The Rangers get Ryane Clowe

And here he comes.
And here he comes.

The Rangers have added Ryane Clowe. The now former San Jose Shark comes to the Rangers after he agreed to waive his no trade clause, per several media sources on twitter. Clowe will cost the Rangers a 2013 second round pick, a 2013 third round pick (original Florida’s pick, traded to the Rangers for Wojtek Wolski) and also a conditional 2014 second that is dependent on him agreeing an extension with the Rangers or the team winning two playoff series this season. That pick becomes a 2014 5th round pick if the conditions are not met.

There’s a couple ways to look at this; first of all there’s the fact Clowe hasn’t scored a goal this season and has health issues. On top of this he’s had periods where he has taken lazy penalties and if he gives the puck away as he did in San Jose this season he could be in Tortorella’s dog house quickly. On the other hand Clowe address numerous Rangers needs. He hits, he plays an all round physical game, brings size and snarl and is willing to dirty work as well as drive to the net; all things the Rangers lacked this season.

When looking at his ugly numbers this season its easy to forget Clowe has had seasons of 17, 24, 19 and 22 goals in the last four full NHL seasons. He has been a 50 point player three times in his NHL career. Clowe is a legitimate fighter and is more skilled than any of the Rangers apparent bottom six. He is also more offensively talented than Brandon Prust who countless Rangers fans clamour for.

Now, is Clowe worth the picks and is he worth the salary? Only time will tell but Clowe to the Rangers makes sense now, and for the right price, in the future. Clowe’s impact will go a long way in addressing the Rangers roster beyond the summer. If he performs, the club will likely make space for a new contract for the big winger.

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    • Glad the Rangers picked up Clowe. You guys are going to like him. He goes hard to the dirty areas of the ice and is a net presence. Offense will come with a change of scenery.

  • I guess this means that someone is headed out of town. Either that, or Miller and/or Kreider will be sent down. Also believe that Boyle’s days are numbered, along with Asham. Maybe they can pick up a serviceable 5th or 6th Dman; and Eminger can take his usual seat in the press box.

  • WE have been begging for a player with heart, (me included), and now the deal is done.

    Possibly three picks, if he gets us past two rounds, or re-signs, seems fair. He may not be the cure all this season, but should he re-sign, we start the season with a player who has gifted hands, to score with, and land blows with. This is the kind of player we have lacked all season, and this can’t do anything but help!

    No other moves can be made, so be it, lets rock.

  • Just a reminder, the Rangers still have a pair of 3rd round picks (their own and Nashville’s). They may also get Columbus’s pick if they fail to advance to the ECF.

  • If this guy turns out to be a lazy so and so and sits and they trade some more of the team to accommodate this guy, you might want to start deleting my comments this summer. You should be on high Sally alert.

    • You obviously don’t know anything about Clowe if you think that lazy is even in his vocabulary. He will be sorely missed in SJ and you guys are lucky to get him. He is a fighter in every sense of the word.

  • It definitely seems like a steep price to pay for a guy who is having a down year. It sounds like the rangers are already working out an extension they’re basically giving up three second round picks for Clowe, since that Florida pick will mostly be the first one of the third round. Clowe definitely adds some much needed toughness to this team. The biggest concern I have is if the Rangers give him a contract extension they will need to move a decent amount of salary if they want to keep McD, Stepan, and Hags this summer

  • Sather has always been about reclamation projects….lets see how this one fares…we just gave up some low round draft picks so what could be so bad….oh he can’t skate and hasn’t scored a goal all year….he will fit right in with us.


  • How does this guy skate? Admittedly, I don’t watch a lot of San Jose hockey. Sounds a lot like a guy the Rangers already have…Brian Boyle. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

    • His gloves aren’t permanently screwed onto his wrists like Boyle’s are.
      And he can finish a check.

      • Boyle is 7th in the NHL in hits so I think he can finish a check. I like this move. Despite the 0 goals this year, I think this is a good move for the Rangers. This team’s chance for the cup is dwindling as each year passes by, so I think we only have 2 or 3 more years where we will make a run. Last year, the Rangers led the NHL in fights. This year, I can only remember seeing about 4. We need a guy who will drop the gloves, score some goals (hopefully), chirp their ass off, and get some face washes in after the whistle. This is what we lost with Prust, and this is our best chance at getting it back. I like the move, and hope it pays off.

