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Breaking: Rangers send Marian Gaborik to Columbus


Deadline day was a snoozefest until after 2:00, when all hell broke loose.  The Rangers have agreed to send Marian Gaborik to the Columbus Blue Jackets along with D Steven Delisle and D Blake Parlett in exchange for C Derick Brassard, RW Derek Dorsett, D John Moore and a sixth-round pick.  Gaborik has agreed to waive his no-trade clause to complete the deal.

Brassard, 25, has seven goals and 11 assists in 34 games this season including a goal and six assists on the power play.

Dorsett, 26, had three goals and six assists in 24 games and was -11. He is out for the rest of the year after breaking his clavicle in early March.

Moore, 22, has played in 17 games, recording one assist.  He was -23 last year.  Prospect guru Corey Pronman had this to say about Moore: “a high-end skating defenseman who doesn’t have a ton of upside, but can make plays in both ends. 2nd pairing type.”  Moore was originally drafted 21st overall in 2009, two picks after Chris Kreider and two ahead of Tim Erixon.

Gaborik, as you all know, has been mired in an awful slump this season and has clashed frequently with coach John Tortorella.  He has one-year, $7.5 million left on his contract.

Brassard is signed through next season with a cap hit of $3.2 mullion.  Dorsett has two more years on his deal at $1.63 million.  Moore has one season remaining on his ELC at $965k.

So between the Rick Nash trade and today’s trade, Columbus received Gaborik, Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon, Blake Parlett and a first-round pick from the Rangers in exchange for Nash, Brassard, Dorsett, Moore, a conditional third-round pick and a sixth-rounder.

The depth chart now looks something like this:






Sounds like Brassard intends to play tonight.

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  • Doesn’t feel like a Sather job, but then again he couldn’t possible Sather CBJ again now could he? not twice in one year…

    • seems like a risky deal, but it didnt seem like Gabs was gonna resign after next year. i think he was just over ny and tort’s system. hopefully these guys will be good.

  • Has to be more to come — this leaves the Rangers with 52 players, two over the limit. Hopefully, Columbus will take Niemi and Delisle back to balance the numbers.

  • Maybe I’m looking too far into this but I think the acquisition of Brassard spells the end of Richards after this season

  • This a clear salary dump and nothing else. Is it possible that Gabbys days were numbered the moment they traded for Nash and his unproductive year was only the icing on the cake?

  • First off. You call that a trade?
    I can see Brassard, Moore but Dorsett is out for the year. They should have thrown Boyle into the trade and possibly acquire Anisimov. Well at least all 3 of em dont have expiring contracts. Dorsett will be with the Rangers for like the next 3 seasons with. $1.66 cap hit i believe. Moore is still in his ELC. Brassard, is he worth $3+ millilon? Also they do save some cap space to resign some players. Im guessing Boyle, Hamrilik and possibly Clowe are gone (if the rangers dont wanna give up the extra draft pick and dont win 2 playoff series). That would be alot of cap space cleared.

    However id rather have a 3rd round draft pick from Columbus than Dorsett and a sixth round draft pick. Lets try to draft another gem in the later rounds

  • Question will be: Did they sell low on Gaborik? Or was this always the expected return?

  • Brassard is a huge improvement over Boyle as third line center. Now Boyle returns to fourth line where her belongs. Ranger fans will like Brassard.
    Need to make cap room for Steps this summer. He’s emerging as a guy who’s going to command serious money.
    This is a good deal. Goodbye Hammy.

      • Only Delisle came over. Parlett is in his third year with the Whale. Delisle still isn’t good enough for the AHL. Both were going to be RFAs who would not be offered contracts by the Rangers.

        Columbus is taking them to get the Rangers down to 50 players. My personal opinion was that Columbus gave the Rangers Delisle to get him off their books in the first place.

      • The way he has been skating this season, please someone check his skates to see if there is a boat anchor in them!!

        He is history, when you can get out of a deal like that one, buy him out, and run like a thief. I have never seen a man fall from grace so fast as BR did this season.

  • Well this at least solidifies CBJs chances to make the playoffs and go maybe past the first round.

    Very telling of how long it took Gabby to decide to waive his no trade clause.

    Like the tootsie pop commercial

    How many seasons does it take torts to drive away elite talent…1…2….3….3 seasons.

    Not very happy with this trade or the direction this team has taken this season…if they don’t make the playoffs someone will pay the price.

    • Gaborik said i’m out don’t have 2 ask me twice.That’s telling,CBJ not NY i’m out he said.

  • In order to upgrade Gabby for Nash we had to sacrifice:

    Anisimov > Brassard
    Dubinsky >> Dorsett
    1st rounder >>> 6th rounder
    Erixon ? Moore (maybe we’ll know in 2 yrs)

    Initial reaction: suspect asset management.
    Keep in mind that the real life dynamics (locker room, salary, systems, etc) play a large part in assessing the trades. On paper, I’m going back and forth.

