St. Croix among 14 cut from Wolfpack camp

The Hartford Wolfpack have cut 14 players from AHL camp. They have assigned four players to the ECHL’s Greenville Road Warriors (these are guys that are signed to ELC’s by the Rangers), they loaned another four to Greenville (AHL contracts, sent to ECHL), released another three from  tryouts (and joining Greenville), and outright released another three. From the press release:

Reassigned by the New York Rangers from the Wolf Pack to Greenville (ECHL):
Defensemen (1): Samuel Noreau
Forwards (3): Josh Nicholls, Chris St. Croix, Jason Wilson

Loaned by the Wolf Pack to Greenville (ECHL):
Goaltenders (1): Jeff Malcolm
Defensemen (2): Charlie Dodero, Mike Marcou
Forwards (1): Andrew Rowe

Released from training camp tryouts and joining Greenville (ECHL):
Forwards (3): Sean Ambrosie, Brandon Hynes, Matt Kirzinger

Released from training camp tryouts:
Defensemen (2): Sam Klassen, Jason Lepine
Forwards (1): Scott Arnold

The Pack now have 24 players remaining in camp:

Goal (3): Jason Missiaen, Scott Stajcer, Cam Talbot

Defense (7): Conor Allen, Stu Bickel, Tommy Hughes, Aaron Johnson, Dylan McIlrath, Brendon Nash, Danny Syvret

Forwards (14): Ryan Bourque, Andrew Carroll, Brodie Dupont, Micheal Haley, Marek Hrivik, Kyle Jean, Michael Kantor, Chris Kreider, Danny Kristo, Oscar Lindberg, Brandon Mashinter, Shawn O’Donnell, Darroll Powe, Andrew Yogan

The biggest surprise is seeing Michael St. Croix (I’m assuming that’s who Chris St. Croix is on the press release) sent to the ECHL. I also would have liked to see Sam Noreau on the AHL team, but he needs some help with skating.

The Pack will probably add two more players (JT Miller, Jesper Fast) once the Rangers are fully healthy, meaning there may be more moves coming.

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  • Also surprised to see Michael St. Croix sent down to the ECHL (wtf). The Wolfpack looks pretty formidable, hopefully they have players ready to step in when needed. One thing I will say about AV having watched him coach in Vancouver, he isn’t afraid to move players in and out of the lineup and shake things up if the team isn’t performing.

    • Good point, Bloom. The Pack are pretty stacked this year.
      St Croix will be in the AHL next year when there’ll be room.

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