    • Brian Boyle is no Clowe. Boyle could not fight his way out of a paper bag. I just watched Clowe’s 3 fights this year and he is awesome. Let’s hope Torts doesn’t F this up, but he probably will with his inconsistent discipline. He can’t play JT and CK but Zuke gets 3 stupid penalties and gets all his time? Insane. Dump Torts.

  • Unrelated, but the earlier topic is done for. Does Jesper Fast have to return to Europe in two weeks or is he staying?

  • NO DOUBT ABOUT IT…GLEN IS SUFFERING AFTER AFFECTS..!!! How can we possibly acquire someone who has scored exactly zero goals, on a team that scores a lot of goals, and expect him to help our anemic offense down the stretch, and give up (2) No 2’s and a # 3…WOW-WOW-WOW..ATTN: Hank Ratner, do not allow Glen to make any more deals…!!!!

  • I’m a Sharks fan in exile.
    Clowe is a brilliant choice for the Rangers. He’s a hybrid–half skill, tricks & goals, and half enforcer.
    He’s a brute who scores, basically.
    If he stays healthy this is a major score for NY.
    Put it this way–As a SJ fan I am VERY sorry to see him go.

  • I have always liked Clowe..but as it stands the Rangers probably dont need to show up for the draft this year. No 1st no 2nd and lose one third…. A bit of a steep price to pay. I think Sather needs to look into drafting some guys like this in the future. How is it that they rarely draft the power forwards like a Clowe or Lucic or a Clarkson? They had better hold onto McIlrath so at least they have some toughness on D coming down the pike..

  • Drafts are a crapshoot;

    Callahan was a Ranger 4th round pick
    Hagelin was a Ranger 6th round pick
    Lundqvist was a Ranger 7th rnd pick

    and Clowe…was a Shark 6th rnd pick

    I’d trade an NHL veteran for draft picks any day of the week.

    • Very good roll of the dice. His physical play alone will help this team. If he finds his offense…home run. Not worried about the picks. This could be real good. We’ve now a lot of bodies to jettison.

  • Clowe is a good player and he is what is needed in the lineup. I would put him on a line with Brad Richards so BR will no longer will have to worry about some goon crosschecking him into the boards every time he touches the puck. Bring up Haley and Mcilrath, lose the softies and the Rangers will be a team to content with.

  • So, I don’t know much about Clowe, but reading through the Fear the Fin blog, commenters seem pretty bummed to see him go.

    Seems like a stand-up guy and a fan favorite, with more than a few commenters hoping for NY to take the Cup with Clowe on board. Every one seems in agreement that Clowe is one of San Jose franchise all-around most like players.

    They compare him to Lucic, and claim his lack of goals is just really bad luck (or karma from playing the puck from the bench last year). Apparently he’s been getting chances, lots of shots, hitting the post, etc.

    One guy lamented that SJ didn’t get Hagelin in return, “that kid” he’s been hearing so much about. Haha.

    Anyway, I like what I’m hearing. Hopefully he is healthy.

  • point clowe in the direction of the net and say skate that way and throw shots at the net. its amazing what a rebound can do

  • how is fighting good? last fight ryan got into it almost cost him the season? fights can result in injury risks

  • Although we could still get lucky, IMO this was a bad move.

    In a deep draft, esp, since we have no first, trading the 2nds and 3rds was not a good move. Such picks could be as high as late first value falling due to numbers or other overrated factors.

    I’m glad there was no immediate extension, but let’s remember we didn’t force Columbus to eat Redden’s contract as part of the deal when we took on upwards of 80 mil in commitment for Nash, and regardless of to what extent Richards rebounds, if at all, we have to use the amnesty by certain time next season, or lose it. We can’t risk Richards down the road, so he must be amnestied. That’s our two. If we sign Clowe for anything other than a bonus heavy performance based deal, we are at unacceptable risk for eating guaranteed contract minimums and more down the road.

    But the biggest question is how much does he have left in the tank? While the lack of goals is disconcerting, the question of reduced foot speed is scary.

    Conclusion adding up the above: high risk, minimal gain, bad move.

    Let’s be honest.
    Slats foolishly did this because he was desperate.
    He wanted to at least get some playoff revenue, esp. after the buy out, and this is a last ditch effort to do so while justifying he gave enough support for Torts, who has to go sooner than later.

    While we can still make good moves at the draft, moving Gabby when his value is higher for this year’s playoffs was the way to go.

    And Torts must be fired. Even allowing all other debate nothwithstanding, in a season like last year where he got lucky, minimal injuries, etc. this team, because of this system, cannot FINISH to advance to win the Cup.

    Tell it like it is, let your conscience be your guide.

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