Henrik Lundqvist is a Vezina finalist…again

Henrik Lundqvist has been named a finalist for the Vezina trophy again, for the fifth time in his career. Lundqvist won the award last year, and will look to be the first back to back winner since Martin Brodeur (06-07, 07-08). The other finalists are Sergei Bobrovsky (Columbus) and Antii Niemi (SJ).

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  1. Would be interested to hear Justin’s take on who his nominations would have been.

    It was a weird year in that many of the more successful goalies were in a time share situation (or in Anderson’s case injured for a good portion of the yr).

    One guy who comes to mind for me (without looking into #s) was Howard. Would he have made anyone’s ballot? How about Backstrom?

    1. I would have nominated Bobrovsky, Lundqvist and Howard. I think the narrative that was created by Bob’s run in Columbus this season will win him the trophy, and he deserves it.

      I do think, however, that you can make a solid case for Hank. Amongst general criteria for the award (counting stats), Hank had more wins, more games played, more actual saves, and higher shootout percentage. Plus, I think you can make the argument that Hank meant just as much to the Rangers success as Bob did for Columbus this year.

      But I’ll go with Bob>Hank>>Niemi for the hardware.

  2. I think they got the nominations right with the vezina, unlike the norris.
    I believe Bob wins this one.

    1. I completely agree the only reason i can see them not giving it to bob is that the blue jackets didnt make the playoffs.

    1. I could be wrong, as I am sure most of you will point out immediately, but I believe the votes have already been cast. I don’t think the awards have anything to do with the post season. Do they?

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