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DVRs stink, no goal breakdown

So my DVR did not record the game yesterday. Apparently I set it to record the YES network by accident, so there won’t be a goal breakdown for last night’s game. My apologies for that.

Some quick thoughts based on watching the highlights:

  • Don’t like how they blew a 2-0 lead, but they finally showed some urgency when Kreider tied it up late on the powerplay.
  • The Devils are one of the better puck possession teams in the league, and it showed. They had a shot attempt lead throughout regulation. At 5v5, they wound up with a 51.1%-48.9% advantage. At 5v5 close, it was a 50/50 split.
  • On the OT winner, it looks like Hank didn’t see it right away, and had a late reaction. That’s usually a shot he stops if he sees it the whole way. He’s probably upset with himself on that.
  • Both goalies seemed to have rebound control issues last night. Four goals were scored off rebounds.
  • Nice to see both Zuccarello and Kreider continuing to contribute.
  • Richards may not be useful in the defensive end anymore, but he still can contribute offensively. What a shot.
  • Losing Marc Staal is rough. Hopefully it’s not a long term thing.
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  • PP came through, but sometimes its when you score the goals that count – they had a 2-1 lead early in the 3rd, and got a PP. Got a ton of shots and Brodeur made some good saves and good some good blocks. Score there and its 3-1, and not 2-1.

  • Damnit, was looking forward to the goal break down review. I was going to go on a rant about the goalies lack of rebound control but you beat me to it! Lundquist had a bad hair day can’t dispute that.

    I think Zuker has really turned out to be a complete player. Plays on the PP, kills penalties, back checks and now is becoming an deadly offensive weapon.

    Marc Staal has been through hell with his eye injury. He has fought back and is currently in the running to be selected to Team Canada for the Olympics. If he suffered a concussion last night, I wish him a fast and complete recovery.

      • The Rangers can’t continue with a roster like this. We need a gritty player or 2 on here. If Staal is lost for a while should McIlrath get a cup of coffee to show he has improved? He is a righty with a Howitzer for a shot and doesn’t take anything from anyone. Dorsett needs to be back or get Powe back up here. Bickel could help as a forward in the toughness dept.

  • One interesting point is that Dave Maloney repeatedly said during the post-game while many people would blame Lundqvist for the third and fourth goals he didn’t think either of them were.

    During Lundqvist’s interview, on the third goal he said he was surprised about the shot and should have been coming out of the net (probably due to J. Moore getting burned so cleanly) while on the fourth goal, he thought he had it, but needed to do a better job seeing around high screens

    On a different note, was I the only one who saw a “distinct kicking motion” in Jannsen’s goal? It seemed like he repositioned his left skate to be sure that he slide into the puck.

    • That goal completely changed the game. It shouldn’t have been allowed. You aren’t the only one bro. Before that goal, most of the Devils zone entries were brushed aside and the Rangers either immediately or eventually got it out and changed or went up ice. After that goal the Devils got some life and played physical. Holding the puck in our end. This goal and the one by Galchenyuk in the home opener were upheld. Yet Millers was disallowed in Philly. The rule is too discretionary for my liking. Needs revision.
      Aside from that the Rangers lack of toughness is why they blew a 2-0 lead and why they lost.

      • Let’s give the damn Devil credit too, they have some big, physical players that wore down our defense, and at the end of the day, the D just didn’t do it’s job!

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