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Miller, not Fast, sent to Hartford

As expected, the Rangers made a roster move to make room in the lineup for the returning Ryan Callahan. However, it was not Jesper Fast being returned to Hartford. It was 2011 first round pick J.T. Miller who was sent down. People are pointing to the cap as the reason why Miller was sent down, but the difference is marginal (about $100k, not including performance bonuses, which would affect next year’s cap).

My guess is that the Rangers wanted to keep someone who is more defensively responsible, and that would be Fast. That isn’t to say Miller is a slouch in his own end, it’s just that Fast is much more seasoned in defensive zone play. After all, the SHL is a very defensive and two-way league.

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  1. Good miller needs top minutes to develop. Better than languishing on the 4th line with throwaways and 8 minutes a night.

    1. didn’t you get the memo?

      The NYR no longer operate under the “tie goes to youth” policy… is now “tie goes to aging veteran who performed better 3-4 years ago”

      Thanks AV

      1. That’s a bit short sighted. Maybe he feels youth is best served getting big minutes in the ahl. They could be evaluating the vets and making decisions on who’s gonna stick. Its one game and we’re already throwing out generalizations that AV is choosing vets over youth

  2. JT Miller was playing well, much better then his veteran counterparts. I think he should have a shot on the top 2 lines if not the 3rd. AV rap for not being patience with young players is well deserved. But that’s what you get when you have a coach that has developed youth (Torts) and throw him under the bus. Karma is a bitch.

  3. One shortcoming of youth is that they have not played a variety of styles. AV wants guys to play around the net. Pyatt isn’t a great player, but he knows how to play that way. Kreider and Miller can learn this in Hartford. And when they do, Pyatt will be gone.

    The Ranger have no intention of entering the playoffs with the same set of forwards they are using now. Some of Kreider, Miller, Fast, Lindberg, Hrivik, Kristo will play key roles – and one or two will be washouts. It’s time to sort and develop, not to reward.

  4. They wont be in the playoffs unless the players they have now step up their game.

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