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Cap savings from the recent roster moves

Note: Sorry for no post this morning, there was a scheduling issue.

With both Arron Asham and Martin Biron assigned to the AHL yesterday, the Rangers cleared a total of $1.85 million in cap space ($925k a piece). Although their cap hits are higher (Asham – $1 million, Biron – $1.3 million), the “Redden Rule” means that they don’t get to bury the entire contract. Asham’s contract will remain with a $75k cap hit, and Biron’s with a $375k cap hit (unless he retires, then they get the full $1.3 million back).

With Talbot ($562,500) and Miller (approximately $894k) called up, the additional cap taken up is $1.45 million between the two. At the moment, the Rangers have saved about $400k in cap space. That could climb to $775k if Biron retires. Not exactly chump change.

There should be another roster move or two coming, as Carl Hagelin will need to come off LTIR. His $2.25 million will need to count towards the cap again when he returns.

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  • So if I understand this correctly, once Hagelin returns, the Rangers will be ~$1.4mm over the cap limit, suggesting, in the cap hit range, either Boyle, Dorsett or Pyatt are most vulnerable to being traded or waived.

    Does that seem about right?

    • I think you are right. Doubt they will move Dorsett as much as i want him gone, it’ll likely be Pyatt that is moved

      • Give Dorsett a chance. The guy was a great asset in Columbus. I think he’s played about 5 games with the Rangers this year.

        Plus with Asham gone, you need someone like Dorsett who can play the game and be physical. Without him, the team is vanilla.

        • I was immediately annoyed with him after last game (and posted so), but he did totally admit fault in his role in killing the team’s momentum and that he took multiple stupid penalties…which gave me hope he knows he has to change and is capable of it. I could totally see him playing with an edge if he controls himself (like a Callahan in pest form).

  • I think they are fine. When I looked at the numbers at the start of the season, they were approx 300K over — counting Hagelin. When they sent Miller down, they actually had enough cap room for Hagelin [That’s the rule anyway, they had to be under with Hagelin, then could replace him with one player when he went on LTIR].

    With the new moves, they are even better off.

    • I’m pretty sure they are fine, and won’t need to make significant moves once Hagelin is back (I think returning Miller to the AHL does it).

      • I overlooked the option to return Miller to Hartford, but aren’t they now carrying just 11 forwards?

        Also, as it relates to Dorsett, I am a big fan of his style of play and what he can add to the Rangers. I think he is a really good asset for the team, even though he had a couple of rough games and fans, generally, haven’t see what he brings to a team. It wouldn’t be wise, in my view, for the Rangers to not include him in their plans.

        • If it comes down to Pyatt or Dorsett, I think Pyatt goes down or is hopefully traded. Dorsett, although taking some pretty bad penalties so far, brings SOMETHING to the table. While Pyatt had a good playoffs, he doesn’t do enough of whatever he is supposed to be doing. A Hartford callup of similiar size could do as much and for cheaper. Yet he is always in the lineup thru 2 different coaches now. I don’t get it. Plus, I want to see Mashinter. Also, Boyle and Dom Moore are redundant.

  • Why does Birons full 1.3 come off the books with retirement when the fear of an early retirement by Richards mean they get his cap the for the remainder of his contract? What is the difference between the two?

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