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Ranger sweep Yankee Stadium games with 2-1 win over Isles

Photo by LI-Aerial/Getty Images
Photo by LI-Aerial/Getty Images

The Rangers came into this game fresh off their Sunday afternoon 7-3 win in this, the most hallowed of baseball grounds. Unfazed, the Rangers came into this game in need of two more points. They came out sloppy (both teams), and didn’t find their legs until the third period, but they eventually put it all together for a big win in this “road” game. And for the second time in three outdoor games, it was a fourth line “fighter” that provided the offense needed to propel the team to victory.

Henrik Lundqvist was instrumental in the win, stopping 24 shots in the first two periods to keep the game scoreless (and then tied). Evgeni Nabokov was equal to the task, stopping 19 shots in the first two periods. Hank would finish with 30 saves. Nabokov would wind up with 32 saves.

On to the goals:

Islanders 1, Rangers 0


The Rangers had enough guys back on the goal, but a few good plays by the Isles and one blown coverage led to the Isles scoring first. Marc Staal knocked the puck away from Michael Grabner in the defensive zone, but Cal Clutterbuck collected the puck to continue the play. Clutterbuck fell as Staal defended him, but was able to get the puck to Matt Donovan with Kevin Klein all over him. Donovan got the puck over to Brock Nelson on the weak side, who was wide open. Nelson was –I believe– Dom Moore’s guy, but Benoit Pouliot was the closest man to him. Nelson one-timed it right over Hank.

Rangers 1, Isles 0


This play really begins when Pouliot forces the Isles into a turnover in the neutral zone, allowing Mats Zuccarello to gain the zone and begin the offensive zone play. Eventually, Derick Brassard put a bad angle shot on net that Nabokov had trouble finding. Lubomir Visnovsky vacated his spot defending Pouliot in front to help recover the loose puck in the crease, but neither John Tavares nor Thoas Hickey came over to assist in covering him. Pouliot collected the loose puck and had the easiest goal he’s had all year.

Rangers 2, Isles 1


Staal pressured Nelson at the blue line, forcing him to give the puck to Brian Strait. Brian Boyle came over and leveled Strait, creating the 4-on-2 break for the Rangers. Boyle chipped the puck to Danny Carcillo, who got the puck to the near side for Dom Moore. Moore’s shot was low and hard, designed to create a rebound that Carcillo easily banged home. Couldn’t help but notice Grabner just coasting back. He could have easily caught up to Carcillo and tied him up.

Fenwick Chart:

Courtesy of ExtraSkater
Courtesy of ExtraSkater

The first period was an incredibly slow period, with just 21 registered shot attempts that weren’t blocked. The Isles took control in the second period, creating a wide Fenwick advantage before finally breaking through on the Nelson goal. The chart at the beginning of the third is a bit misleading, as Thomas Vanek was in the penalty box and the Rangers had a pretty good powerplay. By the time the Rangers took the lead, it was closer to a 50/50 split as the Rangers finally started playing hockey. At the end of the game when the Isles pulled Nabby, they created a wider advantage. That’s expected.

Over 100,000 people came out to watch two outdoor hockey games at Yankee Stadium. All 100,000 saw two solid Ranger wins for four huge points in the Metropolitan Division. Perhaps the most important part is that these wins came in regulation. The Rangers now have a three point lead on third place Philly, with a two-win lead in the all important ROW category.

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    • Bro, I couldn’t agree more. I think that happened 1 time in Torts tenure. I liked Torts and was mad he was fired but the way AV has been rolling 4 effective lines is interesting to say the least. It seems to me the teams that go to the finals are all 4 line teams. Will Dorsett be more effective than Boyle with Carcillo on his natural left side.

  • We are 3 for 3 in out door games. Maybe we should request that we be the road team, out doors for the rest of the season, now that would be cool!!

    I saw where Staal was wearing the Broadway hat, not complaining but, Hank should have gotten this one!!

    Watching Poutiot, and being one of his worst critics earlier, he has really turned his game around, and is playing some very good hockey. Think maybe he’s playing for a new contract?????

