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Ryane Clowe likely to play in place of Darroll Powe

Per Dan Rosen, Ryane Clowe said there is a “good chance” he plays tonight. Clowe, who hasn’t skated in the playoffs, will likely take the place of the injured Darroll Powe. Powe appeared to suffer a concussion in the Game Three victory, as he left in the first period and did not return. Powe, who suffered a concussion earlier this season, is likely done for the playoffs if this news is true.

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  • Good news, bad news here. Glad to see Clowe, sorry to hear Powe may have been concussed.

    Can anyone recall so many concussions affecting so many players in the past, wow, this is too much?????

    • Anyone catch the ESPN story about Lindros last week? Love or hate the guy it really makes you feel kind of bad for him. He basically ruined his career by trying to play through concussions to try to lose the “crybaby” title he was given by the media.

      • I haven’t. I’m just happy the issue of concussions is being discussed and studied now. Concussions have been so misunderstood for so long now, which is crazy since they have such long-term repercussions.

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