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Rangers thoroughly thrashed in San Jose

This one got ugly fast (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
This one got ugly fast (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

If you didn’t stay up to watch this one, don’t worry because you didn’t miss much. The Rangers were absolutely dismantled by a stronger, bigger, and faster San Jose Sharks club last night. The Rangers actually had a halfway decent first period, but some bad luck put them down a goal heading into the intermission. Then the second period happened, with the Sharks scoring four times in four minutes, chasing Henrik Lunqvist halfway through the barrage.

There really isn’t much to talk about on a positive side. The Rangers got thrashed, and they may have lost Rick Nash for an extended period of time courtesy of Brad Stuart.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Sharks 0

That's a lot of empty space for Richards to work with.
That’s a lot of empty space for Richards to work with.

With the Rangers on a 5-on-3, an initial shot from Brad Richards went wide and to the corner. All three Sharks, including Logan Couture, coasted to the puck. The problem here is that Couture is responsible for the pair of Rangers up high, and his drifting allowed Derick Brassard –who received the puck from Derek Stepan— to get the puck across the ice to the weak side, where Richards had all day to fire away. Ryan Callahan made sure that Antii Niemi would not see the puck.

Sharks 1, Rangers 1

Three Rangers, one Shark down low. How does this pass get through?
Three Rangers, one Shark down low. How does this pass get through?

San Jose answered back right away with a shorthanded goal of their own. After some bad luck, which saw Joe Pavelski gain control of the puck after a pass hit the ref behind the net, Pavelski was able to find Marc-Edouard Vlasic at the high slot, who wristed it past Hank. The two miscues that stood out were: 1) How Pavelski got the puck through three Rangers on that pass, and 2) How Cally did not turn around to see Vlasic behind him.

Sharks 2, Rangers 1

Bad luck.
Bad luck.

This was just bad luck. After a clean face off win, the Sharks move the puck to the weak side boards, where Dan Boyle just lets it go. The shot hit Marc Staal and deflected past Hank. This one makes up for the Jonathan Quick goal last night.

Sharks 3, Rangers 1

Swivel-head fail number two of the night.
Swivel-head fail number two of the night.

This was the goal that opened the floodgates. First, the Rangers coughed up the puck in the neutral zone turnover when no one can handle Anto Stralman’s clear of the zone. Joe Pavelski was able to move the puck along to Tommy Wingels deep, who hit Matt Nieto in the slot. Aron Asham didn’t pick up Nieto in the slot, nor was he able to deflect the pass.

Sharks 4, Rangers 1

Swivel head fail #3 of the night.
Swivel head fail #3 of the night.

I think, once we all saw what was going on, that we knew this was going to be a goal. The picture explains it all here.

Sharks 5, Rangers 1

Uh, does anyone else see Couture here?
Uh, does anyone else see Couture here?

This was another weird one that didn’t bounce the Rangers way. After another clean San Jose face off win Patrick Marleau took a weak shot that went wide, but the carom went straight up in the air and over the back of the net. All three of Staal, Stepan, and Michael Del Zotto were caught watching the puck, and no one bothered to put a body on Couture. Couture was able to bat this out of the air and into the empty net.

Sharks 6, Rangers 1

Can't even make this stuff up.
Can’t even make this stuff up.

Another goal, more bad luck. This time, a Ranger breakout is thwarted by the knob of a broken stick. Seriously, it hit the knob and bounced away from all Rangers, but right to –of all people– Joe Thornton. With the Rangers all out of position because of the freak play, Thornton was able to get a pass through the Dan GirardiRyan McDonagh pairing to Nieto, who beat Martin Biron for his second of the game.

Rangers 2, Sharks 6

This was a very quick passing play that covered all 200 feet of the ice. With Derek Dorsett cutting down the weak side wing, Stralman threw a homerun pass from behind the net to Brian Boyle at center ice. Boyle deflected the puck with a nice touch pass right to Dorsett, who got behind the defense for the breakaway goal. There is no picture on this goal, as I could not get a good angle to show the defensive breakdown that showed Dorsett get behind Matt Irwin.

Sharks 7, Rangers 3

A lot of PK coverage fails here.
A lot of PK coverage fails here.

With the Sharks on the powerplay, Cally overcommited to weak side, leaving Tyler Kennedy wide open for cross ice pass. Once that pass connected, Girardi compensated for the wide open Kennedy by overcommiting to no-man’s land. McDonagh was left in front to cover Hertl and Jason Demers, who had gone to the front of the net after dishing the puck over to Kennedy. Kennedy’s shot was deflected up, but McDonagh was unable to cover both Hertl and Demers, and Hertl was able to bat it down and in to complete the hat trick.

