg out in the slightest fashion. I despise Subban for that call, but I’m more mad at Pouliot for putting himself in that position than at the ref for making the bad call.

      -I forget which ref it was, but he had Plekanec’s number from throwing his head back in game 4 and tagged him for the ghost high stick where he threw his head back again in game 5 with an embellishment penalty. In that case we got the PP and capitalized with a goal. Officiating has been far from perfect, to say the least, but that was a nice step in the right direction.

  • This is all background noise. JUST WIN THE GAME AND END THIS!!!!!!! Whether John Moore, Brandon Prust or Dan Carcillo are in the lineup is not gonna’ be the deciding factor for either team. Hank has to be Hank; and we win!!!! SIMPLE!!! All the other stuff is just that.

  • I don’t feel 100% great about relishing this, but I find it more than a little fitting that Stepan was skating right behind Weise and got to see the hit unfold before his eyes.

  • I’m just about done with this series. I’m sick of being irrationally angry all day over dirty hits and bad refs.
    We need to beat them in Game 6 and get this over with so I can go back to actually enjoying hockey again.

  • So that hit was worse than Prust’s, based on the idea that Prust had a suspension history and Moore doesn’t?

  • Will someone with a ticket please show up to MSG tomorrow in a swimsuit, swimming cap and shirt that says “Montreal Diving Team”.

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