Brassard in for Game Three?

Per Pat Leonard, coach Alain Vigneault was a bit coy this morning when addressing Derick Brassard’s injury. When asked, AV said, “If I were a betting man.” That’s it. So, let’s assume he’s in for Game Three, which is great news for the Rangers.

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  1. On a side note, interesting tidbit from the Daily News today.

    Apparently, that 4th goal in game 1, where Zuke went behind the net, luring Price to his left, and then dropped the puck back to Richards for the open shot on the right is known as the “King of Danmark” back in the Swedish leagues.

    It’s a famous move, and Zuccarello is getting a lot of ink spilled in the Norwegian press for pulling that move off on such as stage as the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Random factoid of the day: “The King of Danmark!”

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