Photo: Bruce Bennet/Gerry Images

Photo: Bruce Bennet/Gerry Images

In case you missed it, new Michael Del Zotto trade rumors surfaced recently. Apparently the Colorado Avalanche are interested in the defenseman, per Bruce Garrioch (I know…). Del Zotto has also been tied to Toronto and Edmonton. Suffice it to say, Del Zotto has been tied to all 29 teams in the NHL. Pretty impressive.

The Rangers have been pretty steadfast in their approach to trading the former first round pick, they want a right handed defenseman in return for Del Zotto. Garrioch noted that the Avs aren’t going to send the Rangers a defenseman, so that one is pretty dead in the water. While that may eliminate the Avs for the time being, it doesn’t mean the MDZ rumors are at an end.

Edmonton and the Rangers are always rumored to be swapping, even from the Andrew Cogliano for Brandon Dubinsky days. But the only thing that makes sense there would be Dan Girardi, not Del Zotto.

This really leaves Toronto. For a month now, we’ve heard how a Del Zotto for Jake Gardiner swap couild happen. On paper, it’s about equal value. It would be a sideways move for both clubs, as they would be dealing defenders that may need a change of scenery. While this has been just a rumor, it’s the one that has grown the most legs and made its way around the blogosphere and Twitterverse.

So what do we make of all this?

Nothing as of now. Rumors are rumors for a reason. Scouts always attend games, which is where most of these rumors come from. It’s a scout’s job to attend games. Basing rumors off scouts in attendance is a bit irresponsible. That said, too many people have said the Rangers are looking to deal Del Zotto as long as the price (a right handed top-four defenseman) is right.