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2014 WJC: Buchnevich with another assist; both Russia and USA win

Yesterday both Pavel Buchnevich (Russia) and Brady Skjei (USA) were in action in the 2014 World Junior Championships, with both teams winning to improve to 2-0-0-0 for the round robin. Buchnevich (2013 3rd) notched an assist on the powerplay for Russia’s 7th goal in their 7-1 win over Switzerland. Skjei did not register a point and was a +1 in USA’s 6-3 win over Slovakia.

In two games, Skjei has no points and a +2 rating while playing strong defense. Buchnevich has 3 assists, 4 PIMs, and a +3 rating for Russia through two games.

Skjei and the USA face off against Germany this morning at 9am, looking to go 3-0-0-0 heading into their New Year’s Eve showdown with Canada, which could have first place in Group A riding on it. Russia has Finland on Monday before they face Sweden on Tuesday for –what will likely be– first place in Group B.

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  • Is the Skjei living up to all the hype??

    He skates well, sound defensivly, but is his whole game all that’s it’s written about?? I heard that some announcer claimed that he could be another McTruck, I find that difficult to believe!!

    Also, the Buchbevich kid seems more offensive, how well is his skating? What are the odds of him coming over to North America to play? The KHL pays more, no taxes over there, and he is at home, why leave???????

    • Defensemen take a while to develop. Don’t expect him to be McDonagh, but if he’s a steady skater and a solid defender, he will be just fine.

      Buchnevich is a great talent. If he comes over to the US, he could make waves. He was one guy who I thought could be the sleeper of the draft when the Rangers drafted him.

      • Dave

        Buchnevich would be a nice addition to this team is what I’m reading from your response, but do you think he will make the jump to NA, or stay home?????

    • All through the draft Craig Button kept mentioning Buchnevich and wondering why he wasn’t drafted in the first round. He can play & so can Anthony Duclair who should have been on the Canadian World Junior team BTW.

  • Walt,

    I have been covering Brady Skjei since draft day 2012 and I think if you want to do any kind of comparison of Skeji vs McIlrath and McDonagh then I would break it down like this.

    Defense- Skjei is an almost 100% clone of McDonagh’s hockey IQ and defensive skill. I rated McDonagh’s defense as NHL ready after his junior year (which is when he left Wisconsin) so I would say he is right on track.

    Skjei is not as physical a player as McIlrath but honestly IMO it is part of how each was developed as players.

    Offense: Truth is Skjei knows he needs more work on his offensive game but I don’t believe he will be able to work on that part of the game until this summer. Skjei is top pair defender on a Minnesota team that has some (I hate saying this) defenders who have a bit of Del Zotto in them.

    Can’t look for offense when you are having to cover for others.

    • Jess

      Thanks for the insight, and honest opinion. When you read reports on these kids, it seems that it’s always inflated to say the least. Maybe I should read a bit more of your sight “The Prospect Park”, you do a nice job there!!!!

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