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Goal breakdown: Rangers get two big points against Winnipeg

The Rangers came out flying in this game, as evidenced by the first goal 19 seconds into the game. They played the way we’ve been expecting them to play all year, but haven’t seen it enough. They forechecked, generated offensive chances, and capitalized on their chances. They had their shaky moments, such as the defensive breakdown that led to the first goal, but their good play outweighed their letdowns. This was a big two points for this club, and it’s even better that they got it in regulation. On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Jets 0

Nash draws two, that's what he does.
Nash draws two, that’s what he does.

The Rangers ended their 127 minute goal scoring drought in the first 19 seconds of the game. Rick Nash drew two people to him at the red line (thanks to Joe Micheletti here for the blue circle, less work for me. One of those drawn to him was defenseman Zach Bogosian. Nash chipped the puck to Ryan Callahan for a 2-on-1, Cally got the puck to Derek Stepan, who beat Onrej Pavelec.

Jets 1, Rangers 0

Four guys? It's Kyle effing Wellwood.
Four guys? It’s Kyle effing Wellwood.

The lead was short lived, as the Jets came right back with a goal on an awful miscommunication between Steve Eminger and Roman Hamrlik, as both chased the puck to the corner, leaving Nik Antropov alone in front. With four Rangers (and both defensemen) converging on Kyle Wellwood in the corner, Wellwood got the puck to Antropov for the easy goal.

Jets 2, Rangers 1

Unlucky, but blown coverage.
Unlucky, but blown coverage.

After the Jets win the face off, the puck works its way to a wide open Bogosian for a shot from the point. The shot was available because, as Joe pointed out, Bogosian was Miller’s responsibility, as he lined up as the wing on the draw. The Bogo shot wound up deflecting off Anton Stralman and past Hank. Bad luck, which seems to be the story of the season for the Rangers. That said, this one could have been avoided if the Rangers won the face off in the defensive zone.

Rangers 2, Jets 2

No backcheck = shorthanded 2 on 1.
No backcheck = shorthanded 2 on 1.

With the Rangers down two men, Ryan McDonagh made a great play to clear the zone just as the first penalty to Mats Zuccarello was expiring. From the picture, you can see that the Rangers already outnumber the one man back, and since Blake Wheeler was the last player on the point during the five-on-three, it was his job to recognize the situation and backcheck. Zuccarello and Callahan went in two-on-one, and Cally lost possession of the puck, regained possession, and made a nifty move around Pavelec. The goal itself was very pretty.

Rangers 3, Jets 2

Swivel head fail. But he's gimpy.
Swivel head fail. But he’s gimpy.

After the Rangers rush up the ice, Cally takes a shot frmo the circle that is blocked by Bogosian. The Jets couldn’t clear the puck, and the Rangers, taking advantage of a now injured Bogosian, cycle the puck to the Anton Stralman at the point. When the puck gets to Stralman, Stepan is at the boards on the goal line, behind the gimpy Bogosian. As Stralman winds up for the shot, Stepan cuts to the net, and Bogosian does not see him. Pavelec makes the initial save, but the rebound goes right to Stepan, who has a half second to get a good shot because of the gimpy Bogosian.

Rangers 4, Jets 2

Jokinen back. Never a recipe for success.
Jokinen back. Never a recipe for success.

The Rangers win a key board battle in the neutral zone, and Dustin Byfuglien loses his stick in the battle. As Byfuglien goes to the bench for a stick, Olli Jokinen  has to cover for him on a two-on-two rush against Nash and Brad Richards Cally. Nash knows this, and used Jokinen’s lack of defensive experience against him. He weaved his way in, forcing Jokinen out of position and using him as a screen. Nash is a guy that will score when given that much room.

This win was a huge team win for the Rangers, who got contributions out of pretty much every single player on the ice. These two points gives the Rangers a lot of room to maneuver against the Southeast teams (two games in hand on Winnipeg, three on Carolina). With two games against the Penguins coming, these are much needed points.

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      • yea, he gives us the business when they don’t score for two straight games, for wanting Torts to go and railing against his “defense first” system, but when they score a couple of goals every ten or so games, he gives us the same shit about a “stifling” system. The Suit is no better than us, just as a different opinion. Albeit the wrong one.

