Rangers talking to Alain Vigneault and Dallas Eakins

Per Darren Dreger, the Rangers have been granted permission to talk to Dallas Eakins (Toronto Marlies head coach) and Alain Vigneault (departed Vancouver Canucks head coach) to replace the recently fired John Tortorella. These are just two names that the Rangers will be linked to over the next few weeks, and are two names we covered in scouting the potential head coach replacements.

Expect more news like this to spring up until the Rangers hire a coach.

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  • Cally and Hagelin both having shoulder surgery for a torn labrum. Who knows where we would be right now if these two were healthy throughout the playoffs.

  • So considering that everyone is mentioning Dallas Eakins for every available coaching position, is there any chance that we can get an analysis of his coaching style and what he brings to the table? I’ve been reading everything I can find about him but would really like to hear from the guys that run this blog.

  • I really believe that Sather will turn the reins over to Mess. I have no real reason why, just got a weird feeling. Don’t know if it will be a wise decision, but I think Sather really believes that Mess could bring this team over the finish line. If it happens, expect an announcement on June 14!!!
    If memory serves, that date is kind of important, no? (:

    • I fear you’re right. All signs point to that possibility. What a bad joke. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Mess. My favorite player forever. I don’t want to see him tarnish his legacy by doing something he clearly isn’t prepared for. Oy. No wonder Hank is being coy about re-signing with the Rangers.

  • Not Mess, please not Mess! I don’t want Gretzky, Ruff or Tippett either. I’ll be fine with Eakins or Vigneault.

  • What is the likelihood we get the best of both – an experienced Head Coach, with Messier as Assistant HC?

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