Stralman rejects three-year, $9 million offer

Per Larry Brooks, Rangers defenseman Anton Stralman has rejected a contract extension from the Rangers worth $9 million over three years. Stralman, who signed as a free agent during the 2011-2012 season, has a line of 1-7-8 in 63 games this year while playing on the second pairing with Marc Staal. The recent acquisition of Kevin Klein –couple with Stralman’s poor play lately– has moved Stralman to the bottom pairing with John Moore.

Stralman is on the final year of his deal that pays him $1.8 million ($1.7 million cap hit). Despite the low offensive production, Stralman is the team leader in relative puck possession (+7.3% Corsi relative). He starts 51.2% of his shifts in the offensive zone, which helps his puck possession stats a bit, and has seen the fourth-highest quality of competition among defensemen (which makes sense based on his usage).

The rejection is a bit….confusing. Then again, Andrew MacDonald turned down $4 million a year from the Islanders. So what do I know?

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  • The Rangers have him a chance to play big mins in the NHL again and he turns that deal down. I don’t get these guys sometimes. That’s more than I thought he’s worth. He’s replaceable. They should start sitting him and starting Diaz on the bottom pairing now. He doesn’t wanna be a Ranger for the long haul then sit and watch from the press box.

  • In my ratings, Stralman is more valuable to the Rangers than Callahan was. That I’m probably wrong is irrelevant. Looking at puck possession numbers and the way Stralman plays sometimes (at his best, he is better than Girardi), it makes sense that someone will overlook his inconsistency and pay him a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if various GMs would give him anywhere from $1.5 to $4.5.

    Dave, what number did you pick for Stralman?

    Personally, I think players shouldn’t fight for the best possible offer on the free market. Overpaid players end up on bad teams and hated by fans.

  • Let’s see, Staal Makes $3.8 mil, gets hurt a lot, is a minus 5 this season, and a minus 8 over the last 3 years missing 73 gms.

    Yup,Stralman is having a better 3 years than Staal,a +25,missing only one game this year (benched?), none last year, and deserves to see what the market will pay him.

    If Stralman goes, Lundquist & we fans will be really upset. Staal always gets a free pass, a big guy who plays small,has become injury prone, and is never assigned blame.

    Stralman goes? Hagelin & JT Miller next.

    This franchise is so screwed up. Sather please leave…..please.

    • Your knocking Mark Staal, really, and you want anyone to take you seriously. Go watch basketball you fool.

    • It’s so not Sathers fault. He has a boss too. His name is James Dolan. I doubt Dolan would allow a 3 year basement rebuild. Like Buffalo or Florida. So Sather rebuilt more carefully while keeping the Rangers in or competing for a playoff spot. IMO there isn’t a better GM in hockey. None with more experience than Sather. You can point out countless others but those teams played at the bottom of the Conference for 3-4 years building through the top 5 draft picks they were given. Sather cannot do that. The overhead for the Rangers & MSG are far too great to have 1/4 attendance for 3 years. Sather built this team in handcuffs. Fans don’t get that. Dolan would have to sell the team before that rebuild were complete and the Rangers were competitive again. On top of all that, this team is a cup contender now. They’re very deep and full of scorers in the top 9. They roll all 4 and that bottom line gets it done nightly. I thought they had an extra 4th line Center and could trade 1 of them. I like Dorsett & Carcillo as the 4th line wingers. Boyle or Moore are forced to play on the wing out of position. One of them should be the 13th forward.

  • Stalman isn’t half the defenceman that Staal is. He is not physical, provides little offence and hasn’t been that great in his own end this year. There is a reason why Sather picked him up for nothing, no one else wanted him. I thought the offer was more than fair, use that money and find another dman in the offseason.

    • Yeah. Let him walk. 3 mil is more than I thought he’s worth and more than what I thought Sather would offer. 1 less contract to resign. Klein moves up and Sather can look for a puck moving defenseman!

  • We can all debate the value of Stralman but the fact is the Islanders received a prospect, 2nd & 3rd round pick for trading their UFA defenseman, Andy McDonald, and Stralman has played as a top 4 d-man much of the past two years. He’ll get his money and Sather is cognizant of that.

    Which begs the question: why did you acquire Diaz for a 5th but not trade Stralman for picks? Losing a top 4 d-man for nothing is not good business.

    • I agree but if he offered Strahlman a deal before all the other FA’s this summer. That says to me he wants to keep his top 6 together. They may not be done talking. More than 2.5 mil per is a waste of money for him. For that you can find a D that can score 30 points. Let him go. I agree he should have tried to get picks back but Diaz is a depth D. Falk not good enough so he needed a D that can step in and not be a liability like Hamerlik last year.

  • Why are players so unhappy playing for this organization?

    Dubinsky and Del Zotto both appeared very bitter after their trades. Callahan wouldn’t stay over $250,000 – 500,000 difference. Stralman won’t sign for $3 million a year. This all bodes poorly for the organization.

    • Wouldn’t you be bitter being traded from NY to hockey hotbeds like Columbus and Nashville?

      And Callahan din’t want to stay for the money and the NTC. That NTC is worth a lot to players.

      Anyway Stralman is doing the right thing for himself. Why not explore your options.

      I wonder how Stralman would look playing top 4 minutes with a partner half as good as Staal?

    • Are you joking? Most players love playing for this team and organization. Dusbinsky and MDZ were pissed because they wanted to stay. Callahan wanted to stay too and he said he was shocked and saddened about the trade. He just wanted a little more than Sather was willing to pay. That is his right. Just because Strallman rejects the first offer doesn’t mean he wants to leave. It may be part of the negotiations and who knows what these agents tell the players. Most players would love to play here. If they didn’t then players like Nash and St. Louis wouldn’t waive their No trade clauses. In fact St. Louis waived his NTC for the rangers and only the rangers. They also wouldn’t be able to sign big name free agents which they have. As a matter of fact the rangers org. has a very good reputation of taking care of it’s players.

    • Players unhappy with the Rangers’ organization? That must be why Lundqvist and Girardi refused to re-sign here and MSL demanded a trade to any club but the Rangers.

  • Without Staal beside him Stralman would look like the unwanted free agent that he was when the Rangers picked him up. He should be grateful Sather offered him what he did.

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