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Cally out 3-4 weeks; Powe/Missiaen recalled, Talbot returned to AHL

The injury bug continues to haunt the Rangers, as the club has announced that Ryan Callahan is out 3-4 weeks with a broken thumb. This is certainly terrible news for a team that appeared to be finding its groove under AV. It is assumed Cally will be placed on LTIR. Darroll Powe has been recalled from Hartford to take Cally’s spot on the roster.

Goaltender Jason Missiaen has also been recalled, and Cam Talbot has been returned to the AHL. The goaltender swap is likely to get Talbot some AHL work, as Hartford has games coming up.

As for Powe, it’s interesting that he was recalled, and it does speak to his play and the play of others in Hartford. Powe will likely slide into a fourth line role, which means J.T. Miller should get top-nine minutes.

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  • if he did during that ridiculous, stupid celebration on his goal, I’m pissed. As soon as I saw that I thought “That is a little too exuberant for a guy who just had shoulder surgery” I hope I’m wrong and it was not something that stupid.

    • It didn’t (and he wouldn’t be back playing if an over-exuberant goal celebration would be high risk for his shoulder).

      It happened on a collision behind the net.

          • yea but at least it was doing the good things he does and not a silly celebration. By the way the Post reports he did it blocking a shot towards the end of the game. Cally being Cally!

          • Neither Callahan or AV have commented on the injury so the shot block explanation may just be speculation by the Post.

            I saw the incident behind the net and noticed him waving his hand in pain. That’s my theory.

    • It was said to be on a blocked shot. On the last shift of the game. Can’t blame him for being happy when he put his team up 2-0. It’s also in his job description to be the emotional leader on this team.

  • I meant to post that I didn’t fully understand why Miller was used on the 4th line in the post game breakdown, but I guess that point is moot now. Also I thought it was time for Pyatt to slide down to the 4th line which won’t happen now with Powe being recalled.

    I liked the line in the Musings that said Dorsett didn’t take any penalties last night. Can’t stand his stupid penalties.

    Last thing- isn’t it ironic how Richards has been our best forward, arguably best player so far and it seemed so likely he was going to be bought out last summer? I hope he keeps it up. Really like his play this season.

  • Misssaiassn is like 6 10 with skates on.

    Let Allaire see what he can do with him.

    I really think the rangers are getting the prospects time with Benny.

    You all saw what his brother did with varlamov.

    Imagine what our goaltender corps could be like if they all got a ton better because of some time with Allaire.

  • However it was, it couldn’t have happened at a worse thime. Callie was clicking with both Brass, and BR, only line scoreing on a regular basis.

    We should be getting back Hags, maybe the Miller kid could be moved up in the meantime! DAMN!!!!!

  • Cally plays hockey the way it should be played. You can’t replaced him. This is as they say gut check time for the rest of the squad. There are character players on this team and it will be interesting to see if they have the will to step up the way they did when Gabby and Staal were out.
    As far as AV’s system, he be more successful adopting a system that is suited for this team rather then employ a system that at times even his old team couldn’t figure out. Canucks fans often blamed Louongo for the team failures. But on some nights odd rushes and players left all alone in the slot were common occurrences. I have no axe to grind with AV, but keep it simple coach.

  • hags, Nash, now Cally. Hard to stay positive. BUT: Still early. And maybe the huge minutes we need to give out now come up even bigger for us later.
    Suck it up, Rangers!!!

  • Powe and no Kreider. That says a lot more about Kreider than Powe. I don’t agree with it. You can’t replace a top 6 forward with a defensive specialist. Sure he’ll take Cally’s place on the PK, but not on the PP or provide a scoring role. Or bring them both up and send down Pyatt who doesn’t do any of that (well).

  • This is why we all are happy about the new depth of the rangers. Let’s see how deep we really are, I think the rangers are on the cusp of turning this around and believe they will be a force to reckon with in the playoffs. Hockey seasons are long, and rarely does what is going on in October, have an effect on what is happening in April

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