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Not done yet: Game 4 goal breakdown

One game at a time. Kreider with the OT winner.
One game at a time. Kreider with the OT winner.

Chris Kreider, he of much debate this season, gave the Rangers at least two more days of their 2013 season with his overtime winner. This series is a long way from being over, but the Rangers have a long way to go before gaining significant momentum. Henrik Lundqvist kept them alive through overtime with magnificent saves, and then the kid got himself out of the doghouse. Game Five is Saturday at 5:30pm in Boston.

Bruins 1, Rangers 0

After Kris Newbury takes a pretty boneheaded penalty, the Bruins got a bit of a lucky goal with the man advantage. The Bruins gained the zone and Nathan Horton had the puck at the bottom of the off-wing circle. He passed to the middle, but David Krejci was expecting shot, so he jumped out of the way. He left his stick on the ice, and the pass actually hit his stick and went right back to Horton. Hank was in position for the pass, but not the redirection back to Horton. Horton’s shot went through the legs of a sliding Lundqvist. That’s the type of series it’s been for the Rangers.

Bruins 2, Rangers 0

After Michael Del Zotto, who had a rough series, took an interference penalty, the Rangers were once again victimized by rookie defenseman Torey Krug. The Bruins worked the puck well on the powerplay, and after a good shot from the point, the puck wound up at the point for Krug to wind up for a one-timer. Krug let go an absolute laser with Brian Boyle in front screening Hank. Puck went right over his glove. The Rangers did overcommit to the strong side on the initial shot, before the puck circled around back to Krug, which has been an issue all series.

Rangers 1 Bruins 2

Tuukka Rask fell down? I don’t know. This one was weird. It’s about time the Rangers had some luck on their side.

Rangers 2, Bruins 2

The goalie is supposed to tell the defenseman if there is a player pinching. Rask failed to do that for Zdeno Chara, and Derek Stepan was able to sneak in and steal the puck from a slowing Chara. Rask was also slow to get back to the net, and Stepan used his speed and momentum to wrap the puck around and stuff it in the empty net. Chara should’ve been more careful as well. Both he and Rask got real lazy, and Stepan took advantage.

Bruins 3, Rangers 2

Although this goal doesn’t officially come on the powerplay, Ryan McDonagh didn’t get back before Tyler Seguin got the goal. The Bruins caught the Rangers tired and running around, and were able to generate solid puck movement. After the puck gets to Chara at the point, he faked a shot and passed to Seguin. Seguin sent the puck cross ice to Dougie Hamilton, who one-timed it back to Seguin for a one-timer that Hank made a beautiful save on. Problem was that Ryan Callahan bit on the initial fake-shot by Seguin (when he passed to Hamilton) and was unable to recover. Seguin got his own rebound.

Rangers 3, Bruins 3

With the Rangers on the powerplay –yes, they scored a powerplay goal– the unit managed to gain the zone, which was a battle in itself this series. Stepan bought some time on the far boards and eventually drew a drifting Gregory Campbell too deep. Gregory Campbell was too deep. Brian Boyle recognized this, and circled to the high slot, where Campbell should have been. Boyle was the closest Ranger to the net aside from Stepan, but that is the power of Derek Stepan. He drew coverage, and dumped a perfect backhanded pass to the high slot for Boyle. With Campbell too deep, Boyle was open for the shot. Rask had no chance.

Rangers 4, Bruins 3

The Rangers won a defensive face off, and the puck worked itself to Rick Nash from Chris Kreider on the off wing. Nash was given enough room to stop at the top of the circle and look for a pass to a cutting Kreider. He placed it perfectly on his stick, and Kreider deflected it right over Rask for the winner.

The series is still 3-1, but the Rangers have some life in them. One shift at a time. One game at a time.

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  1. Positives:

    A PPG Goal!
    A true ‘energy’ 4th line
    Kreider and Nash making plays


    The PK
    Needing to rely on Hamrlik

    The positives are all big turn-arounds and give hope for Game 5. If we can get Stralman and/or Staal back…anything can happen.

  2. You mean the Kreider kid who wasn’t worth squat gets the game winner, wow!

    Lets see them get another game won, in Boston, and then the gripson the sticks get tighter for the Bruins.

    I don’t know if anyone heard the post game interview with Torts, and his feeling about Richards, very moving, and it still was the right move on his part. Hate to say this but he should leave this line up in there, on the fourth line, at least they weren’t man handeled.

    1. Just heard Torts post game interview. As you guys are well aware, I am not a big fan at this point. However, what a great explanation of the Richards situation. That is how you want your head coach to answer questions. It gives us, the fans, incite into how he runs the team. So Kudos to him!
      I know, Dave, you can’t believe I just said this. Probably just the euphoria of the game, not to mention all the beers!

      1. Joe I agree, Torts post game pressers leave much to be desired. However, if you want better explanations of what’s going on with the team, you have to watch Behind the Bench on MSG, or even some of his post practice interviews on Blueshirts United. When you get John away from the tension of a game, I find him to be very insightful and articulate about his decisions. Hell half of my chalk talk posts come from those interviews.

        1. He does a great job on the chalk-talks. I just am not sure if his style in the lockeroom gets the most out of all his players. He is tough, no doubt, but he has some high quality players and some wannabes. He needs to bring all to a higher level and not sure his brusk behavior promotes a winning atitude with all. He will not be fired, I know that, but we need a PP coach and someone to run it.

  3. Nice job Dave! I was at the game and After Rask fell and missed that puck, I just turned to everyone and said “That is exactly what this team needs”! After that I felt the Rangers played their best of the series. I thought the Rask play was a little Bill Buckneresque circa 1986! The curse lives! one game one win…let’s do it in Boston and then the pressure on the Bruins will be immense.

  4. Well I have a wedding to attend Saturday. I hope bsb (staff and reader alike) will keep me updated on what’s going on every time I can sneak in a look at my iPhone.

  5. 1 down 3 to,go.

    Do you believe in miracles?

    I do.

    Waiting for someone to guarantee a win in game 6. 🙂

  6. In truth, with the team down 2-0, and MSG being dead, I felt the season was over. Hags’ goal, which I’ll take a 100 per game, not pretty, but man alive, woke up the team, building, and my blood pressure.

    Step’s goal, take away from Chara, was another lift, but I believe the turn around for this team going forward will be Boyle’s goal. “It’s a power play goal”, long overdue, and the monkey is off the back of these guys. Did anyone see where Brass dropped the gloves going after that little rat Marchand, he turned and ran, spinless little boy!!

    Like Joe above, I’m not a big fan of this coach, but I’ll support him as long as he is behind the bench if he can get these type of results.

    1. Nice posts Walt, I totally agree that goal woke up the Garden and the Team. It just felt as if something happened when Hags scored that!. A flukey little something to get us going!

  7. I think my screams are still echoing in my apartment from after that OT goal. Incredible.

    And without getting too far ahead of myself, I hope that fluky Hagelin goal proves to be the turning point in this series. The team looked totally different after that. Now we just need to work on getting the suits out of the crowd so we can generate some atmosphere.

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