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Asham and Biron on waivers

Per Ryan Rishaug, the Rangers have placed forward Arron Asham and goalie Martin Biron on waivers. Asham, who had a strong camp and preseason, has struggled a bit out of the gate, but then again so has pretty much everyone. Biron was solid in the first period in St. Louis, but let in a pair of softies in the second that eventually saw him yanked from the game.

Waiving Biron creates a need for a backup goaltender, so expect Cam Talbot to be recalled relatively soon. As for Asham, the Rangers already have 13 forwards on the roster, so a replacement is not needed. (Forgot about Nash’s injury) if Rick Nash is ready to go, then the club does not need to call up another player forward. If he is not, then they will either call up a forward or go with seen defensemen, like they did in St. Louis.

Of course, the Rangers could just see if there are any takers for them to shed some salary. They waived Todd White and Aaron Voros a lot while they were with the club a few years ago, but they were never sent to the AHL.

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Biron get picked up. He is still capable of being a solid backup but came into the season unprepared (as did the rest of the team). Asham could use some playing time in the AHL to raise his fitness level. I prefer him in the lineup over Dorcett, but have to admit Arron’s injuries and lack of playing time has hurt his game.

  • With Asham possibly a gone, Dorsett remains the resident tough guy…..not a good thing.

    Maybe Rangers could trade Dorsett for Tanner Glass of Pittsburgh (another middleweight). Glass is a match for Asham, toughness wise and still 29. Glass like Asham, & unlike Prust is a puncher. Glass at 6-0, 195 TKO’d 6-3, 215 lb Jay Rosehill the other day & has met fist to fist with Asham a number of times. Glass, Asham, & Jordan Tootoo are probably in a tie for
    middleweight champions (195 lb range) in the NHL.

    Could definitely see a Mashinter at RW & Glass at LW to keep other players honest.

    Glass has been in more fights that appeared to be a draw, and yet the opposing player leaves the ice bleeding.

    Mashinter, like Glass, is a VERY efficient fighter. Body checks the guy, drops the gloves, fights, goes to penalty box immediately. Both
    of the them RARELY take stupid minors…unlike PM machine Dorsett.

  • If Talbot is brought up, who does that leave in net down in Hartford? Is this going to create some problems down there?

  • Interesting how, under Torts, Biron was more than adequate and in just a matter of weeks, when the entire team is playing poorly, AV has deemed Biron not NHL worthy. Next it may be Hank; heck, he’s looked just as bad as Biron.

    I’ll stick to my guns until proven otherwise: hiring AV was a disaster waiting to happen. We’ll slowly see this team dissassmebled and in a few years, we’ll realize Sather blew it again with poor decisions that impacted the team for several seasons.

    • You knew changes were coming, it was just a matter of AV figuring out his personell. I agree with your point on Biron, odd.

    • 1964 NY Giants, went to the finals the year before, and couldn’t win a game in 64. The team got old over night, maybe that’s what’s happening with Marty.

      Has anyone thought why Marty came to camp a little late?? Personal issues, maybe that is working on his mind, and he can’t put the game front, and center.

    • Torts didn’t trust him last year. 6 starts.

      Should have had 10. On pace with 20 for a full season. But only 6. Why?

      If torts were still here Marty would not have made it through camp.

      We are still in preseason mode. Testing the talent making the moves. Deciding who is worth investing time in. Etc etc

      Still not worried till game 20. If we are .500 at that point then we have good things to look forward to. If not look out gmail. FIRE SALE. Messier might still be available.

      • Messier just took a scouting/consultant role with the Oilers.

        I’m afraid that window for the Rangers has closed. Damn shame.

  • Knew going into the season the new coach was an offensive think 1st coach.

    Yes, MDZ is an offensive defenseman WHEN HE IS PLAYING THE LEFT SIDE.

    Yes, McD has UNTAPPED offensive talent IF YOU PUT MCD WITH A DEFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN (so either MCD stays with Girardi or you get a right handed defenseman who is more defensive minded to complement McDonough’s increased offensive focus-not Stralman)

    Luke Schenn?

  • Anyone who thinks cutting a back-up goalkeeper and a fourth-line forward is going to fix this team is smoking something. Really, Slats? I mean come on. I hope the front office isn’t panicking; it’s only five games, after all. Why is it all of a sudden, 15 months after a run to the conference finals, none of these players are good enough?

    I’ll bet Torts is laughing as he sees this mess. I’m sorry, but the fans who were losing their minds in the spring don’t know much. Oh and Messier is not going to be the coach of this team anytime soon. Didn’t he just take a job somewhere else?

    • I have a feeling that these two were on the chopping block anyway. Asham was already waived once, and Biron had an unexpected and lengthy competition for backup.

  • Perhaps the Rangers are looking long time for their net-minder needs should they not be able to work out a deal with Lundquist. Just saying.

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