    I am smiling thinking about Clowe and Dorsett in the line up next year though…. should be fun for those games against Philly.

    • I think Brassard > Anisimov. And as good as Dubinsky is, he is overpaid and in the salary cap era, one can’t keep such players. I suspect Erixon > Moore though.

  • At least this year Brassard has been better than Gaborik and Moore should be an upgrade on Hamrlik, so this is a short term plus – at the cost of giving up the dream of Gabby returning to form. Both are young, so the trade may work out well long term as well. Don’t like Dorsett. I’m not convinced it’s a good trade for the Rangers, but I really don’t understand why Columbus would do it – except for a star to attract fans.

  • Looking at your lines. Didn’t see Jesper Fast. They didn’t bring him here just to practice.

      • Didn’t see that. Thanks for the heads up. Can’t make peace with Powe staying in this lineup. Good PK guy and nothing else. Would have liked to see Fast tonight.

        • Fast is unproven. If Torts can’t trust Kreider and Miller, it’s unlikely he will give significant minutes to a kid he’s never seen play.

  • This move was gonna’ be made either now or during the summer. I’m upset that they didn’t get back a little more goal scoring, but they did get some good young talent. Now take that money that you saved on Gaborik’s deal, buy out Richards next summer, sign our RFAS…and get Bobby Ryan. Forget this year; this deal was made for cap space next year and beyond.

  • Okay great so it was all about cap space. From what I gather though were not even saving a 2 mill cap hit if you do the math…..7.5 mill vs a combined 5.9 mill cap hit…

    • You add that to the money they’ll potentially save from a Richards buyout, and it helps. With a lower cap, they will be looking to save wherever they can.

      • Still 1.8 mill in savings is no salary dump. Honestly think he wanted out and he knew about it for the past 2-3 games hence his step in his game. Don’t give up on BR yet. He’s in some funk, hopefully the new additions will bring more balance and chemistry for BR.

        • Also, just found out that Columbus management was asking the current ex NYR players about Gabby’s character. So you gotta think that they had to tell Gabby.

  • Soooooo, we have a hand full of their players and they have a hand full of our players and they still suk but we’re going to…..

  • Gabby did not fit in with Torts and was not scoring. A lethal combo. This is as much a Gabby dump as a salary dump. I look for only Brassard from all the moves made to be a keeper in the future.

  • I don’t hate this trade, but it makes me sick that Preds got Forsberg out of the Caps for Erat, and we got a bag of used pucks. I know, salary cap and all that, but still.

  • I bet it comes out that Gaborik requested this trade. Why would he lift his no trade to go to Columbus if he didn’t want out? He wanted to get away from Torts!!!

  • honestly. i love the deals made.
    We’ve replaced our grit from last year with younger grit in Dorsett and more talented grit in Clowe. We can see how much Prust’s loss has hurt us (helped the Canadiens rise, which is eerily similar b/c of their style of play). Don’t know much about Brassard but has to be an improvement over Boyle, & a good skating D men in Moore, who might learn a thing or two from McD.

    If Nash & Stepan can become a more consistent version of Gabby & Rich from last year then I’m confident we can still achieve what we did last year. Don’t forget how huge an addition Staal will be when he’s back.

    We can now sign the kids & if we move BRich’s contract we can probably go after another up &coming scorer or C like Statsny.
    Plus I’m psyched about getting two guys in Clowe & Dorsett who were THEE fan favorites back in SJ & CBS.
    I like it

  • Why didn’t we just trade Gaborik,pick or prospect for Nash and keep Prust.Would’ve we be better off.

  • I’m hating this trade less and less. Here’s basically what Slats accomplished, he traded Gabby, Anisimov and Dubi ($13.5m / yr, 19 goals and 24 assists in ’13) for Nash, Brassard, Dorsett and Moore ($13.5m / yr, 20 goals, 32 assists). Gabby may or may not get back to form, but he doesn’t hit or forecheck well, and Dubi is overpaid. Brassard and Moore still have some upside, plus Brassard is tougher than Anisimov and Dorsett is tougher than Dubi. As long as Stepan, Cally and Hags continue to grow as scorers, we won’t miss Gabby’s production as much as his softness. And with Kreider and Miller developing, scoring won’t be an issue next year. This was more of a long-term play, but the Rangers can still make the playoffs this season, esp with the addition of Clowe. Better mix of skill and grit.

  • Got to read some of the comments from tort and gabby. Both knew it was done.

    Heck. Cbj sent a private jet to take gabby to his next game. Nice.

  • Great move by Sather, We were talking Gaborik for Dan Boyle and look at what Sather got back. 3 Players under 26 with alot of upside and opened up cap space! Great Job Glen!

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