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Six straight goal lead Rangers to win in first ever game at Yankee Stadium

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It is fitting that the first hockey game ever to be played at Yankee Stadium ended with a dominating New York Rangers win. The Rangers got off to a slow start, with defensive miscues, sloppy play, and mediocre goaltending putting the Rangers into a 3-1 hole early. But after that, the Blueshirts rattled off six straight goals, including four in the second period that eventually chased Martin Brodeur from the game.

It was in the second period where the Rangers found their legs and used their speed to completely steamroll the Devils. They forced turnovers, they capitalized on their 2-on-1s (that seemed to happen every ten seconds), and they shut down defensively to limit the Devils’ chances.

On to the goals:

Devils 1, Rangers 0

Best picture I could get.
Best picture I could get.

Patrik Elias found a soft spot behind Dan Girardi, Brian Boyle, and Ryan McDonagh. Ryane Clowe hit Elias with a great pass to spring him on the breakaway. Elias caught Henrik Lundqvist leaning left, and simply shot short side.

Rangers 1, Devils 1


Dominic Moore forced a turnover behind the net, and eventually got the puck to Boyle. Boyle sent the puck to Anton Stralman at the point, who one-timed it on net as Moore cut to the middle. Dan Carcillo was busy keeping Anton Volcheknov’s attention in front, allowing Moore to get to the loose puck after it ricocheted off Volchenkov. Moore chipped it past Marty to tie the game.

Devils 2, Rangers 1


With the Devils on the powerplay, Hank overcommitted to Jaromir Jagr on the rush, allowing for a passing lane behind him to the slot. Neither Dan Girardi nor Carl Hagelin picked up Elias in front. Easy tap-in goal. Technically Elias is Girardi’s man here, but he followed Jagr for an extra step or two.

Devils 3, Rangers 1


The Devils won an offensive zone face off, and the result was Jagr circling low and throwing the puck to Mark Fayne at the point. Fayne put the puck on net, which deflected off Jagr (covered by Kevin Klein) right to Travis Zajac. Zajac got position on John Moore for the goal.

Rangers 2, Devils 3


This time it was the Rangers who used an offensive zone face off win to get a goal. Marc Staal circled to the half boards and put the puck on net. It may have deflected off Bryce Salvador before beating Brodeur. If it didn’t, then this is one he wants back.

Rangers 3, Devils 3


Benoit Pouliot beat Salvador to a loose puck at the Rangers blue line, chipping the puck to Derick Brassard. Brass sent the puck to open ice, allowing John Moore to skate to it for the 2-on-1 break and goal by Mats Zuccarello. What the announcers missed is that Pouliot actually tied up Salvador along the boards, preventing him from getting back on the play. It looked like Pouliot trapped Salvador’s stick under his arm. Lucky he didn’t get called for it to be honest.

Rangers 4, Devils 3


Eric Gelinas went for the big hit on Pouliot instead of going for the loose puck here, which spring Zuccarello, Brassard, and John Moore for the 3-on-1 break. Brodeur didn’t appear to be square on Zuccarello after he received the puck from Brassard. Zuccarello went around him for the eventual game winner.

Rangers 5, Devils 3


Hagelin used his speed to get to the puck after a dump in from Ryan Callahan. After collecting the puck, he circled to the half boards and put one on net with Brad Richards in front. Marek Zidlicky appeared to be fronting, but given his issues this year, he just may not have noticed that Richards was in front. Regardless, the puck hit off him and past Brodeur.

Rangers 6, Devils 3


Stralman laid a big hit on Andy Greene as he crossed into the Rangers zone, resulting in a turnover. Marc Staal hit Derek Stepan with an outlet pass for a 3-on-1 with Rick Nash and Chris Kreider. Stepan got the puck across to Nash, who attempted to hit Kreider in the slot. Nash’s pass hit Fayne’s stick and went through Brodeur. This goal chased Marty from the game.

Rangers 7, Devils 3

Stepan got the goal on a penalty shot.

Fenwick Chart:

Courtesy of ExtraSkater
Courtesy of ExtraSkater

The chart here shows an exact 50/50 split in Fenwick. The split was pretty much the same at even strength as well. It was 5v5 close (+/- 2 goals) that the Rangers had a 51% Fenwick advantage. Aside from that, the game itself was rather even-keeled in terms of shot attempts. It was the Rangers who got more quality shot attempts though, as they took advantage of a lot of New Jersey miscues that led to odd-man rushes.

