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Daily News: Callahan’s agent allowed to speak with other teams


Per Pat Leonard of the NY Daily News, Ryan Callahan’s agent Steve Bartlett has received permission to discuss a contract with at least one other NHL team. Naturally, this news has brought about panic, as the Columbus Blue Jackets and Buffalo Sabres are reportedly interested in the Rangers captain. Before the panic hits red alert mode, I think we should take a step back and address this news with clear minds. It’s why I didn’t post on it yesterday when the news broke.

It’s clear what Cally’s market value –in terms of dollars– is. He’s in the $5.5 million to $6 million range. That’s market value for so many other comparables out there. The problem is that the organization and the player cannot agree on term. The Rangers want to shorten the length and offer more money annually (rumor is they offered 5 years at $6 million a year). Callahan wants 7 years. A seven-year deal would keep Cally a Ranger until he is 36 years old.

My only concern with a seven-year deal is that Cally’s style of play –combined with his size– doesn’t lend to long-term durability. He’s certainly not as injury prone as everyone makes him out to be (this season and 2010-2011 are the only years where he missed significant time), but we’ve seen players like him diminish quickly between ages 30-32. The league has many cases, but Chris Drury is one that should be fresh on everyone’s mind, as he seemingly fell off a cliff after his 33rd birthday.

With that brief analysis aside, and I really don’t want to re-hash everything we’ve spoken about regarding Cally, what does this news mean?

This is simply another tactic in negotiating. I’d venture a guess that the Rangers and Cally have agreed on dollars, not term. When that happens and there is an impasse in the negotiations, something needs to be done to bridge the gap. Will another team give Cally seven years? Will he get shorter term and more dollars from this team? Whether he does or doesn’t isn’t really the issue, it’s that the result can be brought back to the negotiating table.

Consider this mystery arbitration. Neither side can agree on a deal, so they bring in a third-party to see where the market is truly at.

But hey, wouldn’t it be wild if the Rangers sent Cally to Columbus for Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov? Would the world implode?

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  1. The longer this goes on the more I feel like they should just get this done.

    Reportedly the Rangers are offering his 6 million per but for two less years than his asking price of 7. So can they offer 5.5 for 7 years?

    But seriously is 0.5 million a year worth losing your captain over? Rumor has it without a deal in place Sather will deal Cally at the deadline. When I look at this I don’t see much of a gap. Cally wants 6 million per for 7 years. The Rangers offered 6 million per for 5 years. That doesn’t look like an unbridgable gap to me.

    The general consensus is that his stats are worth in the 5 million dollar range. When I look at professional athlete contract I could care less about how much money they make. What I am concerned about is how that contract affects the teams ability to sign other players. This is why as a Yankee fan I don’t give a crap what they pay their players since one overpaid contract doesn’t prohibit them from spending money in another are. This aspect is further complicated in the NHL due to the salary cap. But when I look at the big picture of the Rangers, what’s the difference between 5 million and 6 million per year when it comes to the captain? Pay him 5 million for his stats (25-30 goals) and the extra million for his leadership and defensive skills. The cap has gone up every single year since lockout #1 (minus this past lockout). If they keep up the stadium series revenue will be through the roof. So in the grand scheme of things why holdout on the difference between 5 years and 7 years on a contract where you have already establish an AAV at 6 million.

    1. That’s easy to say right now. How about in 6 years if Cally’s playing 10 minutes a game and scoring 8 goals. Then when you don’t have any cap room to sign must-have players will you still be OK? If he is OK then, he should command big dollars on a new contract, (with inflation and higher caps). If not, then you’re paying him the equivalent of $8M or $9M per year now and handcuffing the 2020 team from signing young, talented players to compete at that time.

      1. He’s 29. Who said he’s going to be useless by at 35? That’s a big IF he’s playing ten minutes a night.

        If the 2020 team is “handcuffed” by a 6 million dollar cap hit (is an $80 million cap out of the question at that point) for their 35 year old captain than I’m scared of what that team looks like.

        1. let’s be honest after hearing what hockey night said about cally he is not worth what he is asking for taking into consideration he is always hurt. but i don’t want him to go.

  2. It’s funny how no one worries about the long-term health of Dustin Brown but everyone thinks Cally is gonna age faster than Robin Williams in Jack. Afterall, Brown is one inch taller than Cally.

      1. A very good point. It is easy to look around the league and say ‘that’s the market’. But there are a lot of hair brained contracts around the league. Just because the comps are there doesn’t mean it’s right for a team that has its own way of doing things. Ref: Patriots… always in contention by never giving in to what the comps say.

        1. And then every 5 years there has to be a lock-out so that the owners can claw back the mistakes that their out of control general managers made. Why not just encourage them to make good financial decisions to begin with, so hockey fans don’t lose their hockey entertainment and the league doesn’t suffer poor public relations?.

