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Admin note: We will be down from noon tomorrow to noon Thursday

After the debacle that occurred with blog stability during the trade deadline, I went ahead and upgraded the server to be able to withstand the bandwidth that comes with an ever growing readership*. Due to the server upgrade, we will need to close down the original account and move to the new host plan, which will require 24 hours (max) of down time. The down time will start tomorrow at noon and end Thursday at noon.

We will have a goal breakdown from tonight’s game running tomorrow morning. We will be back up in time for the game on Thursday as well.

*-Seriously, thank you all for the continued support. We’ve been growing at over 100% page views per year, and we wouldn’t need this upgrade if it weren’t for you guys. We will keep delivering the quality content that you keep coming back for, and once this is done the commenting section should load a lot faster.

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  1. Why St Louie trade will ruin Rangers. 1st, whenever you give up 1st round picks no matter where they are it’s not good. Despite being in great shape he’s still 38 years old. Most importantly is now there is no way they are buying out Richards contract. They will fool themselves into believing these plays are the ones from 2004 and will be great once again as if they didn’t age! The cap space they lose will cost signing some young player who will sign with someone else and be GREAT for years. The right deal was the one with the Sharks which would have gotten us draft picks and prospects for the future. Now next year Sather will find a way to convince everyone how another ageing play will get us the cup and we will give up some young players and picks for him. Thanks to Dolan and his Bromance with Sather, we are heading back to the olds days I thought were gone!!!

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