Sharks 8, Rangers 2

Bad angle.
Bad angle.

Del Zotto simply took a bad angle on Hertl when he received the Demers pass from the DZ. The red arrow is MDZ’s angle, the black arrow is Hertl’s path. Hertl blew by him for the breakaway. Kid showed brass ones putting it between his legs Marek Malik style.

Sharks 9, Rangers 2

Swivel head fail number I forgot.
Swivel head fail number I forgot.

Wide. Open.

The loss drops the Rangers to 1-2 on the season, with New York back at it again on Thursday in Anaheim. Games like these happen, and these are professional athletes. They will move on and forget about it. A loss is a loss, no matter if it’s 2-1 or 11-1. Still 79 of these things left.

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  • The Rangers are Vezina trophy winners. They are much better then this. They slept walked through pre-season and its time to wake up. Meanwhile here in Vancouver, another solid win by the Torts inspired Canucks.

    • “Torts” inspired.

      Pretty sure the chemistry between the sedin twins who have carried that team for a decade and continue to do so this year was anything but Torts inspired.

      • I really wish people would move on already. Whether you loved him or hated him, Torts is gone. Whether you like AV or not, he’s our coach until his shelf life expires. It’s amazing you’re all still bashing him or throwing him a parade for the handful of games he’s coached in Vancouver. Get over it.

        • Amen. I opposed the AV hiring, but Sather is patient and AV will almost certainly be our coach next year as well. My life will be a lot more pleasant if I was wrong – and it’s not like there isn’t plenty of evidence that AV is a good coach.

  • First state the obvious, this was a horse sh*t game from the second on, and that’s all we need to say here!

    Now, I have always called for an enforcer, and last night is a classic example of why we need one.

    Your best player, who you game up a load to get, gets a head shot, and NO DAMN PLAYER responds, that has got to change. Do you really believe if that happened, the Devils, Flyers, Isles, Bruins, etc., wouldn’t respond, bull crap. We have got to get a player, or two, maybe three, who will hit you with their fist, rather than their purse.

    I’m venting here, but for years this organization has been soft, and trades need to be made to correct this obvious weakness!!

    • It should have been a bench clearing brawl. No heart.

      Even if it was a back to back. No heart.

      Someone has to start caring.

      • Not when it’s 2:30 into the game. He played the rest of the period, and the game was still close until the onslaught in the second.

        Wins > revenge. You get revenge by winning.

      • I don’t really think it’s worth an automatic 10 game suspension (leaving the bench) for a play that you don’t even know a guy is injured on until the of the period (17:30 later, he finished out the first). Especially when it wasn’t that noticeable that he was hit in the head when it happened. Especially when the game didn’t get out of hand until much later.

        It wasn’t like some open ice two-handed stick swing to the head. From across the ice it probably looked clean.

    • I agree. If someone lays into Stuart even with an instigator it changes the complexion of the game. Everyone’s adrenalin gets flowing. Did not taking penalties help the Rangers? I think Nash’s response in the first game help jell the team. But obviously he’s not the one to do this.

    • The league has changed bud. The Rangers did respond and it got them a double minor in the 3rd period. None of those other 3 teams would have done anymore than that. The Rangers opened their mouth about it.

  • Zubov a team is more then one player. A team is a group of players working together. Hockey isn’t %^*()*&^ baseball where big names win championships.

    • Baseball? Just look at the red sox this year and your point is proven completely wrong about a team working together to win.

      Red sox shipped out all the over paid players and got a bunch of hard working guys who can play together.

      Same with SF giants last year.

      • The canucks offense has centered around the sedins for a decade like I said, and they are inspiring the team so far. Torts is not teaching them how to play together, that was already there.

        Saying a coach inspires a team 3 weeks into his tenure is just ridiculous. How come torts didnt inspire our offense to play for 5 years? Could barely score every single year.

        • It took Torts three weeks to turn us into a three zone hockey team, including the twins. Something AV couldnt do in 7 years.

          Good luck guys.

  • Would have liked to have seen

    1) Cally move up to first line after Nash went down.

    2) Goon it up against Stuart

    3) AV call a timeout to regroup these guys after SJ scored three goals in a row

    How I didn’t even get one of those three is a head scratcher.

  • So here are the cliches coming out:

    1)Let’s move on, it’s only one game, gotta look forward, can’t look backward
    2)a loss is a loss, no matter 15-0 or 2-1
    3)blah, blah, blah

    What do you expect anyone to say? How about the obvious? We are horrible.

    So how do you like this new offensive system so far?

    6 goals for and 14 against.

    This is basically the same core players from last year, which means same old same old.

    This team has no passion, no intensity, no identity, no moxy. This is hockey, not the Ice Crapades.