    1. I’m not so worry about Callahan’s durability more concern about his goal production. He is a hard working overachieving player, but at the end of the day the team needs to put in the biscuit to win. Ryan has an important role to play on this team but not at 42 million.

    2. How can you mention Ryan Callahan in the same breath with Dustin Brown? Brown had a five year average point total higher than Callahan’s career best. Ryan Callahan is a good player and will probably continue to be a good player, but I’d rather see him walk than sign a five year $30M contract. I’d hesitate at $6M for one year.

    3. Suit

      I don’t want a 7 year contract for a 29 year old player. We just have to look arond the NHL and see plenty of guys signed long term, that aren’t worth the pay. Case in point, Lacavelair, bought out by Tampa, signed by Philly to big dollors, and is sitting due to injuries. He delivered a cup for Tampa as well, has Callie???? Another would be Latang, signed huge contract with the Pens, and has missed almost half the season due to injuries, also a cup winner.

      Callie’s game is such that he is a grinder, who throws his smallish body around, and will, in due time, get the injury bug. Trade him for a big strong younger guy, with skill, toughness, soft hands, who can defend himself, and teammates, at a reduced rate. Sounds like the Stewart trade would fit the bill!!!!!

  3. If Callahan wants to be here, and wants to lead this team, he will be open to negotiating. A 5 year term is no insult. We’re talking a couple of years here. Not the end of the world.

    If, after 5 years, he’s still serviceable and hasn’t broken, if all the fears are for naught, he can re-sign for a short 2 year deal with the Rangers. It’s not as if this deal is the absolute cap on his tenure with this team.

    I’d love for him to stay. Hope he feels the same way.

  4. I called it about Buffalo being a viable destination for Callahan. We gotta be very careful with Cally as we might lose him for nothing. Dangerous position to be in with Cally

  5. Yo dave i wouldnt mind them trading Cally for Dubi and Anisimov. With Richards possibly being bought out and the future of Brassard, they will need a center or two. Anisimov can fill that role. Dubi was also is a good center. If both Richards & Brassard part ways with this organization then we will have replacements already. Besides, what if Miller struggles or is inconsistent? That will hurt this team. I would go for a Cally-Dubi/Arty deal. Columbus seems to ve all former Ranger property anyway. They can have more.

  6. I’m open to the idea of bringing Artem Anisimov back. It would also be weird if Cally did somehow end up in Columbus and they had that Cally-Artie-Dubi line going again.

  7. Seven years is too long & I think the Rangers have it right in 5 years for 30 mil. That being said I wouldn’t trade him for the guys mentioned so far, the Rangers could do much better at the trade deadline and I’d want to see a player, prospect & #1 or #2 coming back.

  8. This year there are 31 forwards with a cap hit of 6 million and up. In 2011-12, there were 128 players with 45 or more points, which I’d guess is about what you expect from Callahan. This just doesn’t make sense.

  9. I have been very quiet about the Callahan rumors on blogs I read like this one because, rumors are just rumors, but I now break my silence to say YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TRADE YOUR 28 YEAR-OLD CAPTAIN WHO IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE TEAM.

    If they trade this man, regardless of who they get back in terms of their fit on paper, this team will flounder a bit. He’s the guy everyone wanted to be captain 3 years ago. He’s one of the best captains in the league and his production is just fine. He does all the nitty-gritty things that GET HIM hurt that we complain about. He’s got sandpaper, hands, speed, and all kinds of heart. He’s our captain. If we do win a cup with this core, he’s the one that Gary Bettman should be handing it to.

  10. You have to consider Callie’s perspective: this is really his last chance to cash out. If he signs for 5 yrs he is looking at considerably less money. When he gets out at 34 he will likely only be able to sign for 1-2 million annual contracts. Considering most of these guys are making 80% of their life time money now, it is something they have to keep in mind. I think I might walk over 7 mill.

    1. Let’s skip the sympathy for a poor guy who might have to live on only 30 million dollars for the rest of his life. An athlete can’t really tell the difference between 30 and 40 million dollars. The bigger issues are pride (get all you can and play for someone who values you most) and where you want to live and who you want to play for.

  11. If Buffalo is willing to trade Miller then you got to think that there is a way the Sabres could take on Cally with Miller going somewhere else in a 3 way. Not sure what they have to give back except Ott. Knopka is one of the best F/O guys in the league. Who would want that going into the playoffs

  12. The real question is can callys skills be gotten on the roster by another player.


    bye cally.

  13. Callahan is much more instrumental to this team than Dubinsky or Anisimov could ever be. If this is the only trade option on the table, than Sather better get out his pen and sign an extension.

    Besides, you don’t trade your captain to a division rival.

    Use your head, folks.

  14. Cally, whom I love, for Dubes and Artie? Where do I sign? You’re not dealing with reality. Dubi was always the less likeable version of Callahan with the exact same game. Give me Artie as well? Now I have the size up front to compete with the big boys of Boston and the studs out West!

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