    • I thought Staal and Brassard had particularly strong games. Distribute the hat around. Good for the locker room. Lundqvist can earn it every nite the way he plays.

      Agree on Pouliot but want him to go to same skating instructor that Boyle did in the off season. He is pushed off balance and off his skates too often. Needs better balance for a player his size.

      • He does knock people off the puck too. He is good in the slot. I was all for shipping him out earlier too, somehow the 3 of Brassard, Zuke and Pouliot have chemistry. It is a very good line….if you consider it a 3rd line then one of the best in the NHL. Also our 4th line is pretty awesome too. They play 4th line minutes and are part of the PK group.

    • Speaking of being the road team in these two games. I had no problem with Rangers giving up the last change, but could we at least got the horn when they scored and the goal song?

  • Brassard was highly noticeable (incl. on a big D zone giveaway). This guy is a superb 3rd line center. Zuke and Pouliot, what a line as long as they do the dirty work too, which they sure have been trying to do. What a weapon to have such a 3rd line to pair up against the average 3rd on other teams. Two high first rounders and a SEL MVP; right, he was that?

  • Watching Klein I can see a D that already looks more normal. It is calmer and more methodical than then when MDZ was chasing the play all the time. I really like this trade and I am usually a ‘keep the young guy’ guy. If Hank is indeed Hank again this is a contender folks.

  • On a related note, the big buzz here in Boston (on 98.5, the big sports radio station) is Girardi AND possibly Callahan to the Bruins. They are positively pleasuring themselves at the possibility. As if the Rangers are sellers this trade deadline. If I were Bruins fans, I’d worry more about whether the Rangers have the ability to bounce the B’s out of the PO’s, which I obviously think they do.

    • As usual the delusion runs deep in Boston. They have pretty much nothing to offer the Rangers for one of Girardi or Callahan forget both.

      About the only deal I would consider for Girardi and Callahan, would be Eriksson, Seidenberg and Hamilton plus Boston’s first rounder this year and some cash to offset Seidenberg’s and Eriksson’s cap hits. I seriously doubt Boston would do that though.

      • They wouldn’t nor would I want that deal. Seidenberg is 32 and is done for the year with a torn ACL. Eriksson is a nice player, but has had 2 concussions this season which scares me.

        Hamilton is a deal starter, but I doubt he’s available.

        Not a match.

        • Ah that’s why they are so hot to deal Seidenberg then. I just assumed they regretted his contract and wanted out from his cap hit. Yeah, I take back that offer.

          Anyway, we agree that Boston and NY are not a match at all.

    • Boston pundits r hoping for another Espo windfall. Fat chance!!!!

      They have little on the farm and Hamiton is not enough.

  • Oh and when Dorsett comes back I’d like to see them find a way to play both he and Carcillo. These guys are really important to firming this thing up IMO. Sort of a like a combo to get the value of one Prust in the lineup. Maybe even more. I realize that brings up the inevitable Boyle question, but I like Carcillo and obviously Dorsett.

  • Wondering if anyone could help me here… the logos on the field in the picture above are in color. When I was at the stadium on Sunday for the NYR NJ game, the logos were completely off white. I was wondering why they didn’t have them colored in. I assumed they wanted them to look like they were built out of snow to enhance the winter wonderland feel. But now I’m guessing that they were in color on the telcast.

    Could someone confirm if they were broadcasted in color for that game? Need confirmation before I lose a $20 bet I made with my father on this. It appears I am a victim of NBC telecast trickery. Thanks.

    • The logos were definitely white on Sunday. I am guessing they didn’t bother painting the snow logos for Sunday since there was plenty of snow in the Sunday forcast. New snow would make those painted logos look terrible.

      Not sure if you noticed, but there were workers covering up the “Subway Stop” logo in centerfield as the snow was coming down during the game. Clearly the NHL or NBC had a strong desire to keep fresh snow off of things in order to not ruin the visual

  • Staal has been a beast lately. Last night Dave Maloney said the Staal we have been seeing lately is one that makes Team Canada. I don’t know if I’d go that far but he certainly looks like the player of pre-first concussion.

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