As I’ve been known to do sometimes, I’m going to ignore the work of my esteemed co-writers (in this case, Kevin) and offer my thoughts on a landmark day in Rangerland.  So, if you’re not looking for more analysis of the Trade Deadline, tough.  Read it any way.  Here’s my thoughts on Wednesday’s trade deadline activity, mostly Cally, but other thoughts as well.

  • As much as I want to be upset and nostalgic about Cally’s departure, I’ve been unable to muster it.  After hearing Cally’s post-trade comments, coupled with the fact that when push came to shove he was unwilling to come down from his unrealistic (for any team but Buffalo) contract demands, it became all business for me.
  • I was very encouraged by the first appearance by Marty St. Louis.  He was aggressive, involved and looked very dangerous.  He did appear to be trying a little too hard to bury one in his first appearance.  I think he’s going to help balance out the Top-6 and give the team three dangerous looks to throw at opposition defense.
  • Being a goalie junkie, 10 tenders being traded in 5 days was something I have never experienced before.  There was a lot of backup swapping and lateral moves made, but the sheer volume.  Wow.
  • Ryan Miller is going to be a huge coup for St. Louis.  They paid a relatively steep price for him, but I think he makes them a legitimate contender in an absolutely brutal Western Conference.
  • I’m happy for Roberto Luongo for finally getting out of that disaster in Vancouver’s front office.  He may be a little soft in big games, but he’s still a quality netminder and a class act.  He’s also one of the funnier players on Twitter (@strombone1)
  • Another Vancouver related aside, I am ecstatic that Ryan Kesler didn’t end up with Penguins, Flyers, Bruins or really any other Eastern Conference team.  I love me some Ryan Kesler, and if we can’t have him, no one can!
  • Tim Thomas for Dan Ellis makes no sense.  Ditto Reto Berra to Colorado.
  • I’m also happy the Devils didn’t move Brodeur.  Aside from the Devs being unable to improve for either the present or the future at the deadline (returned draft pick notwithstanding).  But more so because you so rarely these days see a player spend his whole career with one franchise.  He should retire with his legacy and dignity intact this off-season.
  • Have fun in Buffalo, Cally.


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