    Torts must have a smurk on his face after watching this game. It’s always the coach’s fault, huh? Well, how many of us remember this when we all saw Tortorella vs DeBoer after Rupp shoves Brodeur

    Say what you want, but look at the difference between the team we had two years ago and this one. We where within a point of winning the President’s trophy, the only thing that we are going to win this year is the right to pick first in the draft and a nice handshake as Lundqvist goes elsewhere.

    • Perfectly reasonable conclusion after game 3, BobM. You might as well not bother watching the rest of the season.

    • You heard it here first: BobM is reporting Lundquist has halted negotiations with the Rangers and will not be resigning with the Blueshirts.

      Somebody get Bob McKenzie on the line… o wait…is this BOB MCKENZIE??

      • Glad this little gem was buried at the bottom of the comments section today. Made reliving everyone of those 9 goals, in addition to those countless crappy comments almost worth it. almost…

  • First Let’s start with the Obvious “What a F#@king Embarrassment” the team just imploded.

    Let’s also state another pain stakenly obvious – There is absolutely no primary scoring none (Richards is in no way going to be scoring or getting points on a game by game bais) and next we have Nash (well there’s like 3 players draping all over him like curtians on a broken window) what can he nothing not even a clean pass.
    Now lets talk secondary scoring (ha ha) nothing, nada We have Derrick Brassard thats it, He needs finishers for his sick passes. Our Offense consists of 2 Centers and an Elite Winger thats it. The rest are if best 3rd and 4th line players.

    What needs to happen is say good bye to the following: Fire GM then Release, trade, buy out or move.
    Asham, Boyle, Dorcett, Pyatt, Pouliot, Zucc and Richards (But were stuck with him to the end of the year)

    Then its move the Kids up and let them play. And play they will. I could live with the team losing then 9-2, cause hey its building time.
    But to lose 9-2 and also give a Rookie, A ROOKIE 4 goals and single handly give him the Calder Trophy pitiful.
    This is only gonna repeat its self all year long. Sorry I was going to wait the 20 games but that embarrassment lastnite sent me over the edge.

    Another Rant since Im running on. Hank needs to clear his head (BS, he is thinking about his contract $$, and not with the Blue shirts. the writing is on the wall he will be walking after this season). We better start getting Talbot ready. And to cut off the WE Have Depth Crap, there isn’t any.

    • Another Rant, Pls text, email, or twitter Sam and John, there whinning lastnite just completely was over board.
      And In my 35 years following the Blue shirts that was the most horrible game I have ever witnessed ever.

        • But Suit, what about the grown-men typing out full-page melt downs? What about the hyperbole? What about declaring historical disasters and overwrought “perspective” about the worst losses in 35 years?


        • I’ve definitely taken breaks… it’s like people listen to sports radio and regurgitate the nonsense onto these boards sometimes.

          The team is adapting to new defensive strategies, and there will be growing pains. From the low zone collapse to the puck side attack. This takes time a patience. I think about the Capitals adapting to new strategies and then Ovi finishing the season like the last few years never happened. I will stay cautiously optimistic, and assume that AV and the crew realizes the obvious mistakes we all see, the smaller issues a few see, and the subtle intricacies we don’t see.

          I look forward to more great articles here on BSB… with suspect commenting

          • You got me VinceR – Taking it off the chin.

            Evan M havent a clue as to what your saying in regards to sports radio, never cared for it. How ever if there preaching the same stuff I ranted about, must be some semi truth to it.

            Hopefully I’ll eat my words soon.

        • About time. Was wondering when you would stop. I mean seriously. No one wants to hear your thought out responses and general sense of calm.

  • [smurk] smile in an affected, smug, or offensively familiar way.

    Think Eddie Westfall when he was an announcer with the Fishstix. Oh, I forgot, you guys are too young to remember way back when…

    We would never criticize the Islanders, just make this face, even when they were blatantly bad.

    Sort of like some of the writers of this blog. The evidence can hit you over the head, and it will all be spun that it is only game 3. Add in the pre-season and there are obvious patterns and deficiencies from last year that have not been addressed. I am not blaming the coach, these guys have been playing this game since the time they started to walk. BR said it right, the Rangers played pond hockey. How many people actually remember when Emile Francis got so fed up with his team that he put them all on waivers? Look it up.

  • Was Torts’s style perfect for this team? The players got sick of it, but the lack of high end talent made the team need to play a sit back defensive style.

    We do not have the Sedin twins etc to play AV Style.

    I hope it changes and I am wrong, but that is what I got out of pre-season and the first 3 games.

    Although you can look at the kings game and say if the battle level is high we can win. I just wonder why the battle level has only been around for 1 game.

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