    • I also thought it was pretty messed up when Torts jumped on the ice, jumped in front of Richie and kept him from scoring on an open net with Pavelec stuck on the opposite pipe. I mean, ruining a guy’s confidence is one thing, but that is over the top.

    • So we are just ignoring this quote from last week?

      “I look at offense in two ways. You have the skill set and creativity that these players have and then there’s the part that comes into coaching. I use the word manufacture. Are we doing the job on our forecheck to create scoring chances down low? Are we getting in the blue looking for the tips? Are our point shots getting through?

      But in terms of telling them what to do off the rush or where to take their shot, I have no right to even go near that because that is their god given ability! That is their creativity! Anticipation skills are huge for offensive players. You don’t want to get in the way or over coach that. With the team concept you talk about the manufacturing part of offense.”

      The rush goals are great, but if the opportunity isn’t there, they can’t just shoot a bad shot at the net and skate off, or try to make an impossible play and then give up. Those shutout games seem to be full of that, zero forechecking, no extended offensive zone shifts…if the rush isn’t working you need an option for something else.

      Those shut out games I see them coming in on the rush, funneled outside the dots, where they take a shot with no one in front or a cross ice pass through a heavily occupied slot, and the possession is over. If the rush is stopped or if a play just isn’t there, you need to keep on the play and work a plan b…forecheck, get the puck back, work for another opportunity.

      • Vince, don’t even waste your time bro. If people want to trash Torts, they’re entitled to their opinion and we’re entitlded to disagree and make jokes.

        But trolling and accusing this site and its authors of being homers, Rangers PR, koolaide drinkers, etc. isn’t going to stand.

  • Defence was wonky at times, but the Rangers came through with a well deserved “W”. I guess we all wait and see now if Slats makes a move before the New York squad plays the pesky Penquins.

  • The team was on shaky grounds until Cally scores on the shorty.

    I can’t believe that the kids, Miller, and Kreider played some 4 to six minutes apiece, that sucks. How in the world are they ever to develope with that kind of ice time????

    • Torts brought that up in the postgame and said both could end up with the Whale pending on how the next few games go. We’ll see how it plays out.

      • Leetch and Maloney both seemed to think that the Miller/Kreider issue is legitimate. Neither had a full year to develop because of the shortened season, and with a playoff bid hanging in the balance of the remaining 13 games, neither Miller or Kreider are prepared to play important minutes in a close game. It’s unfortunate that this is the situation, I’d love to see them getting playing time and playing a complete type of game, but they just don’t look ready. Hugely skilled, I love watching them play… but it just might not be the right time.

        • This Leetch guy needs to open his eyes. Clearly the issue is Tortorella. He hates rookies and will go out of his way to ruin their development. This is another example that he is a horrible coach.

        • How many rookies did Montreal have when they kicked our asses 3zip.This Coach wants to save his job.Miller,Kreider should be playing more than 4 minutes a game.A good win.Bad 1st period again.

      • Suit

        Heard that this morning, but if that is the case why wait?? That kills a kids developement, too much time to think of your short comings, and it impacts your game.

  • Haha. You guys are so funny.
    The jets were in the middle of a slump just like the rangers. We go 3-6-1 and beat a horrible team that we should have and everyone celebrates.

    This is it for the rangers. It’s do or die time. The real question is, can they build upon this to seal up a spot in the playoffs?

    After watching every game this year. And looking at the standings. They have about 45% chance of making the playoffs.

    And the magic has worn off on me. Not a torts fan anymore. Rangers fan yes. Torts fan. Meh.

    • There is no question. The team is what they have been up to this point. Unless of course you know where Gaborik and Richards left their game. If indeed that is the case then please return it to them, it will make them very happy and most likely productive.

      This team is toast, no confidence, no chemistry, no fire = no chance.

      Countdown to 2014…

        • Sorry Justin but I’m not changing my opinion because they won a game against the Jets. One win, against a team they normally should have no trouble with doesn’t make the glasses rose colored.

        • Oh and wasn’t it that long ago that they convincingly beat the Flyers to lay two consecutive eggs? Yeah, this win changes everything. Please…

  • On the fourth goal it was Callahan not Richards. Nash got additional space by Callahan driving to the net and bringing the near side defenseman with him to the far post.

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