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Game 54: Stadium Series against the Devils

Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-Ledger
Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-Ledger

The Rangers and Devils will be the first two teams to ever play a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. That’s pretty cool. As for the game itself, this has pretty big implications in the standings. The Devils are two points back of the Rangers (who are in second place). So it goes without saying that this game is very important for both clubs. Both should come out firing on all cylinders. For those at the game, have fun. For those who aren’t, enjoy being warm.

The Devils employ a 1-2-2 forecheck which they’ll use aggressively in the offensive zone or passively in the neutral zone as a trap depending on game situation. In the defensive zone, Deboer employs a hybrid overload/zone defensive system depending on whether the puck is along the boards or at mid-ice.

On special teams, the Devils employ an umbrella/1-3-1 power playOn the penalty kill, the Devs rotate between a box and a diamond depending on puck location and the setup of the opposition.

Rangers Lineup:

Chris KreiderDerek StepanRick Nash
Carl HagelinBrad RichardsRyan Callahan
Benoit PouliotDerick BrassardMats Zuccarello
Brian BoyleDominic Moore-Dan Carcillo

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardi
Marc StaalAnton Stralman
John MooreKevin Klein

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Derek Dorsett (broken leg), Justin Falk (healthy)

Game time is 12:30pm on NBC. Don’t forget to check out our Rangers Tickets link for deals to attend games

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  • I kind of wish AV would change his forecheck when playing with a lead. Maybe even just use the 1-3-1 that is the Rangers PP. Even if it was only in the 3rd with a lead. TB had that one good year using it where they made the conference finals against Boston. When they got a lead, they fell back and used the 1-3-1 as a trap and it created more offense via odd man rushes. The opposition got impatient and too aggressive causing mistakes with the puck. When the Rangers take a lead into the 3rd. I don’t feel like the game is in the bag like in years past. I think switching forecheck in game makes it harder for the opposing team to game plan for you.

  • Sitting back in that 1-2-2 doesn’t seem to stop or slow teams moving through the neutral zone. The Devils don’t have the personnel anymore so they win by playing a smart game. They lost Parise and then Kovalchuk in consecutive seasons. As much as I hate them, you have to give them credit for staying relevant. Stinks they signed Clowe. He’s playing well now. I wanted him in NY.

  • Why do you use the standard but silly method of ordering the standings? By my count (Wins – Regulation losses), the Rangers are not in second place. They are tied for third with Carolina, one point behind Columbus and one point ahead of NJ and the Flyers. And tied for eighth in the East.
    With more teams just behind them than just ahead, the current pace (88 points) is very unlikely to get the Rangers into the playoffs. Of course, recent play suggests they should do better.

  • The NHL’s standings have the Rangers in 2nd place. How is that silly. They are 1 point ahead of the Jackets and Flyers. TWO points ahead of Carolina and the Devils. The Rangers have 57 points. How is that silly?

    • Columbus has two games in hand. Would you rather have one extra point or two games in hand? Imagine it’s the end of the season. One time finishes with 88 points, the other has 87 points and two games to play. Which team would you rather be? A system that says that a team in the more favorable position is behind is silly.

      • Points are points. Those games in hand are great until you lose them. Giving a team points for games they haven’t played is silly. Look at CBJ last year. Had 2 games in hand on Minny and lost both to miss the playoffs.

          • And the one they lost cost them a playoff spot. Same points as Minny but had less ROW. Point is not a Lotta good the 2 games in hand did. Missed the playoffs on the last day of the season. It does nothing for them now. All teams play 82 games. Even if they win those games in hand. They still have to be 4 points better than the Rangers the rest of the way.

          • The point is that CBJ weren’t one point behind Minn with two games in hand. They actually finished the same day, so I don’t know what you are talking about.
            Two games in hand are better than a point. Last year, Columbus played 48 games, so there were 47 two game streaks. In 34 out of 47, they scored at least two points. Yes, sometimes they lost two in a row, but would you rather be the team that wins 34 times out of 47 or the team that wins 13 times out of 47?

      • You still play the same amount of games and they have to win more than you do. I’d rather be the team that already won the games. Usually the Rangers have had the games in hand the last 3-4 years. Still the ball is in their Court. They need to win to keep up. They haven’t won the games yet. It doesn’t matter how many games you’ve played this time of year unless you’re tied in points. It matters how many points and ROW you have. In the Rangers case it’s 2 more than CBJ.

  • we really need this win. dropping three in a row would kill all the momentum the boys had got going recently.

    • The Rangers will win this game. They’re a better team than the Devils. They’ve played a few times now and AV I’m sure will have this team ready to play and win. The previous games played the NJD were the smarter team. The Rangers hurt themselves. Need to be patient. Take what they give you. 2nd and 3rd line guys need to shoot and contribute. LGR.

    • The Devils forgot about the Rangers speed up ice. They gave up the puck in that dangerous area right near the Rangers Blueline. Strahlman with that hit brought me out of my seat. The Rangers picked it up in the 2nd period and the Devils forgot their game plan. Moores goal early was huge to answer quickly. Staal got us back in it.

  • This game was awesome to watch on TV! Can’t wait to be there Wed night vs the “Fishsticks!” LGR!

  • Questions about a penalty shot.

    Do the players on ice get credited for plus/minus?
    IS it considered a power play goal or an even strength goal or simply a penalty shot goal?
    Are there assists awarded?

    • There are no Assists awarded and the goal, if scored, is classified as a Penalty Shot, not a Power Play goal.

      No +/- is credited because no players are on the ice when the Penalty Shot is taken. The player who scores the goal may get a + but I don’t think so.

    • Don’t know all the answers, but as to +/-, Stepan gets a +1 and no other players are affected. Also there are no assists. I think it is just a penalty shot goal, but that one I am not certain of.

  • Not exactly a goaltender battle but a fun game to watch. Look like pond hockey out there with all the odd man rushes. I watched the game on NBC wish I was there at Yankee Stadium, but its a long way to travel from the West Coast! BTW…Can someone please tell Glen Healy to shut his trap.

    • I was there, and I can tell you it was excellent. The snow gave a surreal presence to the stadium. I had tickets to Wednesday;s game, but after sitting 3 hrs in the cold, I sold them. I great experience that my fingertips won’t soon forget.

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