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Habs spoil Rangers home opener with shutout

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Rangers failed to get a single puck past Peter Budaj tonight, as the Montreal Canadiens spoiled New York’s home opener by shutting them out 2-0. The Rangers weren’t really able to get anything consistent going on offensive, at even strength or on the powerplay. The Habs have a history of giving the Rangers fits, and their aggressive style in the DZ and 1-2-2 in the NZ and forecheck again stifled the Blueshirts.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the officiating tonight. Yes, it appeared that the Habs got all the calls (Boyle penalty, Kreider penalty, Galchenyuk kick, etc), but in reality the officiating was just bad on both sides. The phantom call on Andrei Markov in the third period was one call that really stuck out in my head, but I’m sure I missed a few. That is a consistent problem across the NHL. The refs simply cannot keep up with the pace of the game.

On to the goals:

Habs 1, Rangers 0

You would think there's not much there.
You would think there’s not much there.

After a very weak roughing call on Brian Boyle put the Rangers shorthanded for the fourth time in the game, the Habs put together a beautiful passing play on the rush for the goal. There wasn’t really anything the Rangers could do better on this one. It looked like a set play that happened to work perfectly, as each time a Ranger challenged the man with the puck, there was another Canadien there to receive a short pass and continue the rush. Eventually Tomas Plekanec got the puck on a semi-breakaway and deked around Henrik Lundqvist for the first goal of the game.

You can make the argument that Marc Staal went for the big hit instead of reading the pass to Plekanec, and it’s a solid argument. But I don’t put much blame on him there.

Habs 2, Rangers 0

This goal started because John Moore got caught deep, which led to a 3-on-1 the other way. Girardi did his “stick on the ice to block the pass” thing that never works, and it didn’t this time, as Alex Galchenyuk was able to get the puck to Lars Eller, who got it back to Galchenyuk for the goal. Galchenyuk appeared to kick the puck in, but Toronto ruled that he just turned his skate. Consistency, ladies and gentlemen.

Sorry for no picture on this one, but if you find a .gif of the Galchenyuk goal, post it in the comments.

You all know my feelings on blaming refs. If you put yourself in a position to allow the refs to decide the outcome of the game, then you don’t deserve to win. The bottom line is that they did not score a goal against Budaj, a backup goalie. They have the Islanders tomorrow, and need to really start getting some pucks in the net on a consistent basis.

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  • Not enough consistent offense, the penalties killed any flow of the game. Budaj made some rediculous saves though.

  • Moore was caught gambling on Montreal 2nd “kicked in” goal as the Rangers were pressing late for the tie. As I said earlier the Rangers played a smart game and gave themselves a few chances to win this one. I liked Boyle tonight, yes he’s no Wayne Gretsky but a solid checker who plays a honest game of hockey. They miss him on the PK there when he was called for…. what was that call again?

  • Vanek to isles could spell trouble for rangers. Sabres clear cap space to make offer for free agent Ryan Callahan. Lacking leadership buffalo could offer Callahan upwards of 7mm per year to lure hometown favorite.

    • Sather should engage sabres quickly on moulson offering del zotto and draft picks to secure power play specialist moulson whose roots are in nyc area . With Nash status uncertain rangers need goal scoring first and foremost. Price tag will only rise later season goes

  • I think Ltfan, a Sather trade move will have to come sooner then later. The New York fans will soon be coming after him with pitchforks and torches.

    • I thought Dorsett made some nice plays, he actually set up the teams best scoring chance by Zucc in the 3rd.

      • Id rather not have dorsett out there, but on the flip side you are missing 3 of your best forwards that you would ride at the end of games. AV is in a horrible position with the injuries to our forwards.

        Last year we had Nash, Richards, Cally, Hagelin and Gaborik healthy at the start of the year. Av has ONE of those guys right now. Just think about that

  • Too early for full season thoughts, but what the heck. Based on the first 10 games the team’s record through 82 will be about 25-57.

  • In the players defense budaj was playing lights out.

    Miller and Kreider played with some jump.

    The Canadians blocked a lot of shots

  • No excuses, but the refs sucked big time.

    Montreal scores on the PP because Boyle was roughing, what garbage. The kicking goal, same as Miller, but counted, of course, we have to have the Canadians look good.

    I read that according to BR, he questioned the officals on the call against Kreider. He was told that because the 2 d-men for Montreal ran into each other, the call was made due to the fact that the ice belongs to the defensemen????? What kind of horse sh*t is that? Is there such a rule, I never heard of it????

    Look, we need scoreing, and Montreal played us tight, their goalie was spot on, and the ice was tilted in their favor. This has been the case on too many occasions with our team, and you can’t play 5 vs 8 every game against Montreal!!!!

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