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Talbot starts; Pyatt, Moore scratched

Per Pat Leonard, it looks like Taylor Pyatt and John Moore will be healthy scratches for the second straight game. AV is a coach that doesn’t like to change things up following a win, so this is relatively unexpected.

Also per Leonard, Cam Talbot will start tonight in net. This will be the first time Talbot starts two straight games. Talbot has not allowed more than two goals in any of his seven starts this season.

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  1. So what does the back-to-back starts for Talbot signify? Is this simply about making the most of having a solid backup and maximizing Hank’s rest this season (finally)? Or is this a show of confidence in Talbot, or a motivational move to push Hank to improve?

    1. I don’t know if this is a “benching” for Hank, but it might be. Hank has had some jaw dropping stretches this year, and some of mediocrity while Talbot has been consistent. AV just spent a few seasons dealing with the goalie issue in VAN, maybe he’s taking some of that experience to push along Hank. Maybe it’s just a reward to Talbot for his strong play.

      Then again, maybe it’s simply rest.

    2. I’m betting on this being a reward for Talbot. This seems more AV’s style and so far Talbot hasn’t gotten the benefit of “We don’t change our players after a win.”

  2. I know you mentioned that AV does not like to make changes after a win.

    However, is there any cause for concern over the Sestito incident? He took liberties with a defenseless Del Zotto and when the Rangers bench took offense he made it clear that someome needs to do something about it if they have a problem, something Sestito clearly felt the Rangers bench was incapable of doing. He shamed the bench, so Dorsett had to answer the bell and he got rag-dolled.

    Then we see 6′ 7″ 240 lb Boyle get yanked around by the much smaller Bieksa. Rangers do not need a John Scott, but they have to up their testosterone level. It’s going to be open season on their stars if they are not careful.

    1. Everyone but Sather knew this coming into the season. Can’t wait for the McIlrath era to begin….answers 2 necessities. I love Boyle, but I think I’m a better fighter….and I just don’t get it. He doesn’t need to be Joe Kocur…but it seems like he can’t even defend himself. Guys are picking on him now.

    2. I agree and commented on this in several other articles. This cannot continue and John Scott is not necessarily the answer, but we have Mashinter and we do have others that can provide energy and toughness in the minors. So what if Pouliot is benched for one of them? I dont think that just upping the testosterone level is going to be enough..there are simply no “tough” guys with size among them, it appears and so the liberties will continue. You knew this would happen once Prust and Rupp were replaced with smaller players.

      1. To aggregate points made by Erixon, Mark: indeed, we all saw this coming.

        Okay so Brandon Prust’s asking price proved too dear to Slats/Mr Dolan’s budget.

        For whatever reason, be it Torts, Global Warming, bark beetle infestation in the Pine Barrens, whatever, Mike Rupp, a decent two-way forward, heavyweight, if not a great team guy–a la Prust–gets dispatched to Minnesota.

        Dorsett’s done yeoman’s duty, trying to fill both those aforementioned and critical roles. But it’s too much to ask of a middleweight/checking forward. Brian Boyle gets high marks for dropping the mitts more: but yea, Ruth Buzzi has more slap.

        Mashinter needs to be rotated in more, just as the banger defenseman Falk is seeing more regular shifts.

        Let’s also give The Undertaker a seven to 10 game stint round January.

        Hello Rudy Poeschek?

  3. Seems to me everyone is looking in the wrong direction. Henry not playing, players constantly being healthy scratch, a young team, a deep team , a team with a good mix of experience …… seems to me there is one constant – a coach who is in way over his head. This is a strong talanted team who needs a strong talanted coach – put simply don’t look at the players look at the coaching.


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