Rangers agree to terms with Sam Noreau

The Rangers have agreed to terms with 2011 5th round draft pick Sam Noreau. The big defenseman (6’5, 223 lbs) just finished his fourth season with the Baie-Comeau Drakkar of the QMJHL, where he put together a line of 7-25-32 in 66 regular season games, and 2-1-3 in 15 postseason games. Through his four years in the Q, Noreau had a line of 18-45-63 in 225 games.

Noreau is one big dude and improved greatly as his years progressed. This season, he served as BAC’s top shutdown defenseman and alternate captain. Like many big defenseman, Noreau needs to work on his skating, but this signing shows how much the kid progressed since his draft year.

The Rangers still have not signed fellow 2011 draftees Shane McColgan (5th) and Peter Ceresnak (6th), and it is unlikely they will do so before the deadline tomorrow, which means they will re-enter the draft.

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  1. This kid has come a long way from the draft day. Beuke would be a great teacher for this guy, and look at Chara, with his size, he really isn’t much of a skater, but does it affect his game? I think not.

    Maybe in a few years, 3 maybe 4, he and McIlrath could be skating together, and that would be something else. By the way, I read this kid is hard nosed, and drops the gloves, dishes out some hurt. Now that is what is needed for teams like the Bruins, or Filthadelphia!!

    1. Chara is not a bad skater. He’s not overly fast, but he can skate well for how big he is.

      1. He just looks awkward skating, maybe it’s his size. I look at this kid as a find late in the draft, and could be something long term!

  2. Dave, what are the repercussions of signing Ceresnak & McColgan? Is it just a monetary commitment? Would there be an opportunity cost as organizations can only have 50(?) players under contract, or something to that effect? Or is it that the NYR’s don’t value these two as assets worthy to play in the ECHL or AHL?

  3. I know you asked Dave, but the 50 man roster rule is important. These players are signed for three years. The Rangers routinely waste some roster spots on useless players [In 2011-12, Chris Chappell didn’t even play anywhere in his third year. Scott Stajcer, with one year left, is likely to never be good enough to be an AHL goalie, to give just two examples.] And that’s being careful. If you sign all seven draft picks every year, you’ll be buried in clutter. Add in two free agents say and you’ll have 27 players in three years. [[You only have room for guys like Nicholls and Allen if you pass on guys like Ceresnak.]]

    Plus only 40 players can start in either NY or Hartford and there’s no point having players you can’t play.

    I imagine the default position on sixth and seventh rounders is to not sign them. Of course, if they develop nicely, it’s another story.
    As Ceresnak was actually a disappointment besides, this decision was a no-brainer. McColgan was a closer call. He may have been hurt by the fact that the Rangers have so many forwards already.

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