This was more or less a must-win game for the Rangers, who would have seen their reign as the second place team in the Metropolitan Division come to an end with a loss. Instead, they regrouped after a bad first period for six straight goals and a big win. The win showed that when the Rangers turn it on, they are better than the majority of their division. They had the stinker against the Islanders, but that was the only bad game this month. The team is still rolling.

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  • On Goal 4 (Zuke’s 2nd), Brodeur wasn’t square because he was clearly cheating for the ‘inevitable’ pass back from Zuke to Moore. Zuccarello’s reputation as a passer in that situation helped him get space to score.

      • I would say almost certainly yes. He’s got insane hockey sense/vision.

        However, I don’t know how often he’ll see that again. Marty in his old age has to cheat in those situations because he doesn’t have the push that he used to. If he commits to Zuke, he’s got no chance of getting back and Moore/Brassard has a wide-ish open net.

      • Pouliot played 1 of his best games as a Ranger. Maybe his best. Didn’t score but was more than NJD Dmen could handle all game. He’s playing now how I thought he would when first hearing of his Ranger contract. Took a while but he stepped up big yesterday. Zuc gets much of the glory but Benny did the heavy lifting.

  • I liked the Rangers 2012 Winter Classic road jerseys more.

    But this was sure fun to watch nonetheless. Especially from the warmth of my living room.

  • The New York Spankees.

    After it was 3-1, I was gonna give up. I had convinced some non-hockey fans to watch the game as they were all baseball fans, and was kinda embarrassed by the play in the first period.

    This game had a little of everything, except fighting, which was good considering my baseball friends felt that the only reason to watch hockey is the fighting.

    It had probably the first ever delay caused by sun glare, a come from behind victory and total domination, a penalty shot, a power play goal but no shorthanded goals. The snow added an interesting touch too.

    I feel that it was very entertaining for the non-hockey fans and I believe that was the point of the reason to have these games outdoors.

    Exposure, in more ways than one.

  • The Rangers are winning games because of sheer speed which will be off the charts when Kristo & fast are ready. As for Brodeur, he has no class, besides being one of the most overrated goalies of all time. He couldn’t carry Richter’s jock.

    • You know what. I agree to an extent. He is/was a good solid goalie. He proves that to me playing now at 42. He did benefit from some real tough defenseman in front of him and many of his records were achieved during the age of the trap. The system the Devils played kept teams from having many scoring chances. Once they got a lead it was over. The neutral zone was shut like the front door of the Post office. I think if Richter played in that same setting, he is in the record books. I never liked his attitude towards the opponent.

  • Interesting, all the negative comments I’ve been reading regarding the game, the quality of the ice and the overall level of play, seem to all be coming from New Jersey. I see where “Fatso” was saying it ‘was the worst ice he ever played on.’ Even everybody’s darling Jagr, was belittling the game. Maybe everything they’re saying is true; but still sounds kind of whiny to me. When they were up 3-1, I bet they were loving the whole experience!

  • Did you read where Brodeur told the coach to give Schneider a chance at playing in the game after the 2nd period. Who is the NJD writer of this scripted quote? You had to know Brodeur wasn’t coming out for the 3rd, so forget making up stories and just say I sucked.

  • As much as I would have loved having Clowe on this team, watching him yesterday, he really is almost as slow as Pyatt was. Glad he went to the Devils, where he fits right in with their afterburners, Jagr, Fat Boy, etc!!!!!

  • As an old “Bronx Boy”, once again Doc Emerick got it done with his closing line, “How about that”. Long live the magical memory of the voice of Mel Allen!

  • Aside from all of the wonderful things about yesterday’s game at Yankee Stadium, I couldn’t get over how the fans just remained standing after the National Anthem for the better part of the first 10 minutes of the game! I just kept taking in the atmosphere of some 50,000 hockey fans seemed to just want to be a part of this game. This was a truly unique experience.

  • Aside from the game, conditions, etc., did anyone notice how badly Girardi played.

    Jagr goes by him for a goal, gives up the puck, backs up to the faceoff circle on each offensive attack by the Devils, doesnt do anything but shot the puck up the boards.

    Is he really that bad or just dogging it cause he knows he’s gonna get traded?

    I say we MUST trade Girardi – get a power forward or even better Byfluien.

    Bring up both Allen & McIllrath for third D pairing and move up Klein to play with McD

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