Vigneault will be the Rangers next head coach

UPDATE: Pat Leonard and various other sources have confirmed that Vigneault has signed to be the Rangers next head coach.  There is no word on when a formal announcement will be made.

On the same night news surfaced that Alain Vigneault was in New York today to meet with Jimmy Dolan, news also broke that Vigneault has turned down the head coaching job in Dallas. While there hasn’t been any official word from the organization, many of the usual suspects in the media (e.g., Larry Brooks, John Shannon, Bob McKenzie, etc.) have put two and two together and are expecting Alain to take over.

I normally don’t put much stock in “hockey insiders” who aren’t in my cellphone, but McKenzie is reputable. One of the few in my opinion. If the reports are accurate, the meeting between Alain and Jimmy are likely just a formality. When this will be officially announced is uncertain, but it appears Alain could be offered the job very soon.

We’ll continue to keep everyone updated on this story. For now, it looks like the writers of this website — except for myself — may get their wish.

Oh Bylsma, what could have been…

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  • I was hoping Messier would get the job. I don’t care if he has no experience as a coach. He has experience winning cups. You look for that when you look for a coach. Has he won a cup? Yeah 6! He knows the x o of hockey. He also knows the Canyon of Heroes!

  • Well kind of. I think we really all wish we weren’t in this position without Torts in the first place

  • Reports that Messier and/or Leetch could be assistants are interesting. Would be very strange to have an apparent coach in waiting behind the new chief.

  • You heard it here first: Sather selects AV to be coach, names Messier as President and Jeff Gorton as GM. Then retires. Thanks Glen.
    This truly would be in the best interests of the NY Rangers going forward

  • I’d be very happy with this given the circumstances. I know you were a huge advocate of Beukaboom and TBH I’m a bit surprised I never heard his name come up anywhere else. Perhaps he had no interest. Other that that though, I really do not think there is a better available option.

  • Why sure let’s fire John Tortorella and replace him with a guy who has had much more talent to work with but failed to get the job done. Yes this is a move that makes sense because AV is a nice guy and the media will love him.

    If you can’t get Dave Tippett then at least hire John Stevens, hire a guy who is hungry and wants to make a rep not a guy who is 0 for everything in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    AV would be a very DUMB move.

    • you really think they have “much more talent” in Vancouver?

      I looked at their roster and wasn’t impressed. I sure wouldn’t switch teams. But what do I know?

      • The Sedins, a top-5 goalie (say what you want about Luongo, he’s behind Lundqvist as the most consistent goalie the past 5-6 years, and dude did have two shutouts in the SC Finals), and a defense corps that’s not one-dimensional… I think Vancouver’s better.

    • In both cases the coach is only part of the story.

      A coach is only ranked as high as his players take him. Great coaches have been ruined as much by their players as players have been ruined by their coaches. There is no statistic to decide which scenario happened, just armchair GMs opinions who are suddenly given a forum on this thing called the Internet.

      All we can do is hope that Sather does what is best for the team. I might be considered an optimist but I look at the team post lockout and feel that in general Sather has improved this team. Lets hope this is another improvement.

  • This will be a good move long term for the team!

    Going back to Bylsma, with an all star cast, all he was able to do, and get from his players, was choke his chicken, score two goals in four games, and started playing golf early.

    I hope that if Mess is serious about coaching, he takes an assistant position, and starts to learn the trade. Once he knows how to coach, then we welcome him with open arms!!

  • I cannot imagine Messier being a great coach. Too much of an ego to handle all these egotistical young men. Besides, Messier always wants to be the star, and we just got rid of a coach like that. Messier was a great player, and without him, we’d probably still be looking for our first cup since 1940. But, in his decline, his selfishness revealed itself. During his last four years with the Rangers, after an ineffectual 3-year hiatus with Vancouver, Messier continued to demand first line minutes even though he was a mere shadow of the man who brought us the cup. In his last seven seasons he averaged 44 points per, and was always a minus player. In his last three seasons with the Rangers, he averaged 34 points on the first line while collecting $6M per. And, of course, in his last seven seasons, his teams never once played a post-season game. One last tidbit: Upon Messier’s arrival in Vancouver, Trevor Linden, a Canuck legend was stripped of the captaincy and traded shortly thereafter. And, Vancouver had retired #11 in memory of Wayne Maki who had died of brain cancer at age 30. The number was un-retired for Messier, at his demand, so the story goes. Because of those two incidents – and ineffectual play – Messier’s relationship with fans and players was never warm. I really don’t think we need a coach who thinks it’s all about the coach. And, yes, I thank Messier for the ’94 cup.

    • Interesting bits of info there! All the Ranger related stuff I knew, but the other information while in Vancouver sheds a different light on the subject! Good post VRP!

  • I go to sleep and all hell breaks loose.

    I didn’t want Torts fired, but this is the best option going forward out of who was available.

  • TIPPET…VIGNEAULT…WHO IS MORE QUALIFIED???….Notice that I did not include Messier, because plain & simple, if he is truly interested in coaching in the NHL, and he wants to give himself a legitimate chance of having success, he needs a couple of years as an assistant….I could be happy with either of the first two, but I personally prefer Vigneault…!!!

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