Rangers send Christian Thomas to Montreal for Danny Kristo

Glen Sather continues to be busy in the trade market, making his third trade in three days. This time, he sent 2010 second round pick Christian Thomas to Montreal for 2008 second round pick Danny Kristo. Last season with Hartford, Thomas put together a line of 19-16-35, but was very inconsistent while adapting to the higher speed of the AHL.

Kristo, a 5’11, 185 lb forward who just finished his senior year at the University of North Dakota, put together a line of 26-26-52 in his senior season. Kristo has a World Junior Gold (2010), an NCAA Championship (2010), and a WCHA rookie of the year (2010). Per Habs Eyes on the Prize, Kristo is very skilled, fast, and gritty. But his development path was a shaky one, as rarely do players stay in college through their senior year, and Kristo’s size and strength have been questioned regularly.

This is a bit of a surprising trade, as it was believed that the organization was very high on Thomas. However, the organization was once high on Ethan Werek, and they sent him packing for the highly touted Oscar Lindberg. I don’t know much about Kristo, but I like what I’ve read so far.

Leslie Treff at Hockeys Future noted that his off ice issues kept his value low, but he’s worked on those and is now more mature (Note: The “no maturity” is a typo that she clarifies in her next tweet), and still has that high end skill that could make him an interesting player to watch as camp begins in September. Corey Pronman also thinks the Rangers got better in this deal.

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  • Can’t wait for the next game in Montreal when Thomas scores at hat trick and gets 5 assists…

  • To be honest, I was never very keen on the Thomas kid. If the Kristo kid is what they say, well we just got better in Hartford, because he isn’t going to make the big time!!!

  • I remember watching Kristo during that 2010 world junior championship run, and I love what I saw from him. I am a big fan of this trade. Nothing against Thomas, but I think we got the better player, and another American kid who is already friends with Stepan and Kreider from that 2010 US team. I think the move to New York, along with the fact that his two buddies are on the NHL squad already, will motivate Kristo to play some good hockey and make the team (hopefully over a guy like Pyatt).

  • Thomas scored 19 goals in the AHL last season as a 20 yr old in a league where 95% of the people he played against were older than him. Thomas also has no issues as a backchecker or character issues as well.

    Krisco scored 26 goals @ North Dakota as a 22 yr old where 95% of the guys he played against were younger than him. Like Kreider, Krisco does well against MUCH YOUNGER, inexperienced players. Krisco chose to spend his full 4 years in college and does not show much interest in backchecking. He tends to hang out ay the blue line waiting to get a breakout pass.

  • FYI Thomas is not a RFA until 2015-16, whereas both Krisco & Kreider are RFA in 2014-15.


    Sure are going to be a ton of Rangers leaving in 2014-15 as UFA/RFA.

    Sather won’t be here next year, but he should at least not acquirte any more players who could walk next year.

  • Fast, skilled, undersized college winger that stayed for all four years … sounds a lot like Hagelin.

    I think (hope?) the Rangers pulled yet another fast one on the Habs. It seems Montreal has a real bias against NCAA prospects that refuse to leave school early to join their farm system.

    • It does feel like Montreal underrates its American NCAAers. But then again, this is a team that held territorial rights to French Canadien born players back in the NHL stone age prior to the draft, there has to be some bias there.

      Good things happen when the Rangers trade with Montreal.

  • Danny Krisco played 9 games in the AHL last year and scored ZERO goals and was a minus one.

    Before anyone anoints Krisco NHL rookie of the year, let’s see if he’s even good enough to play against the older players in the AHL.

    Plus, if Krisco can’t make the Rangers, then he & maybe Kreider, both RFAs next season will be out of NY along with Sather. Krisco is in the last year of his 3 year ELC, while Thomas has one more year on his 3 year ELC

    Funny how Sather has no planning for the future and burns one year on Kreider & JTMiller’s ELC when obviously neither one was ready. And now he trades for Krisco & gives up Thomas who has one more year than Krisco on his ELC

    • Dude, time left on a player’s ELC isn’t the end all, be all of value. Kreider has plenty of time to develop into a legit top-6 player, as does Miller. Guy’s don’t start getting prohibitively expensive until they have some success in the show.

    • 9 games. Sounds like a reasonable amount of games played to draw a conclusion on a prospect. Especially when all you see is a stat line, not actually watching the kid play.

      But I guess that’s how the NHL works. You decide a players value based on their first 9 games played in the AHL and how many years they have left on their ELC.

  • Another attempt to hide from a draft mistake. This time a second rounder goes packing. Give the rangers management credit for continuing to move on from each mistake (Rosival, Drury, Gomez, Sanguenetti, Jessimen, etc.) and trying to get something in return each time. Still don’t like the fact that they continue to get smaller forwards. Hope Mashinter can make the team

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