Rangers get their man, re-sign Ryan McDonagh

The Rangers made their most important signing of the summer today in re-signing Ryan McDonagh for 6 years at an annual cap hit of $4.7M (per Larry Brooks). With this deal in the books, Rangers fans can breathe a little easier today knowing that our franchise defensemen is now locked up for another six years.

Many figured McDonagh would get a deal similar to that of Dan Girardi and Marc Staal, who resigned at 4 years/$3.3M per and 5 years/$3.9M per respectively. However, terms and cap hits are hard to compare across years when team salary caps fluctuate year-to-year, not to mention agents generally use recent signings as benchmarks to set the market.

Last month, Dave used Nashville’s Roman Josi’s new contract (7/$28M) as a starting point to triangulate McDonagh’s next deal. All told, he wasn’t far off. Ryan is currently 24 years old. The UFA age is still set at 27 years old, so this deal bought up three UFA years, which obviously moves the cap hit a bit further north. Overall, this is a very good deal for both sides.

With McD locked up longterm, the Rangers will now shift their emphasis to Derek Stepan. Here’s where Dave thought that contract could net out.

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  • Hay Suit this is great news!!

    Again, Sather has shown that when it’s crunch time in negotiations, he does a very good job. Lets face it, McD is far better than Roman Josi, and getting similar pay shows that both sides wanted to get an agreement in place. If Mac wanted to play hard ball he could have gone the arbitration route, and then everyones feelings would have been hurt. Now get Hank, Step, and Hags signed!!

    I can’t believe that my last two posts have been favorable towards Slats, what am I smoking?????

  • I’m with you, I’m not a Sather guy because he’s not done much in 13 years. But got to give him credit for a GREAT signing. Lets hope we can get the others signed. I still think some kind of trade has to come to free up a little cap room incase.

  • Hey suit of course very good informative research you did here. This deal is a score for the Rangers. Four years of that deal cover his UFA years which aren’t cheap to do. Sather pulled a rabbit out of his rear end to get this deal under 5 mil per. I think Mac had a say in this as he wanted guarented years rather than more money per. That tells be that Mac diserves an A on his sweater. Such a great kid who thought team instead of himself. The difference approx. 1.5 mil that he could’ve got over buying UFA years can sign another young RFA! That may be Zuc or Hagelins contract. I don’t care what fans voice their displeasure with Sather. He has done a wonderful job building this team through smart(at times small) draft prospects. The Gabby Trade last deadline may have been his best trade in his 13 years as GM! (Moore) is a star (Brassard) is an exuberant playmaker and great teammate. Lifts the locker room and belongs on a line with Rick Nash. Maybe the second unit or tops. Brassard isn’t as good defensively or in the neutral zone like Stepan. Tho he plays with some nasty to his game. Both are valuable pieces that will be #1 & 2 Centerman some day. Maybe this hear depending on line matchups. Richards we know could be anywhere on the top 9. That depends entirely on him. Richie may play 3 weeks and sit in the press box till Seasons end! Like Redden.

    Hey I want to ask Suit, Dave, Justin, Chris, or Justin. Anyone of you that’s willing to give me a min of their time!
    My question is this: Since the cap isn’t changing this year. Won’t most teams that want to use Compliance Butouts on player use them now rather than next season due to the 50/50 split of HRR the league will use to determine the cap for the 14/15 season. Now the CBO’ defer from the teams cap but are deductible from the players share of revenue.

    So to get to my question: if a multitude of teams use buyout now, is the purpose so they don’t have to use it next summer where it may effect HRR split and the salary cap for 14/15. I don’t know if I was able to articulate my point well enough here but I hope you understand what I’m askin. It’s my birfday so I’m a little crosseyed here. 32 is boring but a bday nonetheless. There’s little left I hope Step can be resigned If Sather gets Step licked 3.75. Maybe Stepan gets 3mill for 4 years or more. Good Job Slats. Get er done!

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