Brooks: Staal skating

Per Larry Brooks, concussed defenseman Marc Staal is skating again, having taken the ice yesterday and after practice today. There is still no timetable for his return, but Staal said that this concussion is nowhere near the same as the last concussion he had. The sooner Staal returns the better, as the Rangers could really use a boost on the blue line.

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  1. It’ll make all the difference in the world to a D that was unexpectedly thin to begin with.

    The more I think about this team the more I just hope they stay the course (assuming you can’t trade Lundquist’s contract) and steadily improve and get a system going that works.

    There’s no cup in the near future but with next year’s drop offs and maybe Girardi to a contender @ the deadline there should be plenty of room for kids like McIlrath, Lindberg, Miller, Kristo to move in after this much needed year of seasoning.

    All I ask is that they stick to a plan, sign Cally, let the dead wood go and above all don’t trade the future!

    I can still enjoy hockey without a cup run knowing that this thing has a plan it is sticking with through thick and thin.

    I just hope Sather really did learn from his numerous dunderheaded moves earlier in his tenure.

      1. If by dumping you mean any thoughts of a cup? Yeh. I’ll enjoy watching the team if they move in the right direction and don’t do anything stupid, as in Zubov & Nedved for Robitaille & Ulf stupid. NYT on 9.1.95:

        “Zubov and Nedved were frequently blamed for the team’s disappointing performance last season [’95]; Samuelsson and Robitaille are well-known stars with clearly defined reputations and strong personalities.”

        And the strongest personality of them all, Mark Messier pretty much made the trade with his hints and belly aching. Another example of walking talking hubris. This was under Smith, but Sather made his share of boners. Luckily, there is no Messier on this team.

        These are my only concerns. I can take a team not doing well but going in the right direction. I can’t take a team that panics.

        1. I dunno about trading Girardi though. I consider that dumping the season if you trade your second best defenseman who also is a righty. Yea he’s having an off season (isn’t everyone? But he’s #2 of the depth chart.

          If Girardi goes and doesn’t bring back a legit righty defenseman (and what’s the point of a trade if that happens) I consider it part of a fire sale.

  2. Staal timing couldn’t be better for an MDZ and sadly a Girardi deal…..we need a depth def. man and a few picks in return suprisingly its been the strongest way Sather has improved the team in the past……the McD deal comes to mind most recently and giving a prospect a chance is how originally a guy like Girardi and to a lesser extent Frodo an opportunity into developing into an asset. IMO it is time to finally see if we have something in some of the prospects such as Kristo, etc.

    1. Ok so lets say Girardi and MDZ are traded right? Who takes their spots? Bickel as a healthy scratch? Falk full time? Or do you trade for 2 dmen and keep Mcilrath in the minors.

      1. I don’t think Girardi is going anywhere; unless they totally drop out of the playoff picture and dump him at the deadline. Bickel, I believe, will not get a shot with this team. Not at all an AV type player. As for Mcllrath, the jury is still out on whether he can ever be an everyday player, let alone an NHLer. Brooks tweeted today that he is having an MRI on the same knee he injured last year. As for MDZ, it seems like just a matter of time before hes moved. They need at least a second pair d man back in any trade for him. Unless they package him with a Hagelin, or a Stepan(something they should not do), the return they get for MDZ will be a lateral move at best.

  3. Good to see that Marc is making big steps towards returning to the lineup. Lots of barbs were throw his way this season, but I think it must be clear by now that the Rangers defence is a lot better with him in the lineup.

    I hope it is also now apparently clear that goaltenders thrive playing for a team that plays sound defence and no goalie no matter how talented they are, can win games consistently on their own. Teamwork wins hockey games and every player contributes to it’s success.

  4. I agree, good news on Staal. But lets not get over enthusiastic. When he comes back, are we going to see the same guy who was playing lousy before the concussion? If we are, then whats the rush? We need the guy from 2 seasons ago who looked like the future captain of this team. He’s been just a shell of himself since that time. Sather is gonna have a tough decision to make on him this summer.

    1. There is a lot of players on this team that look like a shell of themselves this year. So what now Sather blows the team up because he can’ta admit he screwed up with his coaching change. Player changes will not make any difference here . The changes have to be made